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  1. I have not actually. Where should I start?
  2. I have a nice CD binder under my center console in my car, so this isn't a hypothetical question for me, either. Typically my car music is the fun, -core stuff I like to tell myself I grew out of. Since I cycle them out fairly often I'll just tell you what I have in there right now, I think it's a pretty good sampling... The All-American Rejects - Move Along Search the City - A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail Saosin - S/T Wolves at the Gate - Captors Hands Like Houses - Ground Dweller
  3. Yep these guys are great. The split with For Your Health is required listening.
  4. This is really a gorgeous album. Not much has been getting my attention in post-rock this year but this is encouraging. (Also @zaoza any chance you could fix the typo in the thread title?)
  5. New Glacier song is out. Very Black Clouds-esque: https://glacierma.bandcamp.com/
  6. BUMP this thread. These guys deserve all the hype. I bought a shirt from their bigcartel way back in like 2013 and Jonny drew me a huge cartoon figure and threw it in the package just because. It’s rare that a skramz record has such distinguishable songs but Clairvoyant is the exception. Seriously so good. I can only hope an east coast tour is in the works. I truly hope that I’m reading this thread right and you’ve gotten into these guys just by this album/VC thread. If I’ve turned even one guy onto this band that would make my day.
  7. This is such great news. I love their previous stuff - had no idea they were still even active!
  8. Out today on all platforms. It’s early but I’m throwing in “Olive Tree” as a contender for song of the year.
  9. I was NOT missing that first press Solace (+ some more goodies). Buy from this man!
  10. Since the OP, there have been two other songs released - "Sacrament" and "Sleeplessness" - and you can find those on Spotify. Also there are full previews up on iTunes (some1:30, some :30) for every track. Sounds unbelievably good.
  11. Grabbed this, too, thanks! (Also, I sure hope the mockups aren't the final artwork. There's a typo... the song name isn't "...And I Still Wander South"
  12. New Oh, Hiroshima album is up for pre-order, with the first track streaming: https://ohhiroshima.bandcamp.com/album/oscillation This'll probably be good. I was a fan of their first one but not enough to splurge $30-$35 for the vinyl. This new album is gonna clock in right around 50 minutes and this is the shortest cut, so I'd say it's impossible to gauge how the rest of the album will sound... still excited nonetheless.
  13. What was the cost? And how was the merch spread? I’ll be at the DC show tonight.
  14. All these new songs would be so good if I could just hear the damn vocals. Don't want to beat a dead horse but this is far worse than La Dispute imo - at least LD kind of has that ambient aesthetic going on. This is supposed to be a hardcore band, such a shame...