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Upgrade time...

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So my system at the moment is as below:

  • Turntable
    Thorens TD166 MKII
  • Speakers
    Roth Oli + AKG k550 Headphones
  • Amplifiers
    Marantz PM5005
  • Turntable Cartridge
    Ortofon 2M Blue
    So I am now wanting a little more from my system as I am moving it into my home office (small box room) and well fancy an upgrade. I mostly run my Cans to be honest but do like the option of playing through speakers from time to time when the baby is not asleep.

    So would I be best keeping my current speakers as its a small box room and getting a new amp or doing a speaker upgrade. What will  give me more bang for my buck so to speak.......

    I was looking at the Marantz PM6007 or some Q Acoustics 3030i's....... or is there another route I should go down.
    Advise/help warmly received :)
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If you're using cans a lot more than speakers, I would look at getting a dedicated phono preamp and headphone amp. Have you looked at Schiit? They have decent stacks you could pick up for a good price...like the Mani (phono) and Magnius (headphone).  Then when the baby is older you could spend on quality speakers.


But if speakers are your thing, people do like that Q line. Is that your general price range? I'd also look at Wharfedale Evo 4.1 or their Denton 80.  Dali Oberon 3 could be good too.  Though I think the Dentons and Oberons are rear-ported, so if you're cramming them up tight against a wall, it might make the bass a little sloppy.

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I think a worthwhile upgrade would be a better stylus. Nothing wrong with the Blue, but swapping in a Black stylus, for example, should reduce distortion and get more out of the grooves. I don't have personal experience with the those Ortofons, but after using a JICO SAS for a few years I don't think I can ever go back to an elliptical stylus, they tend to distort noticeably more.

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