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  1. Heeeeeey so i know its fairly late as the tourney starts next week but Im hosting my yearly brackets on CBS Sports. In the past, I know some have joined from here, so if youre interested, let me know and ill send you the invite. Its super simple, entry is $10 a bracket and you can have up to 2. First, Second and Third place get pay out, so again any questions or you wanna join, hit me up!
  2. $8 shipped or $14 shipped for 2 - Boy Rex – The Bloodmonths (Red) - Boy Rex – Better Vision (Coke Bottle with Blue Smoke) - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Baby Its Cold Outside/Santa Baby (7 Inch/3500) - Posture & The Grizzly – Busch Hymns (Mint Green) $10 shipped or $18 shipped for 2 - Bird Eater – Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set (Black/100) - Burn The Priest – Legion: XX (Green Smoke/500) - ILSA – The Felons Claw (2xLP/Blue Electric) - Six Feet Under – Warpath (Reissue/Sealed) $15 shipped or $26 shipped for 2 - Left Behind – Seeing Hell (Yellow with Red Splatter/250) - Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks (10 Inch/Reissue) - Bloodsimple – A Cruel World (Orange Gold/MoV/1000) - Dead To Fall ‎– Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces (Yellow) - Ion Dissonance – Cast The First Stone (Yellow/Smartpunk Exclusive/300) - Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals ‎– Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue - Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals ‎– Walk Through Exits Only (Clear w/ Black, White And Grey Splatter) - She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas (White) - Sirius Blvck – major threat. (half black and half blue/175) - Superjoint ‎– Caught Up In The Gears Of Application - Twitching Tongues – Disharmony (Red/500/Sealed) $20 shipped or $35 for both - Eighteen Visions – XVIII (Gold Black Split/400) $24 - Eighteen Visions – Until The Ink Runs Out (Clear with Blue Yellow Pink Splatter/1000) $24
  3. weird, I only see a link for nuclearblast. o well, also blastoff10 will give you 10%. so its $22 shipped
  4. New album from one of my favorites is up now for pre-order and first single "Undress" is up on Spotify. New song is cool but really stoked for the whole album. Limited red/black split is available, not sure if that variant is retail also. Will update accordingly. The Felice Brothers - Undress (Black/Red Split) $19.99 with free shipping Cut live to tape with very little overdubbing, Undress was recorded in the late summer of 2018 in Germantown, New York. Band members Ian Felice, James Felice, Will Lawrence (drums) and Jesske Hume (bass) teamed up with producer Jeremy Backofen to record their most personal and reflective album to date. “Many of the songs on the new album are motivated by a shift from private to public concerns,” says songwriter Ian Felice. “It isn't hard to find worthwhile things to write about these days, there are a lot of storms blooming on the horizon and a lot of chaos that permeates our lives. The hard part is finding simple and direct ways to address them.” Undress follows the band’s 2016 album Life In The Dark, and finds the group in a very different place three years later. Between personnel changes, families growing and the political landscape, the result is a tighter, more-paired down release. “Every song is a story,” said James Felice. “On this album everything was a bit more thoughtful, including the arrangements, the sonic quality and the harmonies.”
  5. I do enjoy Grave before shave’s products. The beard wash smells super great and the oils are nice. As far as brushes, I like a bamboo brush and grave before shave sell them also
  6. bummed no SC date...but not surprise because we get skipped often.