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  1. I have the reissue from a while back but have always thought about grabbing a boot for the OG cover so I’ll keep an eye out locally. I’m always amazed out how widely opinions vary on their albums. I’m in for everything from Lullabies back, but nothing from Era forward gets me too excited, despite great songs on those records. I saw them in Montreal in the Lullabies tour and it’s still a top 5 show for me, which I think is where my love for Lullabies comes from.
  2. I’d like to see the methodology here. Maybe Colorado is the state most interested in siding or fetish wear.
  3. I’m not sure this will get too many folks stoked since there has already been a bunch of limited reissues. But as someone who has constantly put off grabbing this due to its ubiquity I’m pretty pumped.
  4. I’m traveling this week and am unsure if I can pay attention. Assuming anything isn’t limited to one, or you don’t need this, I’d love some help. DM me if you could nab a copy for me. I’ll pay for shipping twice.
  5. I was referring to the color, but really I was being hyperbolic about that color variants being “better” because it make the joke funnier in my opinion. totally subjective.
  6. Sounds like this thread might be heading the direction of the Bosstones thread! Could be wrong, that’s just the impression that I get.
  7. Glad we are back to fighting in a Brand New thread. No lie though, I’m still waiting for the Bosstones thread to be unlocked and see that argument shake out.
  8. Of course it’s an auction for charity. Serves me right for being snarky! It’ll be waaaaaay too rich for my blood but I am curious to see that final price.
  9. I hope it’s expensive records that seem exclusive followed by better versions in cheaper configurations later.
  10. I bought the mirror box subscription and I JUST got shipping confirmation for those two. assume they are coming soon.
  11. The thing that feels missing from all of this talk is the cost / benefit ratio. Ben almost certainly flips enough that a Schedule C makes sense and is worth the hassle of tracking expenses and itemizing deductions. For the vast majority of folks it probably won’t be worth it. Just report the 1099 as income. If you make $3,000 selling records this year you owe like $150 bucks, or more likely, you’ll have $150 less in your refund.