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  1. All these new songs would be so good if I could just hear the damn vocals. Don't want to beat a dead horse but this is far worse than La Dispute imo - at least LD kind of has that ambient aesthetic going on. This is supposed to be a hardcore band, such a shame...
  2. New one from THIS GIFT IS A CURSE coming out in June. I think it went up for pre-order a while back but I didn't see a post in here. Anyone into crust/grind/blackened hardcore should be all over this (think Tempest mixed with Full of Hell). https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/list/thisgiftisathrone
  3. No, this must just be an issue with your setup or something. I own more half-and-half variants than I'd like to admit and I've never had this problem.
  4. Gonna be a little bummed if Future Recordings doesn't at least help put this out. Great album nonetheless - it was one of my gateway drugs back in the day.
  5. Didn't think I'd be dropping $36 on a Rosetta album today but I grabbed that /100 without hesitation.
  6. Over this past week, I've probably averaged close to five hours of writing a day, which isn't relevant at all, but since I listen to music when I write I've been able to listen to a whole slew of albums that I've had on the backburner for ages. This one came up today and I was really pleasantly surprised. For some reason I saw the "jazz" label thrown on these guys in the past and got turned away. Glad I finally listened because the back half of this album is killer:
  7. I've actually had this sitting idle in my itunes library for who knows how long, but had to come back to it because of your rec. Not much to complain about here, this is very solid stuff. First two tracks give me strong YATC vibes. I don't doubt it! A few weeks back I actually returned to Sheer's Uneasy - I remember you were all over that record when it first dropped. There's still something there that I really like (even if some of those tracks are auto-skips). It's mostly a toss-up with that kind of shoegaze for me, but I'm always open for recommendations. Also, as an aside, that new Pillars track is sooo good. I feel like a hypocrite because I feel like I'm always campaigning for more experimentation in post-rock, and that track is about as by-the-book as it gets, but I can't help it. I need a post-rock release to get excited about and I think that might be it.
  8. Dang, has anyone here heard the new Valerinne album? The band dropped off my radar after Arborescent but this new one is killer. Really good post-metal in the vein of Trna and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. Vinyl coming in June apparently.
  9. As of today I still hadn't heard anything from Blankenberge. Radiogaze is starting up as I type this - time to see what all the fuss is about... (EDIT: Nope, not for me. Only made it halfway through, way too dreamy for my tastes unfortunately)
  10. "Desolate Peaks" is a little polarizing but "Resonate/Desperate" is phenomenal, would highly recommend checking them out. Such a solid band. Don't think there's any danger of this selling out so you should be fine.
  11. California skramz outfit State Faults returns from hiatus to unveil their third LP, Clairvoyant, due out 6/21 via No Sleep/Dog Knights. Hear the blistering opening single, "Moon Sign Gemini," now via Revolver. Pre-orders up now on No Sleep and Dog Knights. Track Listing: Dreamcatcher, Pt. II Planetary Moon Sign Gemini Sacrament Olive Tree Sleeplessness Clairvoyant Baptism Funeral Teeth Contaminature Cemetery Lights
  12. Don't want to be that guy, but if they let you keep the scratched copy I will happily toss you some money for shipping +hassle for it
  13. Modern Chemistry on this bill is so awesome. Just saw TDS in Chicago, but I guess I'll have to see them again!