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  1. A QUICK UPDATE ON YOUR VAN WEEZER ORDER The album is coming May 2021.
  2. I didn't get that email, thanks for the update. Mine said : "Please allow 24 hours for tracking information to update." NOthing about a few weeks.
  3. How do they not have the inventory yet? they were sold October of last year and started mailing them out as early as February of this year. I don't understand whats going on!
  4. So I received a tracking number on July 31st, but no movement yet. Everyone else in the same boat?
  5. How many people are still waiting on Dear April / Cayendo? At least they are on spotify now. And any updates on In My Room / Little Demons? I don't think anyone has those right?
  6. I mean the song is pretty tame compared to say....every Bloodhound Gang song.
  7. If you have any of these lathes not being played let me know. Looking to buy a lot of bands.
  8. Pretty sure the name was in reference to the youtube video .
  9. Am I the only that likes the edited version better? Macaroni in the pot. Thats some wet and gushy.
  10. Here for the new bitterness on Mondo pricing.
  11. only counting 8 Cover 1: Picture disc, Clear, Pink, Gold Cover 2: Picture disc, Pink, Gold Cover 3: Purple And wow was that site a shit show the first 24 hours.
  12. 8 Versions of this release....so many autographs coming up. Guess Ill see these some time late 2021