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  1. Lame bump, but does anyone have a copy of this they want to sell me? I keep seeing the Be Well thread and reading it as Poison the Well and realizing how sad I am that I didn't grab this..
  2. The whole band seems shitty. "We are self educating and growing and learning as individuals" Like you are just now learning that calling someone the n word is unacceptable??
  3. I hadn't listened to any of the singles before listening to the whole thing and I fuckin love "ooh la la". Whole album BANGS.
  4. I have most of the Miles Davis MoFi releases. They all sound awesome, especially the 2LP 45rpm ones.
  5. We were supposed to get two days at the UPTOWN THEATER, which is a tiny venue for them. Like 1500 capacity maybe. Would have been fucking WILD! 😢😢😢
  6. That "Southern Man" cover is awesome! Pretty excited to hear some of the other ones too. Ordered the indie on BM.
  7. Anybody know if Newbury Comics is ever opening back up? They closed their stores (obviously), then took their online inventory down completely, then stopped posting on social media over a month ago. EDIT: Oops, I forgot to check Instagram. I guess they're still posting on there.. Nevermind!!
  8. LOL yeah, check it out because it got Best New Track on Pitchfork and not because it's fucking Bob Dylan.
  9. LOL what? I'd almost consider leaving negative buyer feedback over that.
  10. Yeah, super cringe. Don't know if people ^^ are being satirical or not, but uhhh..
  11. I ordered a record from Tower through ZenMarket last week. Got it 2 days after they shipped it out via DHL. You can definitely still get stuff from Japan, you just have to pay more. It took me three weeks to get something via Media Mail and the tracking never updated past "Shipping label created". I'm not worried about delays in the post though as much as fucking FedEx just throwing shit at my door lately.
  12. Yeah, I have both Johnny Griffin SRXs and they both sound amazing. I sold my 45rpm VMP copy of Blowing Session after I got the SRX. These new drops (1500 copies) sell out in like 20 minutes now though. Gotta be on the wait when they're put up. And they're $75. 😎😎
  13. Anybody hip on these Music Matters Blue Note SRX reissues? Very expensive with a ridiculously awesome sound, very high demand, crashing their site, people freaking out on their social medias, etc. Just scored a copy of Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder (Cannonball Adderley's Somethin' Else was the other title onsale today, but I already have Analogue Productions' 2LP 45rpm pressing, so I didn't even try for that one) and I'm pretty excited. They're issuing Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil on the SRX format next month! EDIT: Ah, just saw the initial announcement is posted on the last page.