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  1. Was very disappointed when they didn't have Broken Bride on vinyl for the shows this year.
  2. I sadly just had to cancel my trip, but I doubt any bands have their own merch.
  3. Pretty happy with the times, should be able to catch about 16 bands that I enjoy over the day. Also got tickets for 2023 now that IMO has an even better lineup.
  4. Well guess I need to plan another trip to When We Were Young Next year. Would have loved for the sale to be after this years event....but sure lets double down on the fun.
  5. I don't think you know what the word Teenage means.
  6. Says fans are all teenage girls. Posts photos to prove it ...that shows no teenage girls....
  7. Man on the fence. Pricey, but also stuffed full of goodies.
  8. They responded to me right away but took about 2 weeks for me to actually get the funds back.
  9. I saw Chai in 2018 at SXSW and they for sure put on a great stage show. I really need to see the Linda Lindas while they still have this young raw energy.
  10. Well at least her webstore is accepting cancelations. Was an easy smooth process.
  11. Yeah not sure shy I didn't get the email, but did find it on facebook yesterday. Odd
  12. Has there not been an email about the club color way yet? Will be pretty dumb if they end that half way through the release
  13. Yeah they have been popping in and out of stock as orders are cancelled. I got mine about 30 minutes after the first sell out.