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  1. 'Mary & The Witch's Flower' is up at Mondo now on "red hair" (orange) vinyl
  2. Isn’t that last year’s tour?
  3. Man I’d like that
  4. I loved Automata. The final endings were some of the most emotional video game moments I’ve experienced. Went back and played the original Nier and loved that one too.
  5. Glad I went with Invada then. Fuck white vinyl.
  6. Thinking about picking up Hollow Knight for the Switch.
  7. This is what I was worried about too, or some other kind of personal crisis. The criticism in this thread is fair, and I'm not saying that I agree with the way they have been conducting business lately, but I'm sure they're self-aware enough to not be proud of it either, or have a damn good reason as to why. This label is their baby, so I have zero doubt that it guts them to let people down like this, especially when the band tweeted about being frustrated as well...
  8. Very bland lately. It's a bummer because I love his scores for 'The Incredibles', 'Up', 'Star Trek', and 'Lost'...
  9. I got shipping notice for mine yesterday
  10. Not yet, I just didn't want it to become a TMS bash party, that's all. Carry on
  11. I was just meaning that they likely read this, so keep it respectful. I love those peeps and I’m sure you all do too. I’m sure they aren’t happy with how things have been going either.
  12. You guys know this is an open forum right? They’re good people and I’m sure you’ll get your Caspian records.
  13. batman

    E3. Who's watching?

    So far... Sekiro & Cuphead DLC
  14. I’m actually not sure—I’ve never cancelled. They’re pretty much the gold standard for me in shipping practices.