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Elvira's Haunted Hills OST (ETR)

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Just in time for Halloween, Enjoy the Ride Records is releasing the soundtrack to horror hostess Elvira’s horror comedy Elvira’s Haunted Hills on vinyl for the very first time. Fans of the cult icon have sought copies of composer Eric Allaman’s long-out-of-print score for years, and Enjoy the Ride has rewarded their patience with a deluxe LP release featuring colored vinyl and brand new back cover art.


Elvira’s Haunted Hills was actress Cassandra Peterson’s 2001 direct-to-video follow-up to the 1988 theatrical release Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Like its predecessor, Haunted Hills offers another double entendre-laden, campy adventure, this time paying tribute to Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe adaptations and Hammer Studios’ expansive British horror library. Allaman’s soundtrack, performed by the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra, evokes those references, but for this new release, he re-sequenced the tracks from the original release into sequential for what he and Peterson consider the “optimal” listening experience. Best of all, the album features Le Music Hall, performed by Elvira herself.


Pressing Info:

Black & White Elvira Swirl (ETR Exclusive) - Limited To 250 - https://bit.ly/2IKhHRh

Clear With Spider Web Swirl (ETR Exclusive) - Limited to 150 - ☹️SOLD OUT☹️

Black & Orange Swirl (Bullmoose & Zia Records Exclusive) - Limited to 200  - https://bit.ly/2IGz3hR

Blue with Black Smoke (Urban Outfitter's Exclusive) - Limited to 300 - https://bit.ly/33l73Z2

Picture Disc (FYE Exclusive)- Limited to 500 - https://bit.ly/2B4c2RR

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