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  1. I'm all over this... in for the magenta deluxe: -- https://chunklet.bandcamp.com/album/live "Limited to 217 on magenta vinyl. Limited to 312 on clear vinyl. Unlimited on black vinyl." "Pylon Live is a double vinyl album recorded on the band’s home turf at the culmination of their powers, and the results could not be more stellar. An all killer, no filler set with nothing left on the cutting room floor, Pylon Live includes powerful versions of the Pylon canon from their first and second LPs and even the hard-to-find song “Party Zone” (previously available only on a DB Rec comp) and their never-before-released rendition of the “Batman Theme.” When compared to the band’s prior body of work, Pylon Live bookends all of it; some might even say it’s a better representation of this Athens quartet, who thrived on bouncing around on stage infinitely more than sitting in a studio. There’s little arguing that the Athens powerhouse trifecta of R.E.M., the B-52’s, and Pylon is peerless. And while all three bands have achieved great critical acclaim, only the first two had the commercial acclaim they deserved. Pylon Live intends to correct that. Pylon Live is being released on July 25, 2016, the birthday of deceased Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley, with release events scheduled for this summer in Atlanta and Athens."
  2. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I searched, but didn't find this topic already. I'm interested in hearing the community's thoughts on this modular shelving option---seems a bit pricey, but an attractive alternative to Ikea shelves. -- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306095760/grow
  3. Sometimes when you find something really, really good, it's best to hang on tight: http://youtu.be/FNC2XX6hKMU
  4. Ordered. Great bass line. Is this DW's first dance hit of 2015? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55JwpRnIA0g#t=238
  5. Redundant post for easy comparison---the Warner Music offer: http://store.warnermusic.com/once-more-round-the-sun-2lp-vinyl.html?intcmp=140428%2Fmastodon%2Fwbr%2Fspl%2Fs_pr%2Fbut%2Fbdy%2Fus%2Foncemoreroundthesun_splash_lp -- Once More ‘Round The Sun 2LP Vinyl $69.98 Be the first to review this product Includes: - Two 180g LP Vinyl - Four exclusive lithographs derived from the album artwork - Album on CD (inside vinyl package) - All housed in a quadruple gatefold vinyl jacket featuring artwork by Skinner Digital Content: - Instant download of “High Road” - Download of another album song prior to street date - Download of album on street date Bundle Includes: Once More ‘Round The Sun Digital Album TBD Digital Single High Road Digital Single Once More ‘Round The Sun Deluxe Vinyl Release Date: June 24, 2014
  6. The double-LP is offered through a couple of vendors on Ebay as well. Similar price ($36.99) to what you found. I have a note out to my LRS to see if they are taking preorders of the 2xLP. This is the description from the Ebay seller "Ruminationrecords" (I think they are online only?? Can't find a brick & mortar location.) -- Mastodon - Once More Round the Sun - 2LP This is a PRE-ORDER for the BRAND NEW Mastodon album, "Once More Round the Sun," being released by Warner Bros. on June 24th. BRAND NEW SEALED. Double LP, 140-gram black vinyl pressed at Record Industry in a gatefold jacket with insert at Furnace. AS MENTIONED, THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. All LPs will ship so that you have the LP the week of June 24th. Keep in mind, vinyl records can get delayed so we will update you with any changes to shipping date. All orders should ship around June 20th.
  7. I don't know about it, man. Take Road to Ruin and Brain Drain... I hear a pretty big difference, there. But my point is that it's natural for a band's sound to change over time. Mastodon may be more elastic than some others, but my musical tastes wander a bit, too. That's what keeps things interesting for me, anyway.
  8. I thought it was really good. I like to think of The Hunter as a book of love songs that Mastodon wrote for family & friends. That was reinforced when I saw them in Atlanta on the Hunter tour, and I think I saw Brent's mom crowd surfing. People like to compare The Hunter with all their other albums. I think that's natural, but a bit unfair. People make the music they like, and what you like will change over time.
  9. I forgot mine last time. Stuffed paper napkins in the wife's ears, and it wasn't enough to keep her from squirming at the far back of the venue. Next time I'll remember to bring earplugs and leave the wife at home.
  10. I guess I'll wait for whatever standard-edition release comes next. Like others have said---$70 bucks is bonkers. Why is Warner Brothers so bad at this?
  11. Tombs, "Savage Gold" out June 10, 2014: http://www.relapse.com/savage-gold-lp-gold.html Pressing Info: First Press 1500 x Black Standard Gram 500 x Gold Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* 100 x Clear (do not request clear) TOMBS’ third album Savage Gold is the most anticipated underground metal album of 2014. The band’s sophomore LP Path Of Totality unanimously topped 2011 end of the year metal lists (everyone from Decibel to Pitchfork to NPR, and more, dubbed it their top album of that year). Savage Gold focuses the awesome strength of Tombs’ previous works into one brilliantly dark post-punk and extreme black-metal masterpiece. Recorded and produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore), Savage Gold both expands upon the moody post-punk foundations that Tombs’ prior albums explored while also bringing out the band’s most traditionally metal moments yet. Once every few years a record comes along that sets a new benchmark for what can be done in heavy music. This is that moment and this is that record.
  12. Side note---I have an extra steel grey if anyone needs. Still sealed. Here are pics of my open copy. There's a bit of a ding on the spine: http://imgur.com/pus5Pyo http://imgur.com/gM5vc7U http://imgur.com/0xRYPIw
  13. Deluxe versions of this are 25% off this weekend only, now $34.49: http://www.relapse.com/redfangwhales#pre

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