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  1. Let's GO. Full Talons stream: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/album-stream-talons-we-all-know
  2. omik11303

    PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    Email back today, after mailing my tri-color back last week: "We received your exchange, however the State Champs LP in red/cream w/black splatter is sold out. We do have the tri-color red/black/cream if interested!" Not mad, just disappointed. Now I gotta see if I can manage a refund out of this.
  3. Lowered some prices and updated with a couple new ones. These need to go so get at me!
  4. omik11303

    PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    Off-topic, but I remember two years back I PO'd Boston Manor's 'Be Nothing' when it first went up and a few months later - no email or notice or anything - I received a full refund. No note, no explanation. Still to this day I don't own the album, and I thought that was just about the most unprofessional thing I'd ever seen. EDIT: On a related note, I did finally hear back from MN and they said the same thing to me that they told The Saint. I mailed my wrong variant back a couple days ago so hopefully they come through.
  5. Nabbed that /80. Love to see that 58 minute runtime. New song is very good, too.
  6. Will probably see if I can grab the /80 tomorrow but I won't hold my breath. I'm pretty lukewarm on Dreamhouse but Empire Theory needs to be pressed asap - I love that album.
  7. omik11303

    PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    I sent them a message when we were talking about it last week and they never responded. Will probably have to send another note tomorrow if I don't hear anything by then.
  8. omik11303

    PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    So out of the blue my order showed up today. It was also the tour variant /1000. Really bummed out about it, but also not sure what to do about it. I might give them a call and see what they say, because that's a pretty blatant con if they advertised the /300 and just sent everyone the tour variant.
  9. omik11303

    PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    Ugh, this is not what I wanted to hear. I haven't even gotten a shipping notification for this yet, though. I assume you got rush shipping (and you ordered on Monday)?
  10. This is really good. One of very few post-rock/post-metal releases that have caught my attention recently. Double vinyl from EU at ~$28ppd not too bad either. FFO: Ashbringer, Braveyoung, Light Bearer https://ingrina.bandcamp.com/album/etter-lys