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  1. Oh I thought you meant plaid room was charging $50 and included free shipping.
  2. Or buy it cheaper on ebay..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fleet-Foxes-Shore-Indie-Exclusive-Crystal-Clear-Vinyl-NEW-Sealed-LP-Album/284228534456?epid=4045140142&hash=item422d5740b8:g:KKoAAOSwG7NgWI8f
  3. Only a 1,000 spotify copies were put up. 5,000 of the purple (half of which are gone already).
  4. They have been selling some records on there for over a year now. Many Kanye, Ariana, Travis Scott, etc releases for awhile. At least in my experience not a lot of actual sales there, just people pricing stuff with crazy price tags.
  5. Got an email today that my signed CD order was cancelled as they were unable to fulfil it....a year later.
  6. Not OST, but adjacent. https://www.coleminerecords.com/collections/records/products/black-market-brass-chemical-plant-zone-release-date-5-7-21?variant=39282062327910 Brass Band cover of Sonic & Street Fighter songs.
  7. I would imagine its secondary market only now unless you find a scragler in store. The local wal-mart clearanced them all out not too long ago.
  8. If only they had the last 10 years to work on setting up a release to be on time....
  9. So about the same lull that records went through in 1990s? Neither industry popped, just went down and then steadily grew back up. Its more ebs and flows, no bursts.
  10. You mean the sports cards industry that is arguably as popular now as it ever was.
  11. I was guessing maybe 500 individual copies and 500 in bundles?
  12. Oh I posted it on multiple public areas: twitter, facebook, insta, etc. So which ever public call out it was, was unnecissary...but it got them to find a solution finally.
  13. Just a follow up on Transmission Records UK. Shortly after posting this yesterday I received an email from a different person in the company and they offered to send out replacement record, but they didn't have what I ordered in stock anymore. Once I let them know I was not interested in the other version they sent over a full refund. So took more steps than I wanted, but it appears once things were made public they fixed the problem.

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