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  1. judging from the single video they seem to be aiming for playing support for Billie Eilish on her next tour. Also, why is the bassist wearing a backpack as a stage outfit? jokes aside, it's not terrible but i'm not yet sold on their new direction either. One has to respect though that they keep evolving no matter what.
  2. it's a phenomenal album! I noticed there's another variant up in the Flenser store and the HANL bandcamp: black/bone half half out of 500. Does anybody know more about the variant? At a price of $27 it's more expensive than the other /500 variants. Then again it's not even listed in the official Flenser pressing info round-up on the very same store page. Maybe an exclusive of some kind?
  3. awesome new single, can't wait to hear the full length. The previous 12" EP was some of the best gazy stuff in recent years. For anyone who doesn't own it yet, Dog Knights sells the /100 variant for 5,99€ right now (shipping from Germany). Just select from the drop down list at the bottom: http://dogknightseu.limitedrun.com/products/654061-dog-knights-fall-sale-25-records-w-a-minimum-of-50-discount
  4. Yeah, it's a different kind of swirl but in my book the actual result fits the cover art even better. My copy has been stuck in German customs for a couple days now, hope it gets here soon.
  5. this is better than I expected. We all knew Future Love was a banger, and In This Room is equally amazing as a closer. Let's see if the stuff in between will grow on me.
  6. If you live in the EU (or, even better, Germany) you can order the Relapse exclusive /1000 variant from Evilgreed: https://evilgreed.net/products/ceremony-in-the-spirit-world-now-lp?_pos=2&_sid=eafcbe7ca&_ss=r Comes out a lot cheaper than from Relapse EU.
  7. German online retailer Finest Vinyl has listed a "Ltd. exclusive clear" variant: https://www.finestvinyl.de/rock-vinyl/diiv-deceiver-ltd-exclusive-clear-vinyl/?item=135571 No further info on the site though.
  8. as an EU mainlander, RT UK comes out to about 33€ shipped compared to 25€ for the CT exclusives. That makes the choice pretty obvious for me, even though I'd love the 7" and the obi really isn't that mindblowing at all..
  9. only two listens in but I already feel this turned out to be pretty awesome. also some tasty looking packaging in the post above me!
  10. couldn't help but succumb to the urge to watch the "user feedback" youtube vids on their homepage. This shit is heftier than what VNYL pulled off... the lady from the first clip is pretending to lose it over a colored record: "Are you kidding me? It is a blue record. I literally have no words." Then again, if I think about it it's just Relapse's basic recent sales strategy in a nutshell.
  11. @lexicondevil Bummer that your experience with Slow Crush wasn't cool! From my experience (shared the stage with them twice here in Europe) they are some of the most cheerful and friendly people you could ask for on a show! When we played their hometown in Belgium Isa's (the singer's) mom even cooked food for everyone. But I guess everyone has a bad day (or bad stage sound, for that matter) once in a while. I also can't imagine he really said "fuck him!" - are you sure about that? Remember that they will most likely speak Belgian among each other, and while I'm not familiar with that language I can think of some instances where one could simply mishear something, especially in the dense/loud environment that is a music venue. Glad you still had a good evening!
  12. just chiming in here to say that - without questioning the integrity of your source - this would be really stupid from an economic point of view. If the label notices a series of defects from the plant it will most likely insist on getting replacements before any financial risk is taken. The approach you describe shifts ALL of the financial risk onto Holy Roar without any necessity whatsoever - it just doesn't seem plausible that they would do that. The only consequence of getting replacements would be that the release/shipment has to be pushed back a bit - while that is never cool for any party, what company would risk thousands of dollars just to avoid that?