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  1. yeah they are, just ordered the Sonny Boy soundtracks from 'em and they came in great shape
  2. I got: Hospital Ships– The Past Is Not a Flood The Stargazer Lilies – Lost Not familiar w/ either of those, excited to check em out.
  3. Saw the album name, and I thought, “huh, is that a Dark Souls reference?” Saw the first single title, “yep, definitely.”
  4. "Are you planning on attending Camp Caspian?" 12%: Yes. But haven't bought just yet. 88%: Love the idea but can't afford it/won't be able to attend.
  5. Are people actually going? The poll in their IG story was brutal.
  6. It's a cool concept, but $400 per person is insane... I'd understand *maybe* if that was per family/couple. Tent camping is usually like $15-20 a night for the site, regardless of how many people you have with you. What's all that extra money going towards?
  7. Hey @museummouth, will there be any options to get this domestically?
  8. I tried to find a topic about this, but nothing came up.... Yo, this release is absolutely incredible. Double album spread across 4LPs. Achingly beautiful ambient/post-whatever music. Super emotionally intense. Spinning the records now and the pressing is pristine. If you're a fan of Sigur Ros or Jonsi & Alex, this is for you. Siblings | Alex Somers (bandcamp.com)
  9. it was happening to me the other day when i went to login but it seems to be resolved
  10. white copy from milan sounded good. they use the worst mailers in the world though.