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Found 19 results

  1. Selling a few things left from ITC. Shipping from Europe. 1st edition of "Twelve Lathes of Christmas": Control ‎– Live Together, Die Alone 7" (ltd. to 2, NM / NM) - 19,99€ Nomads – Sunset On The Range / Walking By Lamplight 7" (ltd. to 5, M/NM) - 19,99€ NGHBRS ‎– Golden Age / Small Talk 7" (ltd. to 8, NM/NM) - 19,99€ The Black And The White ‎– Futures EP 12" (ltd. to 9, NM/NM) - 49,99€ Happy Body Slow Brain – Live EP 12" (ltd. to 10, NM/NM) - 89,99€ Other ITC releases: Unconditional Arms ‎– Fever Basin 7" Lathe (ltd. to 35, vinyl NM / sleeve VG+) - 19,99€ Owel ‎– I've Seen Colors 12" Lathe (ltd. to 60, M/M) - 44,99€ Owel ‎– Every Good Boy 10" (ltd. to 300, half & half oxblood & bone, NM/NM) - 24,99€ Owel - Owel s/t 12" (ltd. to 300, Blue Marble with built-in piano, NM/NM) - 79,99€ Off & On ‎– Good Talk Vol. 1+2 12" Lathe ( ltd. to 80, M/NM) - 9,99€ Ghost House ‎– Sorry About Everything 12" (NM/NM) - 9,99€ Toothgrinder ‎– Vibration/Colour/Frequency 12" (ltd. to 120, red/white/blue vinyl with tie-dyed jacket, NM/M) - 34,99€ Stepfriends ‎– All We've Got 12" (ltd. to 200, NM/NM) - 9,99€
  2. Hi gang, looking to sell some of my more rare records/test presses and also just some odds and ends I've been meaning to get rid of. I'd really like to sell some bundles and just do some lump sum deals. PM with anything you're interested in and hopefully we can work something out! Only thing is I ask that buyer covers shipping and also sends as friends/family through PP to avoid any fees on my end. If you're uncomfortable sending as f/f then i ask that you cover the fee on your end Rare/Higher Ticket Items -The Bear Romantic - Firewood (Test Press) -The Graduate - Anhedonia (Test Press) -The Graduate - Anhedonia (180g Black) -The Graduate - Only Every Time (Blue) -Harvard - The Inevitable and I (Test Press) -Hrvrd - From The Bird's Cage (Test Press) -Polyenso - One Big Particular Loop (Test Press) -PM Today - In Medias Res (Test Press) -Thrice - Palms (Wax Mage, Blue/White/Red Heavy Splatter, very very cool) IntheClouds Rarities/Lathes -No Machine (3" #1/358) -Wild Imaginaries - Carousels (7" #3/40) -Athletics - Stop Torturing Yourself (10" Lathe #39/42) -Owel - Every Good Boy (10" Cream/Red Split) -Vasudeva - Roots of the Tree (10" Lathe #36/75) -Athletics - Why Aren't I Home (Clear w/Black and White Splatter) -Happy Body Slow Brain - Dreams of Water (2xlp Liquid Jacket w/Blue and Purple smash) -Owel - ST (Piano Jacket, 2xlp Blue) -Owel - I've Seen Colors (12" Lathe, #1/60) -This Patch of Sky - Newly Risen How Brightly You Shine (12" Lathe #12/40) Odds and Ends -Armor for Sleep - WTTWYAD (Black/Green Swirl) -Armor for Sleep - WTTWYAD (Pink) -Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet (2xlp Red) -Circa Survive - Juturna (Orange/White Swirl) -Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (2xlp Clear w/Red, Yellow, Blue Splatter) -Circa Survive - The Amulet (Clear w/White Print thingy) -Drug Church - Paul Walker (Coke Bottle Clear, Sub variant #25/200) -Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Coke Bottle Blue) -Empire Empire (I Was A Lonely Estate) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (Clear w/Blue, Yellow, Red Splatter) -The Format - EP (Highlighter Yellow) -The Format - Swans (Die-cut White) -The Format - Snails EP (Olive) -The Format - B Sides & Rarities (2xlp Clear) -A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? (2xlp Green/Red) -A Great Big Pile of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind (Clear w/Blue, White Splatter, Tour Variant) -Grizzly Bear - Shields (2xlp Gold) -Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (Black 1st Press) -Harvard - The Inevitable and I (2xlp Black) -The Hotelier - Goodness (2xlp Midnight and Smitten variant) -Incubus - Morning View (2xlp Black #2407) RSD'12 -Incubus - Light Grenades (2xlp Black #2050) RSD'12 -John Mark McMillan - The Medicine (2xlp Coke Bottle) -Kanye West - Jesus Is King (Blue) lol -Listener - Time Is A Machine (Highlighter Yellow w/Splatter) -Listener - You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died (7" Olive/Purple w/Splatter) -Lydia - Illuminate (Black) -Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like a Virgin (Black) -Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like a Virgin (Yellow Smoke) -Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing (Blue Smoke) -Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math (Black) -Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math (White) -Manchester Orchestra - Cope (Deluxe Boxset) -Mansions - New Best Friends (Black w/White Haze) -Mansions - Dig Up the Dead Acoustic (Half Pink Half Baby Blue w/White Splatter) -Mansions - Dig Up the Dead (Black) -Mansions - Doom Loop (Highlighter Yellow) -Mansions - Big Bad (Coke Bottle Green w/Splatter) -Mewithoutyou - Catch for Us the Foxes (Red w/White Splatter, Cinnamon variant) -Senses Fail - Pull the Thorns From Your Heart (Purple in pink w/white splatter) -Sir Sly - Gold (Gold) -Superheaven (Daylight) - Jar (Screen printed tour variant) -Thrice - The Artist In the Ambulence (2xlp Green w/white splatter) -Thrice - Beggars (Red, Yellow, Blue Striped) -Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (Grey Marble) -Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (Black) -Thrice - Palms (180g Black) -Thrice - Palms (Black w/Grey Swirl)
  3. We were getting a lot of requests and finally got a chance to repress this. Available In 2 new colors varients & new re-designed slip cover art Pressing info (200) 2xLP - A Side/B Side - Electric Blue & Royal Blue (300) 2xLP - Transparent Blue w/ Black & White Splatter remastered - 45 RPM double pocket gatefold jacket w/ 12"x10" slip cover http://www.inthecloudsrecords.com/product/penfold-our-first-taste-of-escape-vinyl
  4. Unfortunately, I have decided to thin out my ITC collection! Feel free to scan the list and contact me with offers if you're interested in anything. Please keep in mind that some (mainly the Christmas releases) are super limited and it has cost me a sh*tload to get them to Europe! Not for sale are ATHLETICS / HBSB / OWEL http://www.discogs.com/user/SasanB/collection?search=intheclouds
  5. New PO up at ITC: http://inthecloudsrecords.com/product/the-parlor-mob-cry-wolf/ Listen to the whole thing over here: https://theparlormob.bandcamp.com/album/cry-wolf Sounds great....will probably skip though since it sums up to $44 shipped...too much for 5 tracks!
  6. From intheclouds: "after releasing their debut LP and the limited edition I've Seen Colors ep... it's no secret, we love OWEL! late last year they setup an indie-gogo campaign to help fund their new ep and came up a little short of their final goal, so we stepped in to help." Pressing Information: (300) - 10" Half & Half Oxblood & Bone Tracklist: Side A - Every Good Boy Does Fine - Razors Side B - Flying Man - All The World's Asleep Song premiere: http://www.popmatters.com/post/191717-owel-every-good-boy-does-fine-ep-announcement-audio-premiere/
  7. I'm looking for one of the Happy Body Slow Brain - Live Ep lathes that were made as part of intheclouds "12 days of lathes" thing. I will pay a good amount of money for a copy. Message me if you own one. Thank you!
  8. Got an email today-- "intheclouds records welcomes Buffalo, NY's Stepfriends to the family. Their debut album "All We've Got" is set to be released later this month on a special edition lathe cut vinyl. Each record will include a personalized message from the band recorded on it. To hear a few songs off the record, go to stepfriends.bandcamp.com We are currently in the process of finishing the album art and we would like to include your photos! To move forward with the Stepfriends message of inter-connectivity through friendships, we are compiling an extensive collage of all of our friends. This massive compilation of pictures will result in an album cover FULL of people who may not know all of each other, but are at large connected by the collective web of stepfriendships. If you would like to be included as part of the album art, please send us a picture at [email protected] We are excited to share this diverse record with everyone." FFO: Armor For Sleep, Closure in Moscow, pmtoday Pretty excited for this. They put up some other songs on AbsolutePunk a while back and they were all great.
