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  1. can't wait to read the rage replies on Hum's facebook page Sunday afternoon after it sells out in seconds.
  2. Based on the youtube comments, I'm definitely in the minority on that opinion. Glad other people are digging on it.
  3. kinda sad to have to say this (been a SK fan since 96), but I'll probably be passing on this based on the first 2 singles. not a fan of this direction. if I wanted to hear Annie Clark's vibe, I'd buy a St Vincent record.
  4. i think this was a RSD First release, so expect a repress soon.
  5. that's kind of a bummer. don't like St Vincent and SK certainly don't need her influence - they've been doing just fine without her for a long ass time.
  6. I mean, with a name like vinylhead420, you just know you're dealing with a quality human being
  7. did anyone else's copy ship already? I got a notification yesterday that it was sent. edit: orange vinyl from the Nirvana store.
  8. Thanks for this - always happy to add some peak 90s alternative rock to my collection. this is still right in the sweet spot.
  9. I have less of a problem with this because it seems be a bunch of idiots bidding and driving the price up. You know what they say about a fool and his money... The Buy it Now and Discogs bottomfeeders who set the price at $150-$200 are a different situation - they are not even bothering to hide their greed.