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Found 16 results

  1. Selling a few things left from ITC. Shipping from Europe. 1st edition of "Twelve Lathes of Christmas": Control ‎– Live Together, Die Alone 7" (ltd. to 2, NM / NM) - 19,99€ Nomads – Sunset On The Range / Walking By Lamplight 7" (ltd. to 5, M/NM) - 19,99€ NGHBRS ‎– Golden Age / Small Talk 7" (ltd. to 8, NM/NM) - 19,99€ The Black And The White ‎– Futures EP 12" (ltd. to 9, NM/NM) - 49,99€ Happy Body Slow Brain – Live EP 12" (ltd. to 10, NM/NM) - 89,99€ Other ITC releases: Unconditional Arms ‎– Fever Basin 7" Lathe (ltd. to 35, vinyl NM / sleeve VG+) - 19,99€ Owel ‎– I've Seen Colors 12" Lathe (ltd. to 60, M/M) - 44,99€ Owel ‎– Every Good Boy 10" (ltd. to 300, half & half oxblood & bone, NM/NM) - 24,99€ Owel - Owel s/t 12" (ltd. to 300, Blue Marble with built-in piano, NM/NM) - 79,99€ Off & On ‎– Good Talk Vol. 1+2 12" Lathe ( ltd. to 80, M/NM) - 9,99€ Ghost House ‎– Sorry About Everything 12" (NM/NM) - 9,99€ Toothgrinder ‎– Vibration/Colour/Frequency 12" (ltd. to 120, red/white/blue vinyl with tie-dyed jacket, NM/M) - 34,99€ Stepfriends ‎– All We've Got 12" (ltd. to 200, NM/NM) - 9,99€
  2. Hey All Self plug https://www.stiffcutrecords.com.au/ Monday 5:00pm AEST Brisbane Time im dropping orders for Sedative - Death Romantic. Hand Made Hand Cut Lathes Standard Clear /10 https://ibb.co/xJ7m681 Stained Soul (Red and Black Swirl) /10 https://ibb.co/sF80KfJ StiffCut Records Alt Cover /5 https://ibb.co/wdFSwSy Four Chambers of a Dying Heard (Quad Chamber Liquid Fill) /5 https://ibb.co/zsLbfJT Each Variant has a different cover limit 1 of each variant per household
  3. Hey me and a couple of buddies were interested in cutting out own lofi records, and I know everyone says the sound is pure shit but I've heard some recordings and apparently you can get good enough for it to sound pretty cool! I heard you can cut into lots of things like CDs, plastic plates, etc. I also heard you can cut into 12" laserdiscs! So I bought a few neat Japanese anime ones on Ebay. (What's with our fascination with obsolete formats?) I just wanted to get people's inputs on making your own recordings at home, and cutting records for your friend's local bands etc.
  4. The new 2-song flexi titled "Purple & Blue" from Daisyhead is up for preorder now. It's limited to 25 copies and it looks like 9 of them have sold in just a couple hours. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/259407/purple-and-blue-black-7-flexi Listen to the new song here: http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/daisyhead_cute_little_finger_exclusive
  5. Because we like throwing money away, we're putting out a limited to 20 hi-fi-stereo 12" lathe cut of a non-active band's non-active side project. That's right, the sophomore album from Chicago's PINK GUYS is out TODAY on all of your favorite streaming services. We started recording this in 2014 and finally finished it in 2018. Better late than never, right? Anyhow, you can pre-order the lathe cut NOW. It's gonna be a one-sided clear 12" that will sound and look fantastic. Full color art. Full lyrics and root chords in the liner notes so you can play along. Limited to just 20 copies and selling for less than you can buy a run of the mill 12" at your local record store (or hell, even from most record labels these days). No, we are not related to that PINK GUY who gets all the hits on YouTube. And we were around first, so fuck that guy. This is a pop/punk side project from members of Pink Eyes, Engines, Towers, Stillwell, Peter and Craig, etc. etc. Not some dude in a pink suit. 13 songs in 19 minutes. Songs about our cats, our practice space circa 2014, our pure hatred of tonic water (we had a song about how much we love seltzer on our first album), our friends, a nude painting we found in the garbage, etc. If you like pop, punk, or pop punk, maybe you'll like it? I dunno. Stream/buy here (or find it on Spotify, YouTube, etc. etc.): https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/1471 OR https://pinkguys.bandcamp.com/album/1471
  6. Wild Vagina - "Wild and Wonderful...Wild Vagina" lathe cut 7" Only 50 were made available. Velocity of Sound sells all our releases at cost. Thank you.
