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  1. stl_ben

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Nope. Only 200 left now.....get it now or complain about prices later.
  2. Jeff the Brotherhood (see similarly a lot of bands that rode the TMR Wave)
  3. stl_ben

    The Third Man Records Thread

    $60 for a reissue and stickers....pass. I'll wait and just buy the 7" second hand.
  4. stl_ben

    Modest Mouse/Ugly Casanova Collection for sale

    Just a warning, I have paid for these items, but not got any follow up in shipping or anything else. Opening a claim now. Hoping it works out , but wanted to post a warning before anyone else sent him money.
  5. Bad Rabbits Help! 1st - If anyone got the 4th mimi 7" for Ain't It A Crime and wants to sell...hit me up, I completely missed that one. 2nd - Have the Mimi LPs shipped yet? I assume not, but just wanting to double check.
  6. stl_ben

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Yeah it's pretty common with any of the few bands that get to play 3 songs, credits start rolling and then local networks cut it when they have syndicated shows ready to start....they have to get their commercials in!
  7. stl_ben

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Time, it was cut off before the song even ended, speech hadn't even started.
  8. Are you wanting a case for 45s (7"s) or for LPs?
  9. Fuck off....I mean who cares why some one bought a record. Does not make it ok to change what is being sold.
  10. It sounds like if they don't sell out at the upcoming festival they may sell the rest online. If they do I would recommend watching their As Seen on Adult Swim webshow as that is where they sell a lot of their left over convention items (Wed Nights.)
  11. Another little update, the version sold at SDCC is going to be Metallic Gold / Metallic Green and is limited to 1,000. That being said, all 1,000 weren't sold there as that is the same variant that Adult Swim is selling at their upcoming festival.
  12. Every test I own I have played. That’s what records are for. Now the acetates I own we’re played once each and then put away as they will go bad fast.
  13. stl_ben

    Studio Ghibli soundtracks PO

    Soundtrack versions are sold out on BM, but other versions are available. That being said my price from Amazon Japan was cheaper than Bullmoose....so I'll stick with that.
  14. At their on the Green event they played several tracks from the new LP with many of them being new full recordings of songs and not just the short clips that were in episodes. Just a little FYI if hadn't been posted elsewhere.