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  1. I mean, with a name like vinylhead420, you just know you're dealing with a quality human being
  2. did anyone else's copy ship already? I got a notification yesterday that it was sent. edit: orange vinyl from the Nirvana store.
  3. Thanks for this - always happy to add some peak 90s alternative rock to my collection. this is still right in the sweet spot.
  4. I have less of a problem with this because it seems be a bunch of idiots bidding and driving the price up. You know what they say about a fool and his money... The Buy it Now and Discogs bottomfeeders who set the price at $150-$200 are a different situation - they are not even bothering to hide their greed.
  5. Man. Including Boy with Stick on this is a *chef kiss* - probably my absolute favorite Hum track.
  6. Ordered from Friday's batch (non-print version) and it arrived today. He's pretty fast and efficient in the way he's working now... I'd imagine he'll get everything out by Feb 6 as promised.
  7. Just in time for me to be on vacation and all my $ to be tied up in tacos and margaritas. Oh well, will grab it when I'm back.
  8. I put in an order for Gran Turismo/Super Extra Gravity with Rough Trade after Bullmoose's tweet (already have Life & First Band)... I think I can live with $60 shipped for these two and Rough Trade is always a good vendor.
  9. I'm going to wait on Bullmoose or someone in the US to grab these. I only need Gran Turismo and Super Extra Gravity, but $80 shipped is a bit rich (though still WAY cheaper than getting GT on its own now lol). Very excited these are coming though.