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  1. Also, just guessing if it was a member with any previous posts, people would be more likely to help. (You know unless he was me). But coming in and posting only one post thats basically fill out this survey so I can graduate and then providing nothing additionally to community. Get the fuck out.
  2. I would say it plays on par with the Dads 7" that I have that has glitter mixed in with the vinyl.
  3. If you want the spotify I wouldn't wait too long, stock is under 400 already. I wouldn't think it will last more than another hour.
  4. Spotify just sent out an email for a green variant limited to 1,000 copies: https://fansfirst.eobmusic.com/
  5. it could be....but his previous ones went pretty fast. Hard to tell.
  6. It's almost sold out already with only around 300 copies of the 5,000 made in stock still. Best of luck in 6 months.
  7. I had a friend with one in his fridge for about a year. He was just the middle man, but got a great experience of meeting the band out of it.
  8. No it is pressed into the vinyl (AKA unplayable).
  9. I have this hair filled record.... https://www.discogs.com/Eohippus-Getting-Your-Hair-Wet-With-Pee/release/6244166