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  1. Hey guys my speakers are kind of awful and don't really work and I was wondering if anyone knows of some good ones that aren't too pricey as well as turntables since mine isn't the best. any help would be amazing. my current one is from radioshack when I got to college and my old one broke in transit and my dad went and bought one for $90 and is just not the best at all. and my speakers are finicky and half the time one or both don't work right. I can provide info but any help would be great. I'm looking for things to possibly buy myself or ask for christmas/my birthday and my family doesn't have a ton of money thanks! <3
  2. PLUS the artist doing the album art (and hopefully box and poster) is amazing and they are going to be so cool!
  3. early bird was $110 and I did it this time, blikk fang (i've been waiting 5 years to hear this), of Montreal, kishi bashi, the guy from foxygen and I love all of these bands I'm so excited!!! last year I wanted one and this year is amazing and totally worth it! PLUS HOPEFULLY IT'S A NICE PRINT ROLLED POSTER THAT I CAN ADD TO MY COOL NICE POSTERS I NEED FRAMES FOR. i'm not re typing that oops. Also hi I'm back it's been many months, I've been busy I still love vinyl <3 plus it's nice getting awesome mail and if i get a tP that would be rad. there's so much oM happeneing lately i want to cry omg
  4. am I blind or is it straight up gone and not on there anymore?
  5. as a die hard of montreal fan i can tell you that you will need to be willing to pay a lot more for most of those ive seen cp go for 80 before. but good luck
  6. i am pretty sure my local record store still has one but im guessing you only want used copies,
  7. bump i still have this and lots of posters
  8. bump i still have this and lots of posters
  9. do you just want those postal service singles id be willing to sell you my 3lp set if you dont have it.
  10. bump! buy these pretty please??
  11. a bunch of stuff sold buy what's left please!
  12. im selling it for a good 10 or 15 less than what i paid so i really cant go much lower. i also never even played it.

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