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  1. I can safely say I’ll never blindly buy another TWIABP album. Unless they bring back Chris Z aka Poet Guy.
  2. Anything by Max Richter and Clint Mansell.
  3. batman

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Bullmoose copy just arrived!
  4. Would’ve looked great with Daniel Danger’s recent art too. Bummer, but glad it’s happening.
  5. That sucks. I ordered the 2nd LOTR box set from them. Assuming I should file a claim? Edit: Emailed for an update. I'd hate to file a claim based on rumors. I've always had great service from them.
  6. batman

    various download codes

    Caspian - Dust & Disquiet hobbledehoy.bandcamp.com/yum j2bv-yffn
  7. 'Mary & The Witch's Flower' is up at Mondo now on "red hair" (orange) vinyl
  8. Isn’t that last year’s tour?
  9. Man I’d like that
  10. I loved Automata. The final endings were some of the most emotional video game moments I’ve experienced. Went back and played the original Nier and loved that one too.
  11. Glad I went with Invada then. Fuck white vinyl.
  12. Thinking about picking up Hollow Knight for the Switch.
  13. This is what I was worried about too, or some other kind of personal crisis. The criticism in this thread is fair, and I'm not saying that I agree with the way they have been conducting business lately, but I'm sure they're self-aware enough to not be proud of it either, or have a damn good reason as to why. This label is their baby, so I have zero doubt that it guts them to let people down like this, especially when the band tweeted about being frustrated as well...