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  1. there's actually a bit of info on a Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/lists/Chu-Bops/281095 and if you can stomach Geocities era web design, some dude had a page where he was selling them up to April of this year it seems: http://www.chubops.com/
  2. forget the smaller actual vinyl, I wish they would bring back Chu Bops (though I'm probably one of the few old enough to remember buying these back in the day). yes, that is a bubble gum record inside a 3" replica package.
  3. This is a new one for me. My Mondo Blade Runner package seemed to be taking forever... can't wait to see the state of it, if it makes it to me at any point.
  4. Yeah, this plus I'd rather them not go through overseas shipping if I don't have to... more opportunity for damage.
  5. I'll take them @Bullmoose. that's pretty standard import prices and I know they are super reliable.
  6. kinda blowing my mind that I was 30 when 10,000 Days came out.
  7. I want all of these - Dinosaur Jr is my favorite band - but hoping for US distro.
  8. Fuck the major labels and their ridiculous pricing. Not buying this unless I get it on clearance somewhere.
  9. black version is $28 at Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31134525
  10. probably my favorite late-era Nirvana performance, but going for the standard black from BM for $28.
  11. yeah, got overly excited when I saw this thread and thought maybe there was a 4LP announcement that I missed. Bummer, but this is a low key great Replacements record.
  12. Man I need The Wolf. Have an OG of IGW, but that mock up is getting me hot. Probably just in for The Wolf.