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  1. I just can’t. Will wait til the Third Man reissue in the year 2032.
  2. Finally got through on the site, ha. Got the deluxe butterfly. 3.5 hours we’ll spent? Meanwhile, I have a white copy if anyone’s interested in buying it.
  3. I grabbed a white from Bandcamp as a safety, but I would like the deluxe if possible.
  4. What a colossal waste of time (and now my wife's time, ha). Ugh.
  5. Never have I experienced Relapse’s website shitting the bed so hard.
  6. What do we make of this G.I.S.M. announcement from Relapse?
  7. Well, the single is from LOVE/EVOL, as is Love, Coma, Shadow of Skull, and uzame. Absolutego I'd imagine is some part of the Absolutego drone track. Boris is probably a version of their Melvins cover. To the Beach is from the Tears EP.
  8. Almost an insta-buy, but it seems like not new songs but new interpretations? I'm sure it'll be great and I'll listen, but maybe not a must-own for me.
  9. Sorry I meant the previous SL pressings of Amplifier Worship and Absolutego. We need Flood and Heavy Rocks (og).
  10. Agreed. SL repressed these (I guess years ago), and I bet they're not too hard to find.
  11. May have to jump on this, despite Century Media's absurd prices.

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