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  1. man, didn't think it could get much worse than American Idiot. I stand corrected.
  2. I’m glad you Florida folks should dodge this monster so now fingers crossed it weakens significantly before hitting us on the SC coast. I’m 15 miles from the beach so time to bunker down
  3. Guided by the moon, By The Grave and Forget Your Name are stand outs. My current AOTY for sure.
  4. ive been struggling with this too. My 2 biggest factors about stopping/selling is the cost as I got 2 girls who are expensive with dance/gymnastics and stuff and the other is my time. I picked up a second job and my time to listen between work and family is almost non existent. Its been a solid month or 2 since I've spun a record. I have cut my collection in half to favorite albums/bands but I'm at the place now, do I sell all or really cut it down. Glad I'm not the only one with these thoughts. I do love buying, listening, admiring the packaging so its tough.
  5. digging Solway Firth and Birth Of The Cruel. gonna have to def give this a listen. bummer that unsainted made the album but all out life didn't.
  6. Someone wake me up when “my own prison” gets pressed
  7. How is the song with Keith? With ETiD being my favorite band, I can’t wait for that one
  8. Patience pays off. Got a box set for $163 shipped via deepdiscount with the 15% coupon. Figured it was the cheapest option
  9. Finally a good slipknot song. also interesting its the last song on the album...
  10. Wanting to and actually trying to do it is different. He paid money to do it and if not for an undercover cop, he would have been directly the reason behind it. How hard is it to understand that. Also, fuck forgiveness
  11. bingo. if Tim dropped my lunch from the break room refrigerator and said "sorry", then fine, "ok tim I no worries". But something like trying to take someones life, I'm not fond of "forgiveness" which basically gives people a pass of something they did that was bad.
  12. Saw a live video from their show a month or 2 ago and it was cringeworthy listening to jesse trying to sing Howard’s parts. Then listening to him sing his own parts were almost as cringeworthy. Sigh