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I thought I would start a thread on here to promote my artwork and the work I do with bands. Ive had the chance in the past couple years to work on merch, album artwork/packaging and music videos for some amazing bands and Im always open to new projects if your band or label is looking for something, just hit me up and we can get something going!

for more info and work visit : http://www.justinpape.com





Circa Survive:


Amigo The Devil:


Murder By Death:





A Wilhelm Scream:



UME - Monuments:



Amigo The Devil - Diggers EP:

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Glad you guys are digging the work!


love the art! i bought a poster from Circa on their last tour.  had a really dope crow on it.  Is that yours?

For Circa i have only done this shirt which i am not sure if it is in print yet as well as art directed the "Suitecase" music video. I have also worked with Colin on a music video and merch for Psychic Babble

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