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  1. Are you in the US? Wondering what the shipping costs would be. Website is confusing.
  2. Ordered with that Civerous album and an Ulcerate reissue that I’ve been meaning to pick up from the distro.
  3. Feels like that last record just came out. Still not really liking Chris Cresswell’s vocals being in this band,
  4. This has sent me down a thrash kick—a genre I haven’t spent much time listening to in years.
  5. Saw this. Very weird. But ok. Curious where they’ll take their sound after Infinite Granite. My guess: a watered down “return to form” record.
  6. That GD box set and the Miles Davis electric boxset look amazing but the regular pricetag is absurd. I may have to bite on this.
  7. They’ve always done the Airheads thing. Other labels sometimes do that too. Always wondered if it originated with Polyvinyl, or where if from somewhere else. Anyone know?
  8. Have never been a fan, but when I saw the artwork come up I thought it was 100-percent a joke people were throwing around.
  9. I really liked that Ahab record. Seems like no one really paid attention to it.
  10. Still working it out because I’ve heard a lot of cool shit lately including the new Cruciamentum, Baring Teeth and Panopticon. But these stuck out the most Agriculture - s/t Thantifaxath - Hive Mind Narcosis Spirit Possesion - Of the Sign…
  11. Passing too—but stoked on the songs and will see them if they play shows (and probably buy merch).

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