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  1. What the fuck those prices. Thought it was a must-but, but turns out it’s an easy pass.
  2. New Ulthar is up at 20 Buck Spin. Looking forward to this one.
  3. Took almost a month to get to New York. Didn't have tracking, but I've noticed some really strange paths with some other records shipped domestically. My Mare Cognitum / Spectral Lore 3xLP bounced to and from NJ and various parts of the country for about a month before I received it. Luckily is was still in good shape.
  4. Hmm...don’t really buy too many Live albums, but tempted on this
  5. Need this, but also just assumed there would be US pressings or at least distos would have it. Current situation probably isn’t helping
  6. Looking at the list again, the John Prine boxset is my must-get. I haven’t give a thought to Record Store Day since maybe the first or second.
  7. Those June of 44 titles have been on my want list for awhile, though they’re usually not that expensive. Intrigued by the SunRa, Replacements, Cure, Miles Davis. Anyone know anything about that Wire release?
  8. it’d be nice if 20 Buck Spin had a variant, but I don’t think that has happened before
  9. Immediate order for me as well—though Sol isn’t my favorite Mare Cognitum release
  10. Was literally just thinking of this band yesterday—wondering what happened to them
  11. I also realized I never listened to that Possessed record despite being impressed with the lead-up single. There’s just too much music to listen to.
  12. Yeah. I like them a lot and the new record was not top 5. Really liked the new Blut Aus Nord on first listen but it’s not their most memorable.
  13. Good list. Wouldn’t put Gatecreeper that high, but pretty solid overall.