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  1. Just make two paypal accounts, one for business and one for personal transactions....
  2. This is great news. And anyone that thinks Funko goes for most profit and squeezes out fans for profit....doesn't understand the company at all.
  3. Man its almost like every stage in the production is going up in cost and they have to pass along these costs. Cost of vinyl up. Cost of transportation up. Cost of labor up.
  4. Lets see if they bought any other stores old stock.
  5. I've sold multiple boots on eBay that were pulled after they had sold. Got paid for all of them. Discogs personally makes listing bootlegs much harder and sometimes so dumbly. For instance Macintosh Plus, them blocking this as unofficial has so many layers of dumb to it.
  6. Oh thanks Ill have to look into that.
  7. So to bump an old thread.... Anyone know if another label or distributor bought up the old stock from Burger? There is a lot of good bands that were on the label and not tied up in this and their stuff just seems to be getting impossible to find.
  8. I'm guessing they are waiting for copies to be in hand....and evidently pressing plants are experiencing delays?
  9. I can't imagine the local show selling out. Ill wait it out and watch for stub hub deals.
  10. Painful splits are CDs yes. Bummed I missed that bayside split! I have the other color, but that specific one is the only Say Anything/Max 7" I'm missing currently.

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