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  1. Yeah but apparently the singer said " "We have these ten year anniversary shows, and then we’re doing our last show in the spring,"
  2. Haven't been following this for a few days. Anything new and relevant?
  3. Currently in the UK: is there a store over here which still has the indie one in stock?
  4. Kinda disappointed with this album. Loved Kingfisher though so will give it a few more spins
  5. (Sorry if this has already been said somewhen in this thread before) Like some of you, I was thinking about ordering that mysterious "grey" German variant of Amazon/other German online websites. However, a good friend of mine who's currently in Berlin went to a big electronic store over there and sent me the picture below. Note how it says "grey colour" on the store sticker but then clearly "pressed on white vinyl" on the actual vinyl sticker. He asked one of the store employees and they told him that 4AD/distributor added it to their ordering system as a "grey" vinyl. I guess that that same distributor probably added this false information to the Amazon website, which would explain why it is listed as grey there as well. Just a heads up for you guys!
  6. Couldn't agree more. Was lucky to get my copy already in the mail last Friday and been listening to it on repeat since then. This album definitely grows a lot slower than other National albums, but it does. It definitely does.
  7. Have to agree with both of you guys. The last album was already a bummer but this one is nothing short but a huge disappointment

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