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  1. Finally. Now I can totally ignore VMP for the rest of eternity (I have a feeling these $40 price tags for 1LPs are going to become a regular thing).
  2. I appreciate the serious reply, but I was being dorky. You're correct about her stuff being sporadic early on... i remember my wife rolling her eyes when I 'overpaid' for a $35 OG copy of Extraordinary Machine in 2010. Vinyl Me Please seems to have gotten their claws into her catalog, though, so I would expect that they'll have something that will be available for a bit.
  3. thanks for the update on Mt Fuji and Kilimanjaro. Eagerly anticipating my shipment over here in the states!
  4. Prices are particularly ridiculous this year, but I'm in for Dinosaur Jr and Replacements live albums...
  5. Seconded. Ortofon Blue is good too if you don't mind going up to $225. I went from the Shure to the Ortofon (on a Debut Carbon) and I am really pleased with it...
  6. yeah, but this kind of stuff muddies the water for people who want original copies of stuff... like I can't tell you how many counterfeit copies of PJ Harvey's Stories from the City record I went through until I found someone who not only had an original, but also KNEW that it was an original.
  7. if at all possible, I can't recommend enough paying someone else to do the moving for you. we sold our house in 2016 and I had to move 65 uhaul boxes of records (~2500) and my record room is on the 3rd floor of the new house. worth every penny to hire the movers.
  8. Song is terrible. Give me Return of... so I can move on with my life.
  9. Got my Bullmoose version yesterday. pretty sweet. might get the picture disc at some point.
  10. Westerberg is a nice surprise. In for that. And the New Pornographers. And Jenny Lewis. And maybe the Wrens (though apparently they aren't going to see a dime from it: https://twitter.com/thewrens/status/1181604428383690753