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  1. I have several of these for a record player I bought 10 years ago. Glad some bands are releasing new stuff for them. Or just be grumpy that some people like different shit than you.
  2. Sorry if thats what you got from my post, it wasn't what I intended. Was more a statement that you guys seem pretty hands off, which is both good and bad. I'm on boards where mods are way too hands on and that is often way worse than ones with a Laissez-faire attitude. Just don't think anyone should expect this dumb new kid to get kicked when current members are already running with no leash.
  3. Real trolls steal users names and post for months with no consequences.....pretty sure the mods have a pretty laissez-faire attitude on this.
  4. Anyone get the remix 12"......seems to be sold out everywhere
  5. You can't like a story due to some completely different other story? To keep it Marvel, the Agent Carter tv show was great.....did we all know what would happen to the characters in it due to movies that happened after it, yes. Still a great show.
  6. Just FYI Blade Runner and MGS both sold out at SDCC, but still selling Roger Rabbit when the show closed down.
  7. Getting rid of 90% of my ITC lathes as they just dont get played. If you need any let me know. Priced to move.
  8. The figure is free....but requires about 4+ hours of standing in the sun for a CHANCE to get it.....so may have to resort to ebay or offer a large bribe. They are selling for $300+ there and that's not enough to get me to stand in line for them.
  9. Metal Gear added to the SDCC list. More records than prints so far this year!
  10. You can’t just copy a card. And very few cards sell for more than cost.
  11. 1,000 Roger Rabbits, yes will probably make it online. 500 on the 2049 may be a bit harder, but we will see. That being said in the past they have had leftovers at Mondo Con if heading to Austin is easier for you.