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  1. Hoping for vinyl https://dreamcatalogue.com/store/product/2814-lost-fragments/
  2. These bros have the gray one with an exclusive signed print. Oo. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Exclusive-Ltd-Vinyl/Deceiver-Limited-Edition-Grey-Marble-Vinyl-with-Exclusive-Signed-Print/67JC0HQX000
  3. Is anyone really feeling this album? Idk - I’ve given it like 3 tries and I just can’t. Sorry Baroness ultra loyalists.
  4. It’s on! Just got a shipping notice on the mono Axis UHQR from Acoustic Sounds. Hope everyone get theirs.
  5. I ordered a Mono from acoustic sounds. I emailed them last week asking for a shipping update and haven’t gotten a reply. Idk if there even is an official release date at this point, there have been so many delays. Reviews are popping up now, so it’s gotta be coming soon.
  6. Based on these sales I’d say Baroness are bigger than ever.
  7. She’s the next generation’s Lady Gaga. Get on board or get out the way, you gross old white men!