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  1. The store has sold out and then been restocked a few times. So limited but not that limited.
  2. Hey just got another tracking number so that’s something.
  3. I know I'm in the minority by Danger Days > Black Parade. Overall for me: Bullets > 3 Cheers > Weapons > Danger Days > Black Parade > Anything Live
  4. He had pressed his other records previously and released CDs. I think you could even by Night Ripper at Walmart at one point. That being said these current batches are runs of 500 with him posting on twitter more will be pressed. https://twitter.com/GtVinyl/status/1311334259630710788?s=20
  5. Their live LP is now sold out. Studio album comes out Friday!
  6. Wonder if he will do a friends and family version of this as well? If so watch for info on like a donation as that is how I got the pink night ripper.
  7. Age of Adz is the album of his I listen to the most....so yeah pretty excited while listening to the new album.
  8. You would think this is the type of thing they would send out to people! Silence is worse than delays IMO.
  9. Maybe did they mean 2 months? Because its been 2 months since I got my tracking number....
  10. Guessing the other versions aren't on discogs yet as they aren't in hand. You can't put anything into discogs till it is in hand.
  11. Invites by default only last 24 hours. May need to make a more permanent invite link.
  12. Most boards I've been on have all moved to discord, I highly recommend it.