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2 hours ago, Mourning Wood said:

Great band. longtime fan. For anyone who doesn't want to order directly, Forced Exposure usually carries their records and the stuff on this label, at least in some quantity.



8 hours ago, bruno66 said:


Probably only for us Europeans realistically but well worth it for all. A fantastic band playing some incredible stuff. Check out the links on the site and make your own minds up.

I have been a fan for while now.

I was visiting my ex in CPH and she took me to a local shop that was carrying this label.

Huge Papir and CS fan ever since.


I bought this while watching john wick 2 in the theater.  ha.

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Fantastic label putting out real quality releases. Pity Papir left but Stickman Records, their new label, does just as good stuff too... well worth checking out


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