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  1. Heads up, vinyl won’t be sold until they’re back from the European tour.
  2. Could just be an unrelated release? I’d imagine Mondo would do something a little more special than a 2xLP live album.
  3. I'd take it. Hope it's selections from the entire series. I really want "Moving On".
  4. Pretty stoked about these. Haven’t listened to either in a good while but I need them.
  5. Track 8 is 1 min long, not sure where you’re getting minutes of ambience from.
  6. He’ll hook you up with show tickets to compensate if you ask. Not the same but nice gesture.
  7. This album has really grown on me over the last several days. Gets better and better with every listen. I think the short film really enriches the experience—it’s beautiful. Finally got my clear record today, and I’m excited to sit down with the lyric book.
  8. The consequences seem a bit harsh there. Good thing you didn't post 3 videos.