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  1. Here's a better link. https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2019/Alcest/spiritual-instinct.html
  2. It's not so bad when you take into consideration that TS7 is packed with 18 songs that will make you stan all over again and there are only 5000 limited units.
  3. Was on Discogs, my bud. About $40 shipped. Unfortunately, the rest of the affordable ones listed on Discogs and through the couple shop sites I've seen have super high shipping rates..
  4. He had a lot to say He had a lot of nothing to say We'll miss him
  5. Got a red copy ordered yesterday for a really good price. But now I have to wait for shipping from the UK to blast this thing. ☹️
  6. This album is pretty dang weird. Never been a huge Knot fan at all, but I'm digging this!
  7. Got the neon green/neon purple with splatter before the site started acting wonky. Didn't really check out the rest of the variants, but thought that one matched the cover art well..
  8. Nah, it's a pretty terrible style. Literally takes him 8 paragraphs to start reviewing the album (which he doesn't say much about). Looks like something I would have written in highschool..
  9. Remember when the founder of Pitchfork gave I Get Wet a 0.6 in 2002? 🤣 https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/184-i-get-wet/ Can't decide which variant to go for. I kinda like the black split..
  10. Saves the Day is a punk/hardcore inspired band that made some (pop) punk music. Dashboard Confessional is not and has never been. Don't see the correlation.. This track list reminds me of all the people still on my social media that were so into music but never listened to a new album after high school. Like what is the demographic here? 30-something small-towners?
  11. Some of the comments on the rest of the band's statement on the Tau Cross Facebook page.. Yikes! I guess people are finding some Amebix lyrics that are questionable now too, given hindsight. Glad I never got into this guy's stuff.
  12. This Cerebral Rot record is going to be goddamn good. These two tracks are unreal!!
  13. Wonder what "fecal bog" looks like? Brown and splattery?