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  1. Mine came in today. Anyone see what these are limited to?
  2. Got the /1000 easily. Knew it would but not in roughly 3 mins. Also I really like the mock up hopefully it turns out like that
  3. Dang I missed the track listings LOL but bummed as I was hoping it was another box set or colored vinyl.
  4. Kinda bummed on this tbh. Probably will pick up just the companion albums as the others are “easy” to get. I wish we could see the track listings for the companion albums and if they’re limited
  5. Alright, that’s the greyhaven I needed but is this song the exception on the album? Didn’t someone say the majority of the album is like the first single?
  6. Based on cult America and empty black I was ready to blind buy. Then I listened to the single and was glad I didn’t. Super bummed.
  7. No but still waiting on violent gentleman. I know it was delayed but per their email thought it would have started shipping. Also, my bundle from JBWW came fucked, which is a bummer
  8. IMO typically a lot of “long” albums have filler. I rather have all absolute bangers. It’s known Etid is my favorite band and I could still probably find a few songs here that coulda been left off/put out in an EP or something.

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