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FS: Updated List (7/18) w/Night Birds, Groovie Ghoulies, and More

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7 Inch Records and LPs for Sale. Email me at [email protected] with serious offers. Discounts for buying 6 or more. I may add more stuff at a later date, but this is the stuff I am selling for now. I love you.

Check out my Discogs store for all of these and loads more stuff from pop punk, punk, country, and oldies 45s and such:


7 inches:

Automatics – Makin’ Out –MP-17 (Clear Red Vinyl)

Beautys – A#1 Sex Shop Employee – MP-39 (Opaque Red-Orange Vinyl)

Bent Outta Shape/Drunken Boat – Split – Salinas Records (Repress, Opaque Brown Vinyl)

Bent Outta Shape/Snuggle – Split – 1-2-3-4 Go! Records (Black Vinyl)

Bloodbath and Beyond – Punk Planets – Recess Records (Purple Swirl Vinyl)

Blotto/Ringer – Split – Snuffy Smiles Records (Japanese Import, Black Vinyl)

Boris the Sprinkler – Do You Wanna Grilled Cheese? – Bulge Records (Black Vinyl)

Boris the Sprinkler – Little Yellow Box – Bulge Records (Clear Yellow Vinyl, Small Hole)

Boris the Sprinkler – Male Model – Bulge Records (Black Vinyl)

Brokedowns/Sass Dragons – Split – Let’s Pretend Records (Black Vinyl)

Bum/Fifi and the Mach III – Split – 1+2 Records (Japanese Import, Black Vinyl)

Candygirl – Oh, Jacky Boy – Jetstar Records (Black Vinyl, Handwritten note for contact info)

Chubbies – She Wanted More – MP-35 (Clear Red Vinyl)

Cococoma/The Mans – Split – Covert Pop Records (Marbled Grey Vinyl)

Connie Dungs/Slowpokes – Split –Outhouse Records (#216 of 500, Black Vinyl)

Darlington – Bowling Betty - MP-36(Opaque Purple vinyl))

Deep Sleep – You’re Screwed – Grave Mistake Records (Black Vinyl, Black Sleeve)

Delay – Art of the Underground Single Series Vol. 25 – AOTU(#175/350, Black Vinyl)

Delay/Monikers – Split – Kiss of Death Records (limited run of the first pressing. Delay songs on one side and the other was blank with "Monikers Suck" screen printed on the record. Monikers did not get there songs to Kiss Of Death in time for the first pressing to be sold at the Fest in Gainesville Florida. You could only get these from delay.)

Dirt Bike Annie – Choco-Berri Sugar Pop -MP-26 (Clear Purple Vinyl)

Dirt Bike Annie – Night of the Living Rock n Roll Creation – Knock Knock Records (Orange Vinyl)

Donnas/Toilet Boys – Split – Lookout Records (White Vinyl)

Everready – County Transit System – MP-06(Opaque Green Vinyl, Second Pressing of 66)

Face to Face – Paint it Black – A&M Records (One Sided Promo Record, Black Vinyl)

Frantics – Downtown Delirium – MP-22 (Opaque Yellow Vinyl)

Ghost Mice/Brook Pridemore – Split – Plan It X Records (Grey Marble Vinyl)

House Boat – Processing Complaints – Traffic Street Records(1 of 254 on Clear Red Vinyl)

Klopecs – So Far, No Good – Spastic Records (Black Vinyl)

Kung Fu Monkeys – Girls, Cars, Sun, Fun – Killer Records (Finnish Im port, Opaque Pink Vinyl)

Kung Fu Monkeys – Hi-Fi at Low Tide – MP33 (Clear Orange Vinyl)

Locust – Flight of the Wounded Locust – Gold Standard Laboratories (Clear Vinyl)

Lynyrd’s Innards – VML Live 2/7/96 – VML Records (Black Vinyl)

Lynyrd’s Innards – Your Ass is Grass – What Else Records (Opaque Mint Green Vinyl)

The Meanies – Rhyming Logic – Merge Records (Black Vinyl)

New Creases – About Last Night – Traffic Street Records (Black Vinyl)

Pansy Division – Queer to the Core – Lookout Records (Black Vinyl)

Pansy Division – Manada – Lookout Records (Black Vinyl)

Pink Lincolns – VML Live 10/5/94 – VML Records (Black Vinyl)

Pink Razors – ST – Rorschach Records (Clear Vinyl)

Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels/Cortez the Killer – Split – ADD Records (#5/37, Yellow and Grey Mixed Vinyl)

Pretty Boy Thorson and Friends – Howling! – ADD Records (Grey Vinyl)

Rumspringer/Sleep Like a Log – Split – Traffic Street Records (1 of 153 on Black Cloud Vinyl)

