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  1. @holyvacantsholyhell I totally get your point, and I'm not even against "short" releases. Guess it's rather the insane levels of gimmickiness this release entails They don't even let you choose which title you get, so you will have to either spent the max amount on the spot or remain with something which has few purposes aside from being a gimmick that's fun to display. Well, or you just make good coin from it in the aftermarket, but that's where my understanding for RSD stops entirely. I sure do hope that you will get the one(s) you desire, it will be interesting to see how the turntable works out too.
  2. I thought this was a joke until I saw the Epitaph RSD listing... this is getting out of hand.
  3. Amazon UK didnt get back to me after I had a chat conversation with them about it a couple weeks back. Now I just ordered it from a German retailer vor 22€ which is still alright for a double LP. The original album is already super good, so I'll be stoked to spin the acoustic one as well.
  4. Available for pre-order soon on The Essence (https://theessence.bigcartel.com) Debut LP from Mannheim, Germany's forefront hardcore outfit Spirit Crusher. FFO: 90s HC in the vein of Cro-Mags and Leeway, but with a modern edge and insane dynamics more akin to bands like Fiddlehead. Check out the promo tape here https://spiritcrusherxxx.bandcamp.com/ Amazing video for "Potential in Kindness":
  5. Where did you guys write to? I can't find any proper customer service address on the UK page. If it still comes down to slightly more than the original price (after credit) I'd still gladly reorder. This album is too good.
  6. Same for me just now. It's now listed for 17,99 pound instead. Booooo.
  7. not interested in this myself very much, but I remember reading at some point on his IG that there were plenty copies available so if you want one, you'd get one without much hassle. Probably there won't be any need to F5 your way through thursday.
  8. god damn Holy Roar keep killing it with the variants for this album.
  9. my band Shun just put out this new single, it's a cover of Drake's Hold On We're Going Home. The video was filmed on our recent Spain tour. it will be available for free download on our bandcamp page very soon. So long you can check out our debut EP that was released earlier this year, there is a handful tapes left from the original run of 100 pieces: https://shunthisband.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-quite-as-heavy Thanks.
  10. Derek is right, though. This forum has proven to be the most diverse and up-to-date source for news on vinyl due to the community-driven format. Most of the vinyl blogs I once read/followed have gone inactive. This guy here from Germany (it's in English though!) is doing a pretty good job, mostly on hardcore/metal stuff with lots of nice informative photos (not that poser kind): rather few new releases, but many personal recommendations that are always worth taking a listen.
  11. Release date: Nov 30th "Wire Love are a new band from Münster that has risen from the ashes of Orbit the Earth. Their debut LP “Leave the Bones” is nothing short of a giant leap in intensity for German Post-Hardcore. Pummeling groove is combined with just the right amount of technicality here, resulting in a high-pressure aural experience not unlike the best moments of bands such as the almighty Botch or These Arms Are Snakes. This impression is supported by the massive production: recorded at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg this LP provides what is arguably one of the most powerful and massive eardrum assaults you have witnessed all year. But fear not, because Wirelove manage to balance all this madness with really thought-out song structures that leave enough room for great atmospheres to build up. FFO: These Arms Are Snakes, Botch, Converge, Post-Hardcore and awesome production." Pressing info: 100x milky clear w/ brown splatter, 400x black/milky clear split Pre-order here: https://thischarmingmanrecords.de/produkt/wire-love-leave-the-bones-lp-digital/ (cheap international shipping available!) Watch the incredible video for the first atmospheric single below:
  12. some fantastic new stuff from Germany. 7" is limited to 200 copies and comes with handmade artwork, handstamped fonts and die-cut covers. see the label page for info on how to pre-order: Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten