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  1. Bought this on CD the day it came out (same day as Thursday's War All the Time), and was so let down. I've grown to like it marginally better, but I don't think I can ever wash the disappointment out of my mouth.
  2. That’s sad. I wanted to see this band for so damn long. Happy to get Sixteen finally!
  3. Weird, last night when I went to check out it defaulted to $26 shipping, but now much cheaper. Carry on.
  4. Cheaper on Bandcamp when shipping to the US is added? Or am I missing something?
  5. Subscription is a bit insane. In to fill out the missing areas in my collection though.
  6. Nightshift Merch has the Hulder LP. I ended up buying a copy from Into Endless Chaos records from Germany last night. Which was probably only a few bucks more after shipping.
  7. fuck. Was waiting on the BC, now I’ve missed out everywhere.
  8. They’re in Iron Bonehead’s district and I think I’ve seen it them in a couple other Euro distros. Don’t know if it’s popped up anywhere else in the US.
  9. I nearly did as well! Had to make sure I didn’t miss something. Cool record, will be worth the wait.
  10. Didn’t expect to like that Hulder record as much as I do. Wish I would have caught the 20BS preorder. Will wait for BC.
  11. Not really into Sanguisugabogg, but I’ll say it again, bands need to stop signing to Century Media.
  12. Anybody do that Gimme Metal subscription? Vinyl subs always seemed lame to me (like going back to Columbia House CD deals), but every month I think about signing up. Last month it was a Khemmis record, that was the only one I wouldn’t have been stoked to received. Next month is High on Fire - Art of Self Defense.

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