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  1. Really liking this album overall, not sure where it stands in comparison to the rest of their discography though... Safe to say, it has the weakest closer to date.
  2. Idk, I think I prefer this over someone like Spacelab doing studio versions with stock artwork. I’ll skip a lot of the talking on subsequent listens since it’s mostly at the end of each side.
  3. Lost is such a strange release... on one hand, the music is absolutely gorgeous, and I find it to be far better than the studio recordings. Plus the box and inner sleeves are all very nice. On the other, the talking between songs is a bit much... Especially the hokey “letters” on Side E. Along with the artwork, it seems like the album really is more of an album for the concert, than an album for Lost. Could have just cut out all the fluff and it would have been a much better release.
  4. Nobody told me not to, but I haven't listened to any new tracks.
  5. I’m holding out hope for Amazon JP. That’s how I bought the last round.
  6. Aw man that's a bummer. We have to fight allocation down here in TX--distributors unload on big chain liquor stores (Total Wine, Spec's, etc) who allocate their stock to restaurants/bars (big accounts), and if any is remaining it goes to loyalty club high-rollers behind the scenes. It's a joke. I was able to get Yamazaki 12 and Blanton's recently at a small town shop owned by an older Indian gentleman and his wife. The other system I've seen is a more open loyalty system at a small shop, where you can purchase from a shelf of rarities after you accrue a certain amount of points in the shop. I just don't drink that much, but it's a better system than most.
  7. re: rare bottles, you're better off going to the hole in the wall spots that are off the beaten path. I've found some really good stuff just collecting dust on the shelf. and also, a lot of shops will hook you up if you're buying something else--if you're already buying an expensive bottle, ask if they've got anything else behind the counter. could get lucky!
  8. I'm not sure exactly, but when all was said and done I think I paid in the realm of $45-50 each for the two releases I bought--that's including retail price, proxy fees, domestic shipping in Japan, and international shipping to me.