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  1. A "holographic cover" and a poster, it seems? I just went for Blue.
  2. Saw this in conjunction with the upcoming album. Didn’t know about this project. WoD are great and this sounds excellent.
  3. Any one know if this Listenible Records is reputable? I noticed they repressed a lot of older Obituary. https://www.shop-listenable.net/en/15_obituary
  4. Despite constantly seeing the countdown on IG, I totally forgot this was going up and was only able to snag the /750
  5. I tried very hard to get into the last album, and just couldn’t. This sounds great so far though
  6. I pre-ordered this immediately when I heard a couple weeks ago (I guess I should have posted). This has long been a White Whale of mine.
  7. I came late to Paradise Gallows and regretted not picking that up when it came out, so this was an easy decision.
  8. Got my Skaphe record a couple weeks ago. Glad I finally picked it up after sleeping on it originally. Mostly just posted this to say most people outside of Australia don't know what "Arvo" means.
  9. Not sure I'd subscribe, but I'm very excited that there's a new HANL coming out.
  10. Dear lord. I don't think I can own something with that artwork.
  11. I think there's been recent pressings of Heartwork. I picked one up pretty recently. Cause of Death is definitely in need though.