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  1. I grabbed a copy on Saturday. Pretty cool that it got pressed.
  2. That’s a fact—Dredg has always been really good live. Their drummer is so fun to watch.
  3. Call Finders Records (number above), they’ve hooked up a couple of us already. Shipping was $10, but still cost + tax + shipping.
  4. I just did! 😂 Thanks @thesecrets0308 !!!! They're probably wondering why they just got a random mail-order call from TX.
  5. Any leads on Lost in Translation? /8000, but it still seems like this one is going to be a pain to find...
  6. Cool, I was hoping you’d dig it. I agree about the prosthetics. There have only been a couple that I’ve found handy. And the lack of drops is a bummer—I miss finding cool armor and weapons. I’ve got loads of inventory that I’ll probably never use. The combat learning curve is no joke. Everytime I’ve felt comfortable-ish with it, the difficulty spikes again.
  7. There's one boss that was really the turning point for me, and the combat has clicked a lot better since. Was stuck for hours though. I think the things I miss the most are the weird community shenanigans and FashionSouls. Really wanna know what @rooks & (impossible to tag) @✦ S U N S H I N E ✦ 日 光 ♡♡ think. It's a pretty huge departure from what made DS great.
  8. Bump for Sekiro hype. This game is kicking the shit out of me. Really want to hear what everyone else thinks.
  9. It’s really hard. I haven’t quite gotten the combat down for the mini-bosses. Got through 3 of them, but not easily.
  10. my collectors edition arrived earlier. can't wait to start it once the kids go to bed.
  11. +1 for LP2 love. Those songs were so damn good live too. Gives me chills just thinking about it.