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  1. List or eBay or discogs? How are we supposed to buy these records?
  2. Is there an Albums that shouldn't be pressed on vinyl thread?
  3. Movie prop ones have been selling for $1k+....but best of luck! Also the movie prop ones have completely different music on them as they were just props with glued on labels over standard records.
  4. Picture sleeve ones are closer to $100 normally...though if you don't mind getting it shipped from europe you can get one for $55: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1575291?ev=rb
  5. $25 - https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/2681748?ev=rb
  6. It went up at Midnight (eastern), was sold out when I woke up at 6am.
  7. Anyone seen the Chai 12" picturedisc?
  8. Have I missed it or have the payouts still not gone out?
  9. Is there anything that says they are limited and they won't just make as many as are ordered?
  10. I was at the show on Nov 1st, they didn't have any copies of YAILY that night, but they may have brought it out the next day?
  11. Is this a CD, if so which version and new or used. If its the vinyl when is the release date as I don't think it's came out yet.
  12. Saw them in 08 at Lolla. Crazy show. Only show I have ever been pulled out of the pit on as it got crazy.
  13. The Drummer (Casey) is a real estate agent in NYC. I can gladly pass along his contact info if anyone is looking for a place in the city.
  14. Donated to, not currently. In 2012 they stopped donating to those conversation camps and anti- organizations. They do still donate to some Christian organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, that do have beliefs against homosexuality but they are not an organization that actively opposing in it.