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  1. Yeah its a really bad precedent to set. But they are way behind on shipping stuff. I bought a print on Black Friday that was in stock, and according to the last email I got from them it probably won't ship till next month. For something they have just sitting there in stock waiting to go out.
  2. They have been sending them out for the last week or so at what seems like random. But mainly it has been for people with pending record orders or Godzilla orders.
  3. Really wanted to grab this, but at $50 for 3 songs that you have no idea what they sound like....Ill have to pass.
  4. I would say you aren't going to find stuff easier / cheaper than that. There are so few records that have been released at the 4" size and even fewer that have a low value.
  5. Got my show copy in today so had to pull stuff out for a nice family photo.
  6. Looks like one sold last month on discogs for $100....I would just stalk that page and be ready to pay as that seems to be the going price.
  7. Use those filters on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?sort=price%2Cdesc&format_desc=4"&limit=250&ships_from=United+States&format=Vinyl 4" vinyl records that ship from the US. Anything else?
  8. Missouri is way more Red than FL....but glad they are coming none the less. (dont think states color has much to do with it.)
  9. Dont want any company to fail that has got represses done for both QOTSA & Gorillaz.
  10. Would possibly depend on how they pull orders. I know once I ordered 5 tapes from Urban Outfitters, and then 4 different UO locations sent me 5 tapes, so I ended up with 20 copies of the same tape. AKA if any anyone wants the Uncle Drew soundtrack on cassette hit me up.
  11. Anyone get some goodies in their warehouse cleanout? Lots of goodies there that I can't believe they have copies of.