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  1. stl_ben

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Photos and other thin stuff I slide into the record sleeve. Pins go on my pin board. Dumb stuff like flags go out of my house either through the mail or trash....
  2. How long do we have to wait to buy the Buffy Musical LP from Mondo?
  3. stl_ben

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Burn the flag...problem solved, it won’t get mixed up now!
  4. Wonder what color they will have for us at SDCC? Guess Ill find out in a week!
  5. I'm contemplating flying in....but don't think I will be able to pull it off. Fingers crossed for left overs.
  6. White with splatter only with 8123 VIP tickets it looks like.
  7. stl_ben

    The Weezer Thread

    Who still downloads shit? Spotify? Youtube? etc etc.... Seems like almost all download codes are going away, in this day and age where there is a 100 different places to easily listen to a 20 year old record.
  8. stl_ben

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Unsubscribe for me, have enough live Jack records. (that being said if I was there I would be signing up!)
  9. 1. My Jurassic Park records sound just fine. 2. Big Trouble in Little China looks nice!
  10. Wait @clerk3745 which of those do you have?! If you have a Kurtz Aliens hit me up! If you have a LD Jaws....(you should keep that one!)
  11. stl_ben

    Shovels and Rope Tri Color Johnny 99

    Welcome to VC, and best of luck on your $185 price tag. Just FYI, one of these sold last month on eBay for $75. https://www.popsike.com/VERY-RARE-Shovels-and-Rope-TRI-COLOR-7-THIRD-MAN-RECORDS/173271890384.html And the one before that sold for $56: https://www.popsike.com/SHOVELS-ROPE-TRI-COLOR-Blue-Room-Series-THIRD-MAN-Jack-White-TOM-WAITS-Bruce/282697310589.html
  12. This 7" is going to hard to land.
  13. Getout your wallets. Rick & Morty vinyl is incoming. But of course to make it even more impossible to get its a SDCC exclusive being sold through Funko!