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  1. Looking for an “unofficial RSD release” Wingspan OST. Please hit me up if you come across one!
  2. yeah they are, just ordered the Sonny Boy soundtracks from 'em and they came in great shape
  3. I got: Hospital Ships– The Past Is Not a Flood The Stargazer Lilies – Lost Not familiar w/ either of those, excited to check em out.
  4. Saw the album name, and I thought, “huh, is that a Dark Souls reference?” Saw the first single title, “yep, definitely.”
  5. "Are you planning on attending Camp Caspian?" 12%: Yes. But haven't bought just yet. 88%: Love the idea but can't afford it/won't be able to attend.
  6. Are people actually going? The poll in their IG story was brutal.
  7. It's a cool concept, but $400 per person is insane... I'd understand *maybe* if that was per family/couple. Tent camping is usually like $15-20 a night for the site, regardless of how many people you have with you. What's all that extra money going towards?
  8. Hey @museummouth, will there be any options to get this domestically?
  9. I tried to find a topic about this, but nothing came up.... Yo, this release is absolutely incredible. Double album spread across 4LPs. Achingly beautiful ambient/post-whatever music. Super emotionally intense. Spinning the records now and the pressing is pristine. If you're a fan of Sigur Ros or Jonsi & Alex, this is for you. Siblings | Alex Somers (bandcamp.com)
  10. it was happening to me the other day when i went to login but it seems to be resolved
  11. white copy from milan sounded good. they use the worst mailers in the world though.

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