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  1. this is the listing.. 20 - Test Pressings w/ Special Sleeve 50 - Orange Vinyl w/ Welcome Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Chicago Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ New York Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Atlanta Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Halloween Sleeve 96 - Black Vinyl w/ Texas Sleeve 100 - Pink 100 - White 100 - Red 100 - Baby Blue 100 - Green 250 - Purple 250 - Gray 450 - Orange (Retail Exclusive) 500 - Baby Blue w/ Red Splatter and if you look there's a sleeve for each 5 rec release shows.. so the limited to 50 one... that is called the welcome sleeve... that's the one I am wondering about..
  2. haha I am sure we have more than that. (my shop did the show exclusive for their last big NYC show..) I got the test and a pink LP. however I realized they released a split single yesterday and missed the most limited version of that. damn. anyone have any idea what and when the limited "orange - welcomes" come out. those are limited to only 50. I am wondering about those.
  3. I got mine in the mail yesterday. it looks and sounds gorgeous. loving the obi and everything . excited to own this on vinyl.
  4. Just saw this and figured it's noteworthy.. https://www.powells.com/book/-1110000365192 It was in his mailing list also.
  5. Will pay well for any cool demo from early emo and screamo and some HC bands Actively looking for:. Boys Life, Jawbreaker, Jeromes Dream, City of Caterpillar, Ethel Meserve, Hum, Most Secret Method, Rainer Maria, Jawbox, Hoover, K454, etc.. Thanks If you're not sure if I'd be interested, try me.
  6. just posters In NYC and the dates before. I think it's a real missed opportunity. no shirts. no LPs. nothing. but posters.. take my money karate , c'mon!!
  7. Any huge Ataris fans out there looking for rare vinyl? I have something pretty rare that I'm considering selling. Pls dm me for more info. When we speak you'll understand the secretive nonsense. Hehe Thanks
  8. yeah I get that. I have one and I think it sounds pretty good for one but understand ..
  9. why don't you guys buy the lathe that's limited to 50 that's up.. I mean it's 50 bucks but that seems like a good deal for something that's limited to like 18.
  10. sorry to repeat but.. I am sure no one had the chance to grab an extra out of 100... but if someone would be willing to trade a 100 for a 200 and cash or a 200 and a valuable record, please hit me.
  11. I am sure no one had the chance to grab an extra out of 100... but if someone would be willing to trade a 100 for a 200 and cash or a 200 and a valuable record, please hit me.
  12. they posted a clear copy of the Evens today (the LP is the Odds) https://theevens.bandcamp.com/album/the-odds
  13. also just a head's up. they're doing an auction this Sunday at their show. and I know they're bringing some goodies. (I even think they'l do an auction for the new LP's test and Moon's test) on their IG they posted that they're bringing the FUCK EBAY kodan split (limited to 50, I think).. goodies.
  14. can't wait to check it out. hope all is well. kristian - lto
  15. I saw on reddit the person who runs Longinus said he's not putting it out. so we might need to keep eyes elsewhere..
  16. I know for a fact this is happening along with a few other BIG LI HC bands. my shop is going to be doing something with them and we're very excited to be involved in a few of these upcoming releases. v excited!!
  17. if anyone wants to trade their braindead variant for something . I own a shop and would love to have it. Ill make sure you get the better end of the trade. I need that LP!