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  1. I have sealed first press copies of Act IV & V I’d sell at cost if anyone is interested. Trying to clear out some space.
  2. batman


    I think it's time to pass these on. Taking offers... Tiger and the Duke #4 of 25 Lover the Lord Has Left Us #16 of 25 Includes custom printed gatefold jackets done by a VC member back when these first came out. PM me if interested.
  3. I love it so far, probably about 8 hours in or so.
  4. The Dear Hunter - Act IV (Swamp Green) $33 The Dear Hunter - Act V (Dark Blue) $28 Or $55 for both. Both are sealed. Prices include shipping.
  5. I have sealed copies of Acts IV and V because I listened to the stream and didn’t like them... So have those for sale too w/ Migrant. Lol.
  6. Really liking this album overall, not sure where it stands in comparison to the rest of their discography though... Safe to say, it has the weakest closer to date.