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  1. Not sure I have ever seen a 12" flexi......
  2. Couldn't see the labels on my phone yesterday when I ordered, but just pulled it up on my work computer and can see better, thanks! For sure down with a Justice Remix. Also why would one order to 4 different addresses? Doesn't say anything about one per house, but also if you read above I discussed why I don't think these will be big flips...but what do I know.
  3. The leaked stream last week had some really good tracks in the middle, but that was evidently Yhandi and not Jesus is King. Either way hope that vinyl is an actual thing and not just an image used for the CD cover like they did with the last Minidisc cover.
  4. The announced final show that was a big party....or the show they played after that at the ryman opening for Jason Isbell. (I assume the party, but just checking)
  5. Don't have anyone blocked on here anymore at least not that I have noticed. But anyways on topic. Hoping these 7"s have remixes or something different on the b-sides and not just blank or the same song like a lot of similar people have been doing. My jukebox don't want the same song twice!
  6. Unless he produces WAY more of these than he did his previous releases and/or WAY more people buy it in hopes to flip. See similar new releases from Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Post Malone, T Swift, etc etc were previous releases were timed and easy to get, but now afterwards are super hard to get and sell for big bucks. Now they are selling again with the same practices but way more people are buying to flip so price are staying low. its not preventing anyone from buying the records on the original drop either. I get it you hate me...the logic is sound and the trend on several similar releases over recent months.
  7. Unpopular opinion...without flippers the records will be much harder to get / more expensive on the secondary market. Thats fine if you get it now....but sucks if you miss out. Flippers on stuff like this flood the market and often compete to have the lowest price which drives the price down.
  8. It's available exclusively at Target in the US....so seems pretty unlikely for RSD.
  9. I don't have a test press of this record. I had everything else up to Mimi....but kind of fell off at that point and didn't get all the variants. Been being more selective on what I go all in on getting any more.
  10. Just my 2 cents since this keeps being bumped. There is only 20 sets of this made, of which 8 are in collections on discogs (so those 8 people should be easy to contact and ask). This contains 4 records that sell quiet high individually: - Standard Black - Average Price of $200 - White - Average Price of $160 - Split Color - Average Price of $100 - Test Press - No recorded sales So your offer is lower than the price the 3 variants sell for individually.....and then the hardest to find test press is being thrown in for free? To me realistically you may get a bite with $600 offer....but as people have had these for 8 years already and haven't rushed to sell at its increasing prices I would bet it will take at least $1000 offer to get some one to come off one they have been sitting on. Or keep bumping the same thread.
  11. Not sure where the poster is located, but for the most part I have found if you message discogs sellers they will ship to you even if the country says they won't.
  12. Just FYI. Art is the same art as Volume 1 of Believers never Die just in a new color. Artist that designed the package (Daniel Danger) didn't even know they were using it until the press release went out and was in no way paid or compensated for them reusing his art. Love that they have brought focus to some great artist in the past with their record covers....and hoping this was just an oversight in the managements planning steps.
  13. Team Ride or Die Weezer also if you don't think EWBAITE is good then what?!