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  1. Any 5 for $45ppd take the whole lot for $65ppd or do it for $75ppd and get a bonus surprise record
  2. US/Paypal only Car Bomb|Centralia|Relapse Car Bomb|w^w^^w^w|Solid Grey, 2xLP Cursed|Two|Deathwish Cursed|III: Architects of Troubled Sleep|Deathwish Job For A Cowboy|Sun Eater|Metal Blade Necrowretch|Satanic Slavery|Season of Mist Suburban Scum|Ultimate Annihilation|Flatspot Weregoat|Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication|Parasitic Young And In The Way|When Life Comes To Death|Deathwish $75 obo Would much rather do this as a lot, but willing to entertain other offers. PM me!