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  1. Oof, I've only seen the clip of Finn flopping around like a fish. I hope we get to see "Prince Devitt is All Elite" someday.
  2. On the fence with this. I signed back up to VMP to get the Three 6 album and kind of want this, but I don't know if I'd ever play it.
  3. I think this will most likely end up being Jungle Jack's best match to date. He's one of the guys all these top guys are coming in wanting to work with, so I'm sure the next year or so will be a game changer for him. And obviously Adam Cole is awesome.
  4. I forgot about this thread! Wrestling is cool again thanks to AEW. Went to All Out a few weeks ago (best live entertainment event I've ever been to, which covers a lot of ground) and going to Dynamite when they come to Kansas City in November. Was planning on going to Rampage/Full Gear when that was in St. Louis, but they moved it to Minneapolis.
  5. It's whacky to think that it would never happen. They've done reunion shows where they play the whole album. They've been relatively active on social media throughout the last decade. And 10.21 is a pretty influential underground classic that has never been released on vinyl. 1+1+1=3 I can't see the licensing being ridiculously difficult for a Skycamefalling album when Too Bad You're Beautiful just got pressed. I think if nothing else, it will have, like, a 25 year anniversary pressing in 2025. But I want it now! Fingers crossed anyway..
  6. Had no idea about these new Too Bad You're Beautiful pressings; been sleeping on buying records for a few months. But I think I got lucky and bought the last copy of the Good Fight splatter last night. Got a shipping notification this morning! Can we get fucking Skycamefalling's 10.21 on vinyl now please?
  7. Nice. Ordered. Edit: Says "LIMITED TO 100" in the description. Where did the /500 come from in the thread title?
  8. I've gotten the Sidewinder and Speak No Evil and have Somethin' Else, Moanin', and Soul Station pre-ordered. Also excited about Out To Lunch, Idle Moments, Midnight Blue and Maiden Voyage. This series has been great so far! Some of my all time faves.
  9. Yeah, that would be cool. Honestly, I'm still holding out for some kind of AEW's Greatest Themes on vinyl where they hopefully include stuff like "I Fell", "Judas", "Kingdom" and "Tarzan Boy" in addition to the best themes released on their Bandcamp. Yay wrestling!
  10. Whoa, expensive. Wish it had Darby Allin's theme "I Fell" on it as a bonus track.
  11. Finally decided to pull the trigger on Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning and Kill Em All is sold out. ☹️ Ordered RTL though!
  12. Finally watched Soul last night after looking forward to it most of the year and it's soooo great. Loved it. I'm planning to get the score, but I wish there was a deluxe version or something with all the Jon Batiste stuff too. Such a killer soundtrack!

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