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  1. Black metal CDs FS - list added!

    Last call bump on these. Thanks to those that bought things
  2. Black metal CDs FS - list added!

    All CDs from the following bands have been claimed: Autumn for crippled children Ash borer Downfall of Gaia Leviathan Panopticon The rest are still available atm but may very likely get taken to the record shop next week so don't sleep, get in touch if you see something you'd like to grab!
  3. Black metal CDs FS - list added!

    4 for $10, 10 for $20.
  4. Black metal CDs FS - list added!

    Morning bump
  5. Black metal CDs FS - list added!

    Definitely have more but heres what I've got after a quick skim. PM me if interested! Abigail Williams-The Accuser Agalloch-The Serpent & the Sphere Alraune-The Process of Self-Immolation Aluk Todolo-Voix An Autumn For Crippled Children-Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love An Autumn For Crippled Children- The Long Goodbye Ash Borer-Ash Borer Ash Borer-Cold Of Ages The Atlas Moth-A Glorified Piece of Blue-Sky The Atlas Moth-An Ache For The Distance The Atlas Moth-The Old Believer Avichi-The Divine Tragedy Barishi-Blood From The Lion's Mouth Beastmaker-Lusus Naturae Bethlehem-Bethlehem The Body & Thou-You, Whom I Have Always Hated Burzum-Belus Burzum-Fallen Burzum-From The Depths of Darkness Conan-Blood Eagle Conan-Revengeance The Dillinger Escape Plan-Option Paralysis The Dillinger Escape Plan-One of Us is the Killer The Dillinger Escape Plan-Dissociation Downfall of Gaia-Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes Downfall of Gaia-Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay Downfall of Gaia-Atrophy Funeral Mist-Maranatha Glorior Belli-The Great Southern Darkness Gorguts-Coloured Sands Heresi-Pslam II: Infusco Ignis Kvelertak-Nattesferd Lantlos-Lantlos Lantlos-.neon Lantlos-Agape Lantlos-Melting Sun Leviathan-True Traitor, True Whore Leviathan-Scar Sighted Lifelover-Sjukdom Marduk-Serpent Sermon Marduk-Frontschwein Mutilation Rites-Harbinger Myrkur-Myrkur Nachtmystium-Addicts: Black Meddle pt. II Nachtmystium-The World We Left Behind Nechochwen-Heart of Akamon Obsequiae-Aria of Vernal Tombs Ofermod-Tiamatu Ofermod-Thaumiel Oranssi Pazuzu-Kosmonument Oranssi Pazuzu-Valonielu Panopticon-Roads to the North Panopticon-Autumn Eternal Wold-Freermasonry Wolves in the Throne Room-Black Cascade Wolves in the Throne Room-Celestial Lineage Black Twilight Circle (Various)-Tliltic Tlapoyauak Black Twilight Circle (Various)-Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons
  6. Kinda jumping the gun on this.. Not sure if there's much interest here in CDs, but I have a bunch of metal CDs (mostly black metal) that I'm looking to purge. Will post a full list this morning after work in about 4-5 hrs, just wanted to see if there's any interest. Everything's M/NM and probably not played more than once. Was thinking something like $5ppd each, 3 for $10ppd, 7 for $20ppd, etc. Definitely open to better deals as you buy more. US/PayPal only.
  7. Animal Collective lot fs

    US/PayPal only Includes: Animal Collective|Sung Tongs|FatCat, 2xLP Animal Collective|Feels|FatCat, 2xLP Animal Collective|Strawberry Jam|Domino, 2xLP Animal Collective|Water Curses|Domino Animal Collective|Merriweather Post Pavillion|Domino, 2xLP Animal Collective|Fall Be Kind|Domino All are first pressings based on when I bought them, though i don't know what distinguishes later pressings. I'm thinking $80ppd but i dunno so definitely feel free to PM offers!
  8. US/PayPal only Pick any 3 for $36ppd or any 5 for $50ppd. PM me to work something out if those terms dont suit you. Beheaded|Beast Incarnate|Unique Leader Deceptionist|Initializing Irreversible Process|Unique Leader Fallujah|Dreamless|Nuclear Blast, 2xLP* Hideous Divinity|Adveniens|Unique Leader Inanimate Existence|Calling From A Dream|Unique Leader Ovid's Withering|Scryers of the Ibis|Unique Leader, 2xLP Unmerciful|Ravenous Impulse|Unique Leader *I'm aware it's not unique leader
  9. These are going to the record shop tomorrow, so if you're interested definitely send a pm, if something seems too high we can likely figure something out.
  10. US/PayPal only, everything obo Tech/Death lot - $48ppd Broken Hope|Mutilated and Assimilated|Century Media, LP+CD, sealed Decrepit Birth|Axis Mundi|Nuclear Blast, 2xLP, yellow w/ blue splatter, sealed Exhumed|Death Revenge|Relapse,beer w/ blood red & bone splatter, /250 Converge lot-$38ppd All We Love We Leave Behind 2xLP on red Axe to Fall on light blue Hollow Earth lot-$25ppd Silent Graves Dead Planet Harms Way lot-$25ppd Reality Approaches Blinded Rust Techdeath + Converge = $70ppd Hollow Earth + Harms Way = $45ppd Techdeath + Harms Way OR Hollow Earth = $60ppd Converge + Harms Way OR Hollow Earth = $55ppd Techdeath + Harms Way + Hollow Earth = $75ppd Converge + Harms Way + Hollow Earth = $70ppd All four lots - $105ppd Also available: Love Sex Machine|Asexual Anger|Throatruiner $12ppd The Banner|Greying|Goodfight $12ppd add either to any lot for $5! everything is obo, pm me to work something out!
  11. Tiny converge lot fs

    US/PayPal only All we love we leave behind 2xLP, red vinyl Axe to fall light blue vinyl Unplayed, m/nm $38ppd obo, pm if interested!
  12. HAIM lot fs

    Both 2xLPs, still sealed. $30ppd, obo. PM offers. US/PayPal only
  13. Small Windhand lot

    US/PayPal only Windhand|Soma|Relapse, 2xLP, bronze Windhand|Grief's Infernal Flower|Relapse, 2xLP, purple $30ppd obo, pm offers
  14. Car Bomb lot - $25 obo

    US/PayPal only $25ppd obo for: Car Bomb|Centralia|Relapse, clear Car Bomb|w^w^^w^w|Self-released/Solid Grey, 2xLP, yellow and clear blue pm offers