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  1. Nailed it. Van Weezer delayed till they can tour.....but while you wait for that please send more money for a completely different new album thats coming out first.
  2. nothing like preselling a new album before the last one is released.
  3. They just processed my refund. So now guess just buying the ones I need as they come out. Love that they are doing the releases in general, that bundle was just to sketchy now.
  4. Well just put my cancel request in. Lets see if they reply to that. So dumb.
  5. Not sure how it's relevant to this thread but I don't think VMP or Mondo accept returns. UO like most retail stores are pretty easy to return to if you keep your receipt.
  6. Most weeks I sell and ship out around 50+ orders. But yeah like any other record store I have stock that sits a little longer than others. Man wouldn't it suck if you went to a record store and they didn't have any records? Having stock isn't the same as being "stuck with". But anyways FBR ...can't wait to see if we get any first time pressed records later in the subscription. PLEASE give me some Hush Sound.
  7. We had to pay shipping and tax on the bundle....it was well over $400. But also been a FBR fan for 20 years now, seeing many of the bands dozens of times, own multiple versions of their records already, but sure its all about the "flip". I run a business, but I'm also a fan. Both things can be true.
  8. So pay an extra $100 to guarantee I get mystery records that look to be easily bought at release....
  9. If these records are all $20 and there was no benefits to paying in advance...Ima write a sternly worded email.

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