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  1. Saw a live video from their show a month or 2 ago and it was cringeworthy listening to jesse trying to sing Howard’s parts. Then listening to him sing his own parts were almost as cringeworthy. Sigh
  2. It’s like when Satan slaps his devil nuts on a sinners forehead but in a musical sensation
  3. They should at least give us a bundle option for all three. That price point pisses me off
  4. other than the song "otherside", this album is pretty decent. but pic disc is the wrong direction
  5. They supposed have a record I need but says available in store only so if anyone could swing by there I’d appreciate it!
  6. Me too. Really hope so because crow is my all time favorite shit. Maybe amazon knows that lol but if it gets canceled won’t be surprised. If it does come someone can buy my boot copy that sounds not bad at all
  7. Does it reflect in the canceled orders part on amazon too?
  8. are yours showing under canceled orders or just got an email? just logged in because of yall and mine still looks good...
  9. finally listened and man, denzel did it again. probably will be a top 3 rap album of the year
  10. mine says June 10th. I was wondering if anyone had got theirs canceled or received it possibly. fingers crossed
  11. meh, I'm waiting on that pressure cracks full length. only Jason butler project ive cared about.
  12. Bullmoose just loaded the us indie/500, definitely my favorite variant. Stoked. Been refreshing that shit all day haha
  13. I think the US indie colorway sounds the best, does bullmoose usually carry pure noise indie variants?