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  1. meh, I'm waiting on that pressure cracks full length. only Jason butler project ive cared about.
  2. Bullmoose just loaded the us indie/500, definitely my favorite variant. Stoked. Been refreshing that shit all day haha
  3. I think the US indie colorway sounds the best, does bullmoose usually carry pure noise indie variants?
  4. Damn, just when I thought no because of the shipping prices, now I kinda want it...
  5. maaaaan, I wish I checked here last night haha gonna be bummed if I miss the pure noise variant like I always do.
  6. When I first heard it, boring AF but unsainted sounded MUCH better live.
  7. anyone else's The Crow amazon order get canceled? Mine is still under active orders and not in the canceled section, so maybe I got in before they sold out? or mine will be canceled eventually lol
  8. I wish they would put up left overs of the 7 inch (if there are any) or another variant...sigh
  9. Cheapest US is $90ish. Holding out for retail hopefully
  10. Man damn, still can’t find a crow. Looks like I’ll have to get lucky online