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  1. Hit me up. No trades. First to pay gets it.
  2. I thought there used to be a thread, but I havent been active on the site for some time... Anybody got any for newer released movies that they want to sell?
  3. I have a New 3DS XL that I got in December. Not sure why I bought it, I don't really have time to play it. Anyways, thing is like new, comes with Zelda 64 (Ocarina), upgraded the SD card to either 32GB or 64 (I can't remember off hand), and a USB charging cable. Not sure if I still have the original box... Anyways, just seeing if I could get rid of it online and not have to deal with Craigslist/Ebay. If interested, shoot me a PM.
  4. Our Lady Peace is not it, it wont be announced until the end of the month.
  5. Any guesses as to what it is? Only hint is that its from 1992, and falls in line with their 90's rock releases. Personally, I hope its the Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience. I guess its more alternative than rock, but it has never had a vinyl release. Anyways, anyone hear have a guess or know what it is?
  6. Has anyone heard anything about this release? Like an expected release date or anything? Waiting on a copy for me and my dad (his birthday gift from last month haha) and wondering when these bad boys will ship.
  7. Oh god yes. This has been on my want list for a really long time. Hoping some US distros get it as well. thanks for the post!
  8. Friday/weekend bump. I'll let this go for $40 shipped.
  9. This is the 2013 RSD repress on white vinyl. #168/3000. Its only been played once, vinyl is NM+ to M. Jacket is NM+ to M-. (I hate trying to grade records, sorry.) UNFORTUNATELY a lot of these were warped, and this is one of them. Each record has a small wobble, doesnt affect playback. Asking $50 shipped. I can provide picture if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking
  10. Please buy multiple if possible! The bulk of these have never been played! I will note any that are not NM or better. Prices are not concrete, but they are pretty close. I will try to note anything to distinguish pressing if needed. $3 shipping for first three, add $1 for each additional 3 after that. I have proper 7" mailers. ~~WORK IN PROGRESS, WILL BE UPDATING FORMATTING AS I GO~~ 88 Fingers Louie - Wanted $4 88 Fingers Louie - Go Away! $4 88 Fingers Louie - The Teacher Gets It $4 Bad Religion - Father Christmas $5 Black Keys - The Moan/Have Love Will Travel (Turqoise Vinyl) $12 Cake - Sheep go to Heaven RSD (Yellow Vinyl) $10 Daylight - The Difference in Good and Bad dreams (Clear Blue w/ Red Haze) $6 Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full RSD $12 Green Day - Sweet Children EP (2009) $6 Green Day/Husker Du RSD Side by Side (Orange Vinyl) $10 Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder Split $5 Menzingers - Hold on Dodge (Brown Vinyl, 1st) $15 Menzingers/Bouncing Souls - Shocking Split (Yellow/Black split with Splatter) $15 Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea RSD $20 NOFX - My Stepdads a Cop $4 NOFX - 13 Stitches (Yellow Vinyl) $6 NOFX XMas/New Years $4 Old Man Markley - Blood on my Hands $4 Old Man Markley - Stupid Today (Neon Green Vinyl) $6 Poison the Well - Tear from the Red (Red Vinyl) $8 The Queers - Too Dumb to Quit (1994 Selfless Repress) $8 The Queers - My Old Mans a Fatso $8 The Queers - A Proud Tradition (1993 Selfless Repress) $10 Rise Against - Grammatizator $5 Rise Against/Face to Face Split (White Vinyl /500) $10 Rise Against/Face to Face Split (Oxblood Vinyl /1000) $6 Sparta - Breaking the Broken (White Vinyl) $8 Swingin Utters - VM Live 7/18/95 Fireside Bowl Chicago $4 White Stripes - Dead Leaves.. (Red Vinyl) $9 White Stripes - Hand Springs (Red Vinyl w/ Black Whisps) $10 White Stripes - Fell in Love (Red Vinyl) $8 Mondo Batman Animated Series - Man Bat variant $20 Sun Records/Third Man Records 3 pack (Cash, Prisonaires, Thomas Jr) 3x7" $10 Thats it for tonight, will add some more tomorrow.
  11. Fixed, I had tagged it originally but nothing more Back on topic, I have ordered over a hundred records online through Media Mail, and as long as they are packed decently, they come through fine. And its not like Media Mail doesnt have tracking, so you know when the record should arrive. Just seems like a shitty way to charge more for shipping.
  12. Just went to order an album on Kings Road (US) and got this message on checkout. Kind of a shitty route to take, hope other distros/labels don't go the same route.
  13. Welp, it looks like Kings Road Merch no longer does Media Mail shipping. Expect a minimum of $10 shipping on a single record.
  14. Holy shit, I just got a shipping notification for my Golfball package. I thought this day would never come.
  15. Their blog post says there will be a December preorder for January release
  16. Just an FYI, preorders are up for Swinging Utters reissues, colored vinyl still available.
  17. Just in case anyone was interested in this, looks like its getting it first vinyl pressing. Now includes tracks from Feelgood Album of the Year. Not sure when the preorder goes up, but hopefully someone here will be able to update us as I would hate to miss it. Link