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  1. You can buy this on discogs for like 25 bucks. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/13499550?ev=rb
  2. Feels like most things worth a damn in this space are all imports now. Make it really hard to keep buying stuff when they are all like 40-50 bucks shipped.
  3. This band is great but they make is so hard to buy their records. I am not interested in spending like 50 bucks including shipping to get it from Europe.
  4. Just found a copy of hillbilles for like 3 bucks over retail. Ill take it!
  5. Quicker than I! The hunt continues. That record is always limited but most people dont seem to care about it.
  6. Damn was checking out and sold out in the process. Good looking out.
  7. Anyone stumble upon hillbillies in hell online? All the stores thus far have not had it.
  8. Didnt realize they were still a band. Looking forward to that new record. How much was the test press?
  9. I have the commandments according t slim cessna if you are hunting for that.
  10. I have purple on black/purple. Looking for converge y2k ep if you have that!
  11. I enjoy when they say “heavily marked down” and alot of them are like 2 dollars off a 30 dollar record... even with that some decent stuff at an actual discount.
  12. I thought so. The other records are not bad they all kind of start to sound the same so dont really need 8 of them.
  13. I own far too many electric wizard records. Which 3 should i keep? leaning towards dopethrone, come my fanatics and witchcult today.
  14. There seem to be too many things that sound the same or its like a 40 dollar import and i worry i wont listen that often so i wont buy it. I still buy some stuff in this realm but its died down. I also miss when there were labels and distros that had a ton and could grab a few at a time.
  15. i miss old STB. Cant tell you the last time they put something out that i cared about.