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  1. Last sale was $200... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Creed-Greatest-Hits-NEW-SEALED-2LP-VINYL-WITH-ETCHING-Higher-My-Own-Prison/202999289081?hash=item2f43b354f9:g:4mQAAOSwK3teyJ24
  2. So....I know a collection that needs some unreleased BR records! (LA Stick Up Kids 10" is inbound, and have got the yellow Mimi since this photo was taken)
  3. Typically for me on promo records like this I would recommend making a saved search on ebay so you get notified when one is listed. There is typically a flood once industry people first get them and then immediately try and get rid of them....then after that the market dries up and it's the waiting game. Often when they pop up its a steal of deal because the owner didn't know what they had......it's just the waiting for them to try and move it.
  4. I got a refund for the CD Copy I ordered, didn't ask for a refund on the LP though.
  5. I have them in multiple rooms....basically anywhere you want to be able to listen to them.
  6. So I know nothing about this site....but worth a shot. https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/146437/Trent_Reznor__Atticus_Ross-Watchmen_Volume_1-180_Gram_Vinyl_Record
  7. 2020 Season is nearly upon us? Are we going to keep it going? I'm in again.
  8. Maybe let us more of the goal of your app? Is it to help catalog collections? Is it to help find deals on new vinyl? Is it for buying/selling used vinyl? Is it to find stock at local stores?
  9. Sold out pretty quickly, and seems like only one copy for sale as a pre-order flip. More copies may show up once they deliver and drive the price down...but only time will tell.
  10. Also, just guessing if it was a member with any previous posts, people would be more likely to help. (You know unless he was me). But coming in and posting only one post thats basically fill out this survey so I can graduate and then providing nothing additionally to community. Get the fuck out.