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  1. Feels a lot like Bronx IV to me personally. Couple rippers, and a bunch of tunes I don’t see myself revisiting often. Generally a big fan so I’m always happy to buy and support, but so far this record doesn’t align with my personal tastes, which generally favors the more aggressive stuff. Totally subjective, hope other folks are stoked.
  2. “If her abundantly successful new record signals one thing, it is this: Peppa is some pig.” Amen.
  3. I lurk here but just want to saw thanks to anyone who posts here. I listen to all of them.
  4. What's your e-mail address?  I'll send you $35 F&F.  I appreciate you helping me out.

  5. Grabbed a Fear locally if anyone wants it. Saw a lot of chatter here.
  6. Hahaha. This is too much! My expectations were zero so I’m not going to get bent out of shape over the $39. I gambled and lost, it happens. But what a fucking way to launch your new subscription. I can’t imagine torching any and all goodwill at the outset of your service bodes well for the future. Who is running this fucking thing! 😀🤡😀🤡
  7. Yeah, I got like four back to back emails. I’m guessing they show up and you find out what it is when you open the package? Or did they announce?
  8. Grabbed one for the yuks. I’m sure they’ll announce another membership tier soon.
  9. This is the Bronx. Safe bet would be 3 - 8 months after the release date.
  10. Hey, is it worth buying all five? Do you guys think Mars Volta is a consistent band?
  11. Cedric has demonstrated the ability to be a big, big baby from time to time. The liner notes aren’t that shocking!
  12. Does the tail ever get caught on the needle when you’re playing the 45s? Seems like you are asking for trouble.

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