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  1. This is the Bronx. Safe bet would be 3 - 8 months after the release date.
  2. Hey, is it worth buying all five? Do you guys think Mars Volta is a consistent band?
  3. Cedric has demonstrated the ability to be a big, big baby from time to time. The liner notes aren’t that shocking!
  4. Does the tail ever get caught on the needle when you’re playing the 45s? Seems like you are asking for trouble.
  5. Figma is free. It’s technically a UI tool but does have some vector support. Adobe Illustrator is pretty much the tool still for branding. You can get a free trial but there is no really free equivalent. DM me if you have questions here or Insta.
  6. I mean, it takes them 10 years to make eight songs. They kind of move on their on timeline. i’ve always assumed licensing is the culprit behind the lack on vinyl by a band that likes physical things. But who knows, it really does some like they actively enjoy trolling the fans.
  7. I got that too but street date is around 4 months from now so I assume label is printed but who knows when it shows up.
  8. I wonder the same. Hope so, I’m not a big enough fan to want all these companion editions but wouldn’t mind a definitive edition of each studio album to put in the collection.
  9. I like this new record after the first listens but I can totally see how fans from 2004 would not. Then again the bar was so low after the last one so who knows how long that opinion stays.
  10. Hey, so funny story. I was at my local shop Sunday and finally picked up V, because I was in the same boat. Got home and realized I already had V, so now I got two. If you want it, let me know. They also had a copy of MEB III, so I could send ya both. Can’t help with Bronx III though.
  11. Who’s a sucker? IM A SUCKER! Who’s a sucker? IM A SUCKER!

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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