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  1. I like a lot of the weirdo jazzy stuff, but if you’re not into that, I also really liked that Defacement record from last year.
  2. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to put in a big order now that I, Voidhanger has US distro. This in particular.
  3. There’s so much they announced today, that I’m completely overwhelmed. I can’t spend $400.
  4. New Hulder MLP is up at 20BS: https://www.20buckspin.com/hulder
  5. Giving me serious flashbacks to freshman year of college. Good stuff.
  6. Man, I used to listen to this all the time back in the day. Haven’t listened in over a decade-and-a-half.
  7. Can we start a new thread when they roll out the reissues so I don’t have to keep checking this every time someone whines about variants?
  8. “handful of special guests including Kenny G on soprano saxophone, “ wat?
  9. Ordered because I thought it was a reissue of the OG (which I still hope is coming). Hoping this is good, but I found 2011 a little lackluster.
  10. New Osees up: https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/osees-a-foul-form
  11. Kind of a longshot, but I'll be going to the sold out Warthog 10th Anniversary show at Bowery Ballroom (in NYC) this Saturday, but am looking for 1 more ticket. If you have one or know of anyone who has one that can't make it, please let me know!
  12. Grabbed from Bandcamp, but it’s $2 cheaper on the Gilead site.
  13. Seeing them play this live tonight. I don’t think I could spring for an 11xLP, but depending on my excitement, I may be down for the 7.
  14. I wish that show wasn’t the same night as Converge. I wanted to go to the original date a few months back

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