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  1. A little sad their cover of Eleanor Rigby didn't make the LP. Hope it's at least a B-side soon. ( you can hear it here: http://www.wfuv.org/content/black-pumas-sxsj-2019 )
  2. Black Pumas were one of my favorite sets at SXSW this year. Can't wait to hear this.
  3. If you look at my second photo on this post you can see the 7" sitting behind the turntable.
  4. and a slipmat and a 7" and a bandana. Plus exclusive access to ticket preorders and other items online. But yeah they have been doing this for 10 years now....plenty of suckers willing to throw $60 at them every quarter.
  5. how is this underwhelming?! Show saturday....its worth a road trip! can't wait to see them again after all these years.
  6. Yeah the photo has nothing to do with the records...I mean unless that photo looks like metal gear solid or sonic somehow that I am missing.
  7. They have been super nice any time I have talked to them, but its been a few years. I would imagine if they have time to sign, they won't care what item it is they are signing....but Andy would probably prefer to sign anything Fuck City related.
  8. keeps had to be locked in by monday night. so probably wont let you now
  9. Thanks! Just set my keepers. Hadn't logged in as I hadn't seen anything here.
  10. First game of the year is in 2 days.....are we doing this ?
  11. I would recommend putting what you are willing to pay to get them in your listing. They are pretty hard to come by and I know the only reason I sold my copy of Imaginary Numbers is someone offered me $500 for it. Put a big enough offer and some one may hit you up.
  12. Refunds going out to those that ordered.