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Pro Ject VT-E replacement belt causing jerking...

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The belt on my VT-E broke, which happens, but after putting on a replacement I'm noticing a massive wobble and shaking of the unit when it starts up. Once its going, it seems fine. So this may be nothing, but thought I would seek opinions as to if this is anything to worry about.


What I THINK is happening, is that the belt is slipping on the palter until it gets going. Not sure if there's a good way to make the band or the plater more "grippy".

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On 5/12/2018 at 9:01 PM, Tardcore said:

It will probably smooth out over time.  You can just give it a gentle spin when you start it up if you want to avoid the slippage or just wait until it gets going before dropping the needle.

That's more or less my thinking... but it is alarming how much the machine jumps when it's getting up to speed. I should add that it is NOT an official Pro Ject (tm) belt. I couldn't find one in the US for a reasonable price. So I went with an off brand replacement while waiting for a real one to ship from the UK.

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