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  1. Anything announced as not going out on time this year? I know we have had several the last few years.
  2. Well msot prices were oof for me...but did find one on my want list that was priced where I was a buyer. So thanks for posting.
  3. Ouch you got me...again I've been on the forum for over a decade and I guess there is still 0% chance I collect records myself...I'm only a little hobgoblin troll that is full of pure evil selling on eBay non-stop.
  4. Higher prices and more releases that aren't even out of print....yay
  5. Very excited for Professional Rapper to finally be repressed! https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/196922879562
  6. Former Mondo staff. So think the high quality of Mondo releases....with out the Funko destroying vibes.
  7. No love for VW on VC....their new LP is up for pre-order as well....
  8. Pretty sure this has been up for 3 months...I pre-order my copy in December.
  9. You guys should try keeping up with King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard....

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