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  1. The new EF record is a total blast from the past. So good. Reminds me of Yndi Halda from the glory days. Anyone else hear it?
  2. I had no idea this was happening. Definitely gonna grab that first LP -- I always thought that was an underappreciated album.
  3. Good lord has anyone else heard this?? RIYL Old Man Gloom, Rorcal, YONL but kicked up to a 12 https://nogoodtoanyone.bandcamp.com/album/bishop
  4. Definitely a return to form. Just finished my first run-through and I think this is very solid. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's got some classic Maybeshewill grooves. Honestly, it sounds like they've been listening to a lot of Talons and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving since "Fair Youth" -- if I didn't know it was MSW I would've guessed one of the other bands first.
  5. Mega confused by your first comment. The Fire in Our Throats... is about three times as atmospheric as this new Tacoma album ("Last Day of Winter" and "Aurora Borealis"?) I mean, I'll agree that it's not a perfect comparison, but the riffing on "The World Inside" and "Apocryphal" sounds straight off of Australasia, albeit not as layered or complex.
  6. New Tacoma Narrows is very solid. Reminds me a lot of the early Pelican LPs.
  7. New YONL might be my new favorite of theirs. It's that good. That bass tone is deadly. I wasn't as blown away by the new Amenra but I'll give it a few more listens. I thought the closer was awesome but everything else felt a bit monotonous.
  8. There were several pre-release reviews of this that were absolutely glowing, and I'm left wondering if they just listened to a totally different album. Gonna try to give it a few more listens but it feels, I don't know... unfinished?
  9. Album is out today. I think it's good, but it's gonna take several spins to digest. I wasn't blown away by my first two listens -- mostly I was caught off guard by the fact that the only two tracks with vocals were the singles!
  10. Awesome band, this should be great. However, there's no chance I'm going in for a $71 2xLP lol. Hopefully a US distro picks up some copies down the line.
  11. BIG news: new L'Effondras album this summer! Their last album was one of my favorites from that year.
  12. Gumbo got to it already, but I finally checked out the new YONL track yesterday and it bangs. Can't wait for the new album. Also, new Bossk and Amenra upcoming? Crazy good year for post-metal, with those three.
  13. Totally agree. Hoping this is another great addition to an already flawless discography.
  14. Well, you got me there. Part of my excitement was that, with few exceptions, the LYSF style has been only imitated, never replicated. And here the intention fairly clearly was to try and replicate it. I like the Silhouettes album a lot but by no means do I think it's actually in the same league as Godspeed.
  15. Posting to make sure everyone heard the new Godspeed album that got released a few weeks ago: https://goldenhymns.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-dystopian-songbook-i-songs-for-the-setting-rising-sun And, more urgently, please listen to this immediately for probably the closest thing to Lift Your Skinny Fists I've heard: https://theirsilhouetteslooming.bandcamp.com/album/death-is-rich-when-life-is-poor
  16. That would be a hell of a meet-up, just wish it weren't in a court room!
  17. omik11303


    Seconded. Good to see you're still around, Don!
  18. Bumping for anyone that hasn't listened to this yet. Fix that. This might be my AOTY.
  19. This is phenomenal. It's a lot "safer" than their old stuff, but a return to form nonetheless, and miles better than Versus. "Waves" into "Eraser" is something special.
  20. Great list of albums. Over the years I've learned there aren't many other classic screamo/emo fans on these boards. You're better off just lurking on Discogs until a good price comes up, because the sellers market here for this music is pretty much nonexistent. Good luck!
  21. First time checking into this thread. Stoked to see Touche getting some love, but damn if this wasn't one of my biggest disappointments of the year so far. I'll keep listening because I love this band, but after four listens it's easily my least favorite of theirs. "Savoring" into "A Broadcast" is the only time this album has any chance to build momentum, and then it's followed by one of their all-time worst songs. I was totally prepared to fawn over this but it's just so bland and poorly paced compared to Stage Four and ISB. Bummed.
  22. Not a hot take, I also agree. Versus was a major disappointment, but this first track is solid. Color me cautiously optimistic. Also: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/93661 US Link, looks like all variants are still available.
  23. Why aren't the Adieux songs on this? I remember being absolutely gutted when they broke up prior to that release.

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