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    Roth Oli + AKG k550 Headphones
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    Ortofon 2M Blue

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  1. So my system at the moment is as below: Turntable Thorens TD166 MKII Speakers Roth Oli + AKG k550 Headphones Amplifiers Marantz PM5005 Turntable Cartridge Ortofon 2M Blue So I am now wanting a little more from my system as I am moving it into my home office (small box room) and well fancy an upgrade. I mostly run my Cans to be honest but do like the option of playing through speakers from time to time when the baby is not asleep. So would I be best keeping my current speakers as its a small box room and getting a new amp or doing a speaker upgrade. What will give me more bang for my buck so to speak....... I was looking at the Marantz PM6007 or some Q Acoustics 3030i's....... or is there another route I should go down. Advise/help warmly received
  2. Just recieved a little cambridge audio CP1 to test out and see if it improves my sound
  3. So its my birthday coming up and as I have been active adding to my vinyl collection I thought it might be worth upgrading a section of my setup. Current setup - Project carbon Esprit (ortofon red), Marantz pm5005, Roth Oli RA1 Speakers, AKG 550 Cans Naturally I would change my speakers but I listen 90% on my cans these days (my Wife doesnt agree with my musical taste) so would I be better getting a dedicated phono stage? go blue stylus ? or another route? Advice welcome. Thanks guys and gals.
  4. Right hello again guys, Ive had my little entry setup a little while now (Project carbon esprit, ortofon red, marantz pm5005, Roth oli ra1 speakers and AKG 550 cans) and I am thinking about upgrading a few bits and bobs in the new year. I am guessing my speakers would be my weakest link so far? if so would a speaker upgrade be most worthy or going ortofon blue? Any upgrade routes suggestions welcome for noticeable sound improvement.
  5. Yeah your wording is much better that mine with the audible static on headphones I dare say some of my standard paper sleeves are contributing nicely to the issue so will be replacing them all in the next few weeks with the poly lined ones. I have a spin clean (it came as free with the table) but I would be looking at a vacuum system in the long term
  6. Just a quick one when listening on speakers music sounds good to great bar some minor background/static when its on track run ins. However when I listen on headphones (AKG 550) the static is alot more pronounced and rather annoying. Is this a common issue when listening via headphones? that they pick up on more unwanted sound? I am brushing the records before and after use with a anti static brush also.
  7. Allenh removing the felt has made a big difference to my ears already, static lost. You were 100% correct and my ears are thanking you. Its made more of a difference than I would have thought
  8. I am hoping for a sound improvement, the static that the felt produces was crazy. I will let you know how I get on
  9. Woops another rookie mistake by me then. I assumed wrongly because they provided one it should be used. Thank you for clearing that up
  10. I have loved my first weekend back with vinyl many hours passed and alot of rum was drunk. But I need to bin the static heaven mat that came with the thing as it is completely pants. If I buy a cork mat that is 1.5mm thick would that be a good direct replacement (no adjustments needed)??? The project cork-it mat is listed as 1.5mm thick but I can get one off ebay (non project) for a third of the price. or would neoprene be better? as I have an acrylic platter
  11. Need some help guys with setup. All brand new from box. Project carbon esprit, marantz pm5005 and roth oli ra1. I can hear sound from the needle but not from the speakers!!! What am I doing wrong???