Ruth’s Hat – I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love – SPG Records (Black Vinyl)

Sass Dragons/Party Garbage – Snacking is for Sissies – Let’s Pretend Records (Clear Vinyl)

Scratch Bongo Wax – Dog Pile on Liz – MP-09 (Opaque Purple Vinyl)

Screeching Weasel – Formula 27 – Vermiform Records (First Pressing, Black Vinyl)

Shorebirds – ST – Self Released (1st Pressing, Clear Gold

Supernova – Calling Hong Kong – Goldenrod Compact( Black Vinyl)

Supernova – Long Hair and Tattoos – Odyssey Records (#107/500, Grey Vinyl)

Tin Armor – ST – Whoa Oh Records (Clear Vinyl)

Underhand – Connections – MP-14 (Opaque Grey-Blue)

VA – 4 Way Split Series #1 w/Down in the Dumps, Potboiler, Fellow Project, and Red & Blue – Dead Broke Rekerds (#55/300, Clear Green Vinyl)

VA – Best of Bumfuck Egypt w/Connie Dungs and Operation Cliff Clavin – (Super Rare, Clear Red Vinyl)

VA – Dangerous Intersections IV w/Strait A’s, Like Bats, Rumspringer, and Barrakuda McMurder – Traffic Street Records (1 of 148 on Blue Raspberry Vinyl)

Some LPs:

Banner Pilot – Pass the Poison – Kiss of Death Records (First Pressing, 1 of 132 Heroin Sheik Vomit Vinyl)

Black Flag – Everything Went Black – SST Records (2xLP, Black Vinyl)

Brian Posehn – Live In: Nerd Rage – Relapse Records (Picture Disc)

Danzig – ST – American Records (Rare Picture Disc Version)

Fastway – Trick or Treat Movie Soundtrack – Columbia Records (First Pressing, Black Vinyl)

Monikers – Wake Up – Kiss of Death Records (First Pressing, 1 of 241 on Gray Swirl Vinyl)

Night Birds – Born to Die in Suburbia – Grave Mistake Records (Tour Edition, #297/420)

Sicko – You Can Feel the Love in This Room – Empty Records (Black Vinyl)

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I have some books for sale, as well.

Email me at [email protected] if you wanna buy any of these. Discounts given if you buy five or more. Prices listed are for a singular book shipped to you. Can swing some combined rates on multiple purchases. Can knock off a dollar or so if you pick the book up yourself. All of these books are in fairly excellent condition, some barely even opened. If you want to see pictures before buying, just email me and I can take care of that. Huzzah!

Tom Billington – Pure Dynamite: Former “British Bulldog” Tom Billington – Paperback - $13

Charles Bukowski – Run With the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader – Hardcover, 1st Edition - $15

Charles Bukowski – Slouching Towards Nirvana – Hardcover, 1st Edition - $10

Jim Goad – The Redneck Manifesto – Hardcover - $8

Bobby Heenan – Bobby the Brain: Wrestling’s Bad Boy Tells All – Hardcover, 1st Edition - $8

Hilly Kristal and David Byrne – CBGB: Thirty Years from the Home of Underground Rock – Hardcover - $12

Dee Dee Ramone – Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones – Paperback, UK Edition - $14

Henry Rollins – Get in the Van: On the Road with Black Flag – Hardcover, 1st Edition - $30

Henry Rollins – The Portable Henry Rollins – Paperback - $8

Nikki Sixx – The Heroin Diaries – Hardcover, 1st Edition - $13

Cynthia True – American Scream: The Bill Hicks Story – Paperback, 1st Edition - $10

Howard Zinn – A People’s History of the United States 1492-Present – Hardcover, No Dust Jacket, 20th Anniversary Edition - $30 (This edition lists for over $100 on Amazon from multiple sellers.)

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Newly added

Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice - Split - Art of the Underground (Black Vinyl)
Black Flag - Everything Went Black - SST Records (2xLP, Black Vinyl)
Brian Posehn - Live In: Nerd Rage - Relapse Records (Picture Disc)l
Broadways - Broken Star - Asian Man Records (Second Pressing,  Blue and Grey Marble Vinyl,  Slight Water Damage)
Eyehategod - Dopesick - Emetic Records (2xLP, Gatefold Sleeve,  Limited to 500)
Good Luck - Demonstration 2010 - Yo Yo Records (Opaque White Vinyl, German Import)
Monikers - Wake Up - Kiss of Death Records (First Pressing,  Grey Marble Vinyl)
Night Birds - Born to Die in Suburbia - Grave Mistake Records (Record Release Show Edition,  #297/420
Sicko - You Can Feel the Love in This Room - Empty Records (Black Vinyl)

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