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  1. Looks like all those variants are all sold out as well. Heres hoping for another round!
  2. Man are those expensive. Looking forward to hearing new output from them though!
  3. Never dealt with them directly. Mostly just bought the stuff from US distros like All that is heavy who got them. They are a legit label in that sense.
  4. As someone who lives in PIttsburgh where the shop is I can tell you he has a lot of volume but its all pretty overpriced and not alot of cool stuff. He also has a “museum” with various hardcore memorabilia. one plus is he has a venue in the shop as well and puts on some decent shows.
  5. Its cool they are repressing for people who dont have one. But not sure why they keep ignoring Heroin which hasnt been pressed for like 6 years.
  6. Yeah seems the sale is over? Looks like everything went back to regular price.
  7. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/vinyl A bunch of blue note stuff on sale for 30% off and an additional 20% off with code comeback. They have a few POs of the tone poet series stuff it applies for as well.
  8. Finally decided to break up my STB obi collection and sell some of the titles i just never listen to. If anyone is searching for some let me know!
  9. https://astralnoizeuk.com/2020/05/05/under-the-radar-12-underground-funeral-doom-bands-you-need-to-hear/ Some are not underground but a good list of stuff.
  10. You bet! id check out mournful congregation, Tyranny and Loss as well if you have not already and dig the funeral doom stuff.
  11. Are you new to the genre or just looking to find more stuff? This thread (though very long) has a ton of great suggestions for lesser known releases. Some things I would suggest: Acid King Ahab Bongripper Bongzilla Buried at Sea Conan Cough Eagle Twin Forn Goya Hell Lycus Samothrace Slomatics Spelljammer Yob i could give a ton more but there is like 15 to start!
  12. I live in Pittsburgh. My local post office employee told me we took on 5 other distribution centers that either got reduced or completely shut down . I had a record being sent to me that went from dallas to pittsburgh, then to boston and south carolina to come back to me. Took a few extra days but got here. They are just overwhelmed and stuff is probably going on wrong trucks or sitting for a few days since they are doing 6 times their usual work.

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