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  1. If you work for a living why do you kill yourself working?
  2. So pissed I missed it again... Does anyone know if they were planning on releasing anymore copies in the future?
  3. A friend of mine who is not a member is looking to buy a copy of Failure's Fantastic Planet. Anyone with this record looking to make some cash shoot me a PM and well see what we can work out!
  4. I'm suprised no one's grabbed your planet of ice or The Devil and god... Good prices!
  5. Pacers still undefeated at home this post-season, these next two games are going to be very interesting
  6. Damn they've been slacking on mine o don't even think they got it shipped yet
  7. Wow I find it so awesome that you have a Dowsing record and your all the way out in England! Their drummer Marcus grew up in the same town as me in Illinois and we were real good friends all throughout school. It's mind boggling how far music can travel around the world!
  8. I'm looking for someone to get this for me as well, great album! There's a link to listen to the ful album on their facebook page.
  9. I'm looking to buy a copy of Embark Embrace by Enemies. The U.S release is not until August 20, while the Ireland release is May 6th. If there any members out there who have this or would be willing to buy this for me and send it, I will pay well for it!
  10. May have to take you up on that Mastodon album if it's still up in a few day, $10 is such a steal!
  11. Sucks you got ripped off, I wish I could find any of those for $25, there all so damn good
  12. Circa survive has been talking about doing represses of both Juturna and On Letting Go, I'd wait for those to come out or your going to end up probably spending a small fortune.
  13. Being a Bulls fan, at the time I was obviously furious but it was the right call. And plus as usual for the Bulls we really had no business winning that game lol. Good to know on that goal tending rule though.
  14. I saw a replay of that foul on Dirk and yea you pretty much hit the nail on the hear but doesn't really matter, no Mavericks in the playoffs this year lol. I'm curious tho 3arl, what are you thoughts on the Bulls Nuggets game with the infamous goal tending call?
  15. Want the pre-order with the skateboard so bad but those prices... $40 for the limited 144 edition isnt too bad though