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  1. Yes! The record was like $21 and $9 shipping. I was expecting to have to pay taxes or customs etc but never.
  2. Just received my alt. artwork version. I got the solid blue variant - looks amazing! I paid £24 shipped to the UK. I was expecting to have to pay fees but no, just turned up at the door. Check my Instagram page 'gondolavinyl' to see.
  3. Anyone looking for a copy of The Black Angels glow in the dark LP? Hurry over to discogs, there's one just been put up for $42, won't last long.
  4. Elvis Perkins will be releasing a soundtrack LP to support his brothers new film. PO available from Friday - check link on his instagram page. Elvis has confirmed via his Twitter page that vinyl will be limited to 666 copies (movie a horror)
  5. I've PO duluxe from Amazon UK, but can't help but think they've fucked up. Still available in large quantities (can PO up to 30 copies) even though everywhere else seems to have sold out, and at the cheapest price... Ive noticed Amazon UK has the Special 14LP 400 odd quid version available for PO now too.
  6. There are still a ton left on Amazon UK, and at the cheapest price available on the net. I hope it's as it seems and they've not fucked up somehow.
  7. Amazon UK still have duluxe PO available
  8. Hi guys, Been lurking for a while now, but wanted to post to clear something up. -The standard LP version is a 2xLP set in a gatefold sleeve. -The deluxe LP version is a 2xLP set housed inside the 'art book' (rather than the gatefold sleeve) The art book isn't an add on, like the gorillaz webstore suggests. Deluxe PO from amazon much cheaper option.