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Free Child Bite t-shirts (one Large and one Medium)

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They're very cool and I'm too big for them (came free with order of Vision Crimes and I got both versions and they didn't have XLs.)

I asked Joyful Noise for a Medium and Large and told them that I wouldn't be able to wear them so that if anyone else wouldn't be able to get one from the pre-order to hook them up first... and I still ended up getting the shirts.

So who wants one?!

Free... you pay shipping.

If you want them both, that's fine with me (less work for me and the total shipping to get these out of my hands is less) but please assure me that you will be giving at least one of them to someone and that you won't be selling either.

If you live in the NC Triangle area I have no problem handing it off to you in person... as long as it's not a pain in the ass.
I live in Garner and work in Durham so I pass through Raleigh everyday... twice.

Give these shirts a good home!!

(I posted an image of it here, but can't find the image URL anymore.)

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Lemme know how much to ship to Humboldt TN 38343? 

Ok, so I have no response from homework and uniquemel0dy wants the large.

If you want the Medium that would work fine.

I'm thinking 5 bucks would cover it... it makes more sense to use a bubble mailer, but I'd have to buy one and I have access to boxes at work.

If it costs more than 5 to ship I'll PM you if you wouldn't mind paying the difference.

If Medium works for you, let me know.

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