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  1. new SHUN single/video is out! A bit more on the upbeat side.
  2. Debut LP from Germany's SHUN is dropping Nov 26th via This Charming Man Records. New single out today, ffo Slowdive, Nothing, etc. Vinyl pressing of 100 LPs on orange/white and 400 on blue/white, both 180g and with amazing artwork by Benny Druckwelle. There are some copies of the limited vinyl left, with riso-printed postcards and legit Deutsche Post stamps with custom artwork. https://thischarmingmanrecords.de/produkt/shun-songs-from-the-centrifuge-180-gramm-col-lp/
  3. Great to hear about Iris/Bliss Fields. Maybe we will see a vinyl pressing of 'Slowly, Forever' soon? Their previous records were outstanding material. edit: They seem to have "reset" their Spotify profile with the new name, there is only one single off of s/t up at the moment. Also, there is a new tape edition through Acrobat Unstable Records: https://acrobatunstable.com/shop/ewvssnkrmwr80fkgyxp8sdt9033425
  4. Only ever owned a copy of the 2015 black repress, but that one sounds alright. Probably won't blow you away but nothing that would keep you from spinning it either.
  5. Received my deluxe copy of Loveless today. The packaging is nice and sturdy, albeit less hefty than, say, the recent Mount Eerie/Microphones issues. The custom inner sleeve are a nice touch, first time I've seen them done like that. Vinyl is thick and looks clean, didn't have the chance to spin it yet, though.
  6. received shipping confirmation from Flight13. let's see what the deluxe bells and whistles are about...
  7. German vendor Flight13 has more deluxe copies of Loveless and mbv in stock: https://www.flight13.com/my-bloody-valentine-loveless/13631
  8. German store HHV is still carrying the Loveless deluxe: https://www.hhv.de/shop/de/artikel/my-bloody-valentine-loveless-deluxe-edition-818399?p=iBd4gR Saying this because shipping cost might actually be feasible for some of you US folks who have missed out. I ordered mine from Flight13 (another German store) yesterday but it has sold out since then. Regular copies seem to be readily available. Also, to add to the cardboard discussion: UK cardboard is shit. HHV (and practically 95% of German stores I have ordered from) package their stuff like a tank so you needn't worry.
  9. I did not receive a shipping confirmation yet (and was very quick to order when it went up). My guess is that no orders were processed beyond creating a shipping label.
  10. I had this sent to my sister in NYC (I'm based overseas), so I did not have a chance to check it yet. I agree though that it is probably their best record, been streaming it a lot. Did you get any further info on the live stream? Was there something included in the package? If I understand it correctly it aired yesterday - record release variant purchasers were supposed to get access, however I didnt receive any mail or other sort of info on how to access the stream. Did you manage to view it? The teasers looked really enticing.
  11. Stoked for the live stream! Purchased the record release variant, guess we'll be receiving some info about access soon.
  12. It does show as available for me though. Maybe they put some more copies up.
  13. Nothing I would cop a vinyl copy of, but some bits do gleefully remind me of the more ambient parts on Sigur Rós' Valtari. I can dig it.
  14. judging from the single video they seem to be aiming for playing support for Billie Eilish on her next tour. Also, why is the bassist wearing a backpack as a stage outfit? jokes aside, it's not terrible but i'm not yet sold on their new direction either. One has to respect though that they keep evolving no matter what.

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