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  1. I really like this new single, it’s like a movie score with words lol
  2. Based on cult America and empty black I was ready to blind buy. Then I listened to the single and was glad I didn’t. Super bummed.
  3. No but still waiting on violent gentleman. I know it was delayed but per their email thought it would have started shipping. Also, my bundle from JBWW came fucked, which is a bummer
  4. IMO typically a lot of “long” albums have filler. I rather have all absolute bangers. It’s known Etid is my favorite band and I could still probably find a few songs here that coulda been left off/put out in an EP or something.
  5. Things with feathers? I’m struggling a bit with that one. Not a fan of Andy hull
  6. I’m not a fan of long albums in general, so when it was first announced/talked about being 15/16 songs, I was like damn.
  7. Yea I’ve seen some great reviews too. But tbh, it’s Etid, and they are my favorite band so I may be biased, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Also, low teens monumental? While I like the album, def not their best IMO.
  8. Maaaan, I went to lunch, checked my email and saw the pure noise email and instantly thought I missed the /300. I was baffled it was still there and stoked I was able to grab one before they sold out. I knew I didn’t even need to listen before I bought and boy was I fuckin right. Fuckin slaps.
  9. I liked the pinwheel but I had already preordered it, the clear red blob. Glad I did because at $22 shipped, it’s better than what they were selling at, especially merchwarfare.

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