  9. thought i'd post the new "making of" video for our lastest release from Toothgrinder each jacket is made of fabric - hand cut, acid washed/tie-dyed, then sewn and screen printed... and its probably the only video on the internet w/ metal playing over a sewing machine the vinyl itself is available in 2 colors and also has the cover art screened on the B-side: Limited to 300 (120) - red/white/blue vinyl w/ tie-dyed jacket (180) - doublemint green vinyl w/ acid washed jacket Stream: http://toothgrinder.bandcamp.com/ Vinyl available now: http://www.inthecloudsrecords.com/product/toothgrinder-vibration-colour-frequency
  10. Happy Body Slow Brain's Dreams of Water 2xLP is now available for preorder. The vinyl comes in a custom pvc gatefold jacket that's filled with blue liquid and sparkles (pics below). Each cover has a built-in pocket that holds both 12" vinyl, cut at 45 RPM and is available in two color variants: (100) A Side/ B Side: Cyan Blue & Solid White w/ Aqua Blue Splatter (100) A Side/ B Side: Grimace Purple & Sea Blue w/ Coke-Bottle Green Splatter Also available the new Sleepy ep available on a baby blue 10" and a limited (70) Baby Blue/White A-side/B-side cloud mix.. available in the deluxe bundle Standard and deluxe pre orders available here: http://www.intheclou.../dreamsofwater/ Check out some tunes here: http://happybodyslow...dreams-of-water
  11. Topic says it all! Looking for the flexis released by ITC...I think both were thrown for free in orders... Old Nick - Name & Past: http://www.discogs.com/Old-Nick-Name-Past/release/3864141 Black Jesuses - Losing My Name http://www.discogs.com/Black-Jesuses-Losing-My-Name/release/4531571
  12. These guys are immense. I haven't seen a topic for this so far here on VC, so just spreading the news about their upcoming second album, with vinyl pressed by the glorious intheclouds. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/owel-help-us-record-our-new-songs
  13. I was on a plane when this thing went up and found out about the PO this morning...obviously, the lathe cut was gone by that time! Is anybody willing to sell me his/her copy of the lathe cut (BEFORE Dan actually cuts them because of the bonus track!)?? I'd pay double the price you've paid yesterday! I knew this moment would come one day but this is the only thing I'd be missing to keep my Intheclouds-collection complete!
  14. http://intheclouds.limitedrun.com/products/528853-wild-imaginaries-carousels-7 One of the major reasons we bought the vinyl lathe was to allow us to continue to work with new bands simply because we love the music and want to help them be heard. which is the case with our latest release from Wild Imaginaries. The San Francisco trio proved to be incredible musicians with their last band Via Coma, so we were happy to help launch their new act. Their first two songs are placed back-to-back on a lathe-cut 7”, packaged in a hand-made tri-fold jacket emulating their single artwork complete with fold over grenade. Pressing Information Lathe cut : /40 A Side: Carousels B Side: Rhythms
  15. http://intheclouds.limitedrun.com/products/525140-black-jesuses Pressing Information 180 Gram vinyl Gatefold Jacket (100) - A Side/B Side : Transparent Red / Orange (200) - White A Side: Losing My Name Won't Drag Me Down Cards Roll Call Tidbit B Side: 7 to 3 Rotten, Scheming, Dirty & Mean Death Don't Have No Mercy Yer Blues Closer
  16. http://intheclouds.limitedrun.com/products/525141-owel-ive-seen-colors-old-nick-ep From intheclouds: so for those who don't know... back in 2012 before they were owel, the guys in owel put out an ep called "i've seen colors" under the name old nick. when they originally released the ep we talked about putting it out on vinyl, i even made 500 promo flexi's w/ one of the tracks on it to help build awareness for the release... but once they were forced to change their name we decided to hold off while they started writing their full length. i always thought this ep helped form their sound into what it is today, but could never justify financially backing a full pressing. fast forward to january of this year, i went to germany to take a class on cutting vinyl and ended up bringing the old nick cd with me to learn how to use the machine. after hours and hours of listening the the same album on loop, i thought it only fitting that the first release we put out using the lathe would be this ep. each record is cut minute by minute, 1-by-1. the redesigned art was printed on hand cut jackets and dipped in red ink to resemble the original art. there will only be 60 of these sold. though minimal there maybe some imperfections, that's life... that's art. each record is unique to itself. ONLY 60 COPIES SO HURRY HURRY HURRY
  17. I have money. You want money. Sell me the thing. I'll also talk *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo, but I'm not looking to pay an arm and a leg for that.
  18. Today only, intheclouds records is giving 15% off your order when you use the discount code "FREEDOM". This label always comes out with the most creative packaging, thus making it one of my favorite labels. inthecloudsrecords.com

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