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  1. Yeah always keep track of costs....because unless everything was free you didn't "make" 10k.
  2. Buyers have to pay local taxes on all discogs orders. Been there for at least a year, can't remember the exact date they started it.
  3. Congrats on locking it in at the cheaper price....to reward you ....you get the worst vault package yet. Enjoy.
  4. Gotcha, yeah I don't know much on the European side of things, just from the US side.
  5. What were you accepting payments with if not paypal? I personally never offer non-tracked shipping. You can still set it up to offer discounts on larger orders, like currently I have mine set to free shipping on all orders over $100.
  6. I've had plenty of orders go through over the years that were mispriced. Think that was my first time trying on Kung Fu though.
  7. Mine were cancelled, guess they were going to loose too much on that price...
  8. Presale prices are all over the place for this from $11 to $100....whats the actual MSRP?
  9. They just send the form showing how many transaction you have received, you can then mark they were gifts. Just like if someone gifts you money and you deposit it into your bank, it will show up on your end of year bank statement.
  10. Paypal will send the form if you go over $600 regardless of if its F&F or not.
  11. eBay transactions are no longer through paypal, but they also send out 1099 as will any company you process sales through. Depending on what state you live in, this isn't new. It is nation wide now though. That being said you should have been paying taxes on the sales even if those companies were not sending those reports directly to the IRS. But yeah keep track of what you are spending and most likely unless everything you buy sells for HUGE amounts, the profit margin is probably pretty slim that you are paying taxes on.
  12. stl_ben


    they dont delete threads...
  13. Most shops don't call when you have a pull set up, you just have to go in and pick it up. I would really recommend reaching out to them. If you ordered $100 worth of product from them and don't go in and buy it it could put most small business comic shops in a tough spot.

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