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  1. 30-second samples of every song up at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NHMDP3T/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp
  2. I finally caved and pre-ordered the other day. All four songs are incredible, figured the rest can't possibly be bad.
  3. Running a quick sale while I'm back home. Tack on $4 for shipping. 12" Actor | Observer - Pareidolia (coke bottle w/splatter) $10 Artifex Pereo - Passengers (milky clear) $10 Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News (black) $7 Cara Neir - Portals to a Better, Dead World (black) $6 Fjort - D'Accord (white) $11 Hands Like Houses - Unimagine (white) $15 Heartless Breakers - The Great Give Back (aqua marble) $7 Prawn - Ships (light gray) $15 Underoath - Erase Me (clear w/acid splatter) $12 Winter Dust - Autumn Years (clear blue) $10
  4. I hate to read this. I was trying to sell my splatter copy on here for like six months last year before someone caught on!
  5. This song is actually the first thing I’ve liked from these guys since their self-titled EP, way back in 2012. Hopefully the rest of the album stands up. August is a ways away though.
  6. New Lost in Kiev album, "Persona" out 4/26. New track is out, anyone listen yet?
  7. Anyone listen to the new album by Wander yet? I'm most of the way through it right now and it's pretty solid. Reminds me a lot of Heron's album from 2017 - definitely by-the-book, but more good than bad.
  8. Came in here to give a report but @TheWindBlower basically nailed it already. "Anxiety Panorama" absolutely rips and "There You Are (Hiding Place)" is just awesome. Production isn't great but the only song that really suffers from it is "Footsteps at the Pond," in my opinion.
  9. Dang, the ONLY thing I like from Latitudes is their last album. I thought this new song was really bland and uninteresting, but "Old Sunlight" came out of left field for me when it came out - maybe this new one will do something similar.
  10. Yeah one of their old songs queued up after "Agnus Dei" on Youtube when I was listening the other day and it sounded like a totally different band. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one. I've now gone back for a few more listens and if anything it's gotten better. Those grooves on "Penitencia" and "Eleh Ha Devarim" might be too good.
  11. While we're on the subject of post-metal, that new Labirinto album is incredible. Just finished up my first listen and I know there's a tendency to get overhyped early but this is some of the best music I've heard out of the genre in a long time. All the right levels of energy, riffage, momentum, quality production, balanced vocals, etc... Seriously, don't sleep on this. https://labirinto.bandcamp.com/album/divino-afflante-spiritu
  12. Had some spare time so I gave this a go. I got about 25 min in, but it's just not for me. Sorta sounds like what would happen if Daturah added some blast beats and mixed in the occasional harsh vocal line (plus some cleans at ~22:00?). That may appeal to some people, but not me.
  13. People forget that Geneva might feature one of the best drumming performances post-rock has ever seen.
  14. Gumbo, any word if this will come to vinyl? I'm a big fan of this track. I feel obligated to stick up for I Hear Sirens - if I had to pick ten albums to describe my tastes in post-rock, their LP would probably make the list. These guys are so solid. Don't let some shoddy comparisons turn you away (really, L&M??) - a more accurate FFO would be Four Trees-era Caspian and early Beware of Safety. Listen for yourself if you have the time: https://ihearsirens.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-sea-beneath-the-sky