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  1. stl_ben

    FS: Framed Brand New fall tour 2007 poster

    The link I shared has someone offering $170 FYI.
  2. stl_ben

    FS: Framed Brand New fall tour 2007 poster

    I would recommend contacting this list of people looking for the print: http://expressobeans.com/members/detail.php/229441/wanted
  3. If you ever see me around town at a show or at a con, I made these to hand out to friends....
  4. Anyone remember the expected ship date on this preorder? The site was wiped and no mention of it that I can quickly find.
  5. That's what I figured. Just checking. Lucky to have most of the BR TPs so far outside of that pesky 10"! Going to have to update this photo soon I guess.
  6. Were there any TPs for sale publicly that I missed while sleeping? I'm guessing no, just checking in case .
  7. stl_ben

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Which of you spent $1299.99 on Mac+ ?!?! https://blog.discogs.com/en/top-30-most-expensive-items-sold-in-discogs-marketplace-for-june-2018/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=dashboard&utm_campaign=Top_30_2018_08_06
  8. stl_ben

    24 hr sale over

    Here is my Discogs store: https://www.discogs.com/seller/stl_ben/profile sale over, thanks for looking.
  9. Surprised with the Runaways LP in that email....wouldn't have rushed to get the black vinyl if I had known this was coming.
  10. Anyone heard any labels say anything about a vinyl release for the Blindspotting soundtrack? The movie kicked ass and would love to get it.
  11. In for more info! Been slowly picking up their 7" singles but may get the LPs as well.
  12. So going in to the con they said that version would be limited to 1,000 but I doubt even half that many sold...wonder if since it was a preorder if they will just make less or sell the rest elsewhere?
  13. If this included My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side.....I would have gladly spent $200 for the box.
  14. Some great releases for sure! Bowie is probably the show winner for me, but Dangers Jurassic park and Kurtz's Annihilation are great as well!
  15. I ordered the SDCC box....now to find some one going to the festival so I can get that version as well.