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Also, I'm so sorry if you ever sent me any messages about wanting stuff from my previous thread when my laptop/all school stuff got stolen. My messages got all fucked up, and I have a shitty nokia windows phone that never works. Taking offers on the following. Thanks everyone.


  • Adventures - Clear My Head With You - Red/500 First Press
  • Adventures - s/t - White/200 No Sleep Subscription (No Jelly Band)
  • Batten Down The Hatches/Random Holiday - Black/300 First Press
  • Creative Adult - Bulls In The Yard - Red/200 First Press
  • Dads - Woman EP - Red/1000 First Press RSD
  • Fireworks - Adventure,Nostalgia And Robbery - Black/500 Second Press
  • Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - Brown/Beer/Bone /500 First Press
  • Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - Clear w/Blue Splatter/200 First Press
  • Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - White/Blue/Clear Smash/300 First Press
    I Call Fives - Someone That's Not You - Maroon/500 First Press
    Little Big League - s/t - Black 31/300 First Press
    Run For Cover Records Mixed Singles VOl.1 - Black 238/1000 First Press

    State Champs - Overslept - Black/Green Splatter on Clear/500 Second Press

    Pentimento - Inside The Sea - Black/100 First Press

    Front Porch Step - Aware - Purple/Mint Smash w/White Splatter /200 First Press

    Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back - Grey/523 - 3rd Press

    We Are The Union - Great Leaps Forward - Purple/Gray /??? First Press

    Diamond Youth- Don't Lose Your Cool - Black/60 Tape
    Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Green/65 Tape
    Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Yellow/50 Tape

I know this isn't much and I'm sorry, hopefully some of this interests any of you. Thanks again

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