  7. Countdown timer. This kicks off at midnight tonight... www.blackhouserecordsinc.com/narf (countdown timer) blackhouseinc.storenvy.com (direct store link for preorder) 10" lathe LP - Limited to 55 copies made. Clear vinyl with full color numbered outer folder jacket with resealable strong polybag. Comes with fully packaged CD version. CD version limited to 300 copies and includes 2 bonus tracks not available on the LP/Digital versions. Both tracks previously unreleased. Thanks!
  8. +++PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE ONLY 23 OF THESE LEFT AS OF 8AM, 11/8/2016.+++ ========================================================================== **THIS IS A PREORDER. ALL PREORDERS WILL SHIP ON NOVEMBER 23RD, 2016.** ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM PACKAGES AVAILABLE: 1. 10” CLEAR LATHE CUT LP + CD digipak bundle (only 55 available total). 2. CD only (300 available, fully packaged in digipak). SLUG CHRIST x KEYBOARD KID 206 “THE DEMIURGE” CD/10” HANDMADE LATHE LP - clear vinyl (Limited Edition). Slug Christ x Keyboard Kid 206’s long awaited and highly anticipated new full length, “The Demiurge” is now available for pre-order on a physical format CD and 10” HANDMADE LATHE CUT LP. All CD’s are hand numbered, as is the vinyl, clocks in a 9 brand new tracks total, and features guest appearances by Awful Records alumni Ethereal, Archibald Slim, and Stalin Majesty. Keyboard Kid (Seattle, WA), holding title as Lil’ B the Basedgod’s main producer, has teamed up with the legendary Slug Christ (Atlanta, GA) to create arguably the most groundbreaking and interesting record to date. Truly a proud moment for a collab coming from both coasts. CD edition is hand numbered and limited to 300 copies. Lathe cut vinyl is limited to ONLY 55 COPIES and is pressed on clear vinyl. You will want to act quick on this. ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM https://twitter.com/slug_christ WWW.AWFULRECORDS.COM WWW.BLACKHOUSERECORDSINC.COM
  9. Hey, i am in a garage band right over the bridge from philly (south jersey). and i want to make a 7 inch single/ maybe a split. But with the backlog of bands in record pressing plants, the wait time seems enormous to get anything pressed. so what i am wondering, is their any label/hobbyist out in the nj/pa area willing to take on doing a small run of this single? and if so, how much would you charging? Any info is much appreciated- Max
  10. Rozwell Kid - I Pledge Allegaince to Sheetz 7" lathe picture disc Mystery 7" lathe Jnasty on LSD cassette TWIABP - The Tool Part cassette Theres also some TWIABP spoons + Forks, shirts, and a flag.
  11. So I used the fabulous search button here and didn't find a thread for this comparison. If I missed it point it out and maybe the mods could merge it. Anyway I have a friend who wants to potentially put on some music on a small run. Other than a traditional 7" vinyl a discussion came up about the sound quality of lathes vs. flexis. Anyone own both of these? Which would you prefer, and for anyone who has had both made for their label which would they prefer and what would be the difference in cost? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. http://intheclouds.limitedrun.com/products/528853-wild-imaginaries-carousels-7 One of the major reasons we bought the vinyl lathe was to allow us to continue to work with new bands simply because we love the music and want to help them be heard. which is the case with our latest release from Wild Imaginaries. The San Francisco trio proved to be incredible musicians with their last band Via Coma, so we were happy to help launch their new act. Their first two songs are placed back-to-back on a lathe-cut 7”, packaged in a hand-made tri-fold jacket emulating their single artwork complete with fold over grenade. Pressing Information Lathe cut : /40 A Side: Carousels B Side: Rhythms
  13. I just posted an interview with Matt Dixon who runs LatheCuts.com. Thought maybe some of you'd be interested. http://www.smallhoursjournal.com
  14. Hey, Friends! So last week's first lathe entry in our series received a total of 56 orders. Pretty great numbers for a first shot out! As of this week's second lathe, we're going to be making this a weekly thing. When one order for a lathe ends, another will start moments later, so the time is still of the essence to get a hold of these. Also, at $10 ppd, you're getting a good deal each time! A few notes from the sales listing: "This pre-order will be up for ONE WEEK and then taken down. However many that we receive orders for is however many we will make. The cap for all lathes in this series is 100 copies. If we hit 100, then the order will be taken down - that is the only exception for it to not run the full week. ***PLEASE NOTE - that each sleeve will come with the buyer's name printed onto it. IF YOU BUY MULTIPLE COPIES, PLEASE E-MAIL US and let us know what names you would like placed upon each sleeve, otherwise we will print the buyer's name on all copies that they order. We will not be leaving any blank - NO EXCEPTIONS. To explain the nature of these: Lathe cuts are short run vinyl records that are cut in real time one by one - these are not factory produced records ala larger pressing plants. Each one will be $10 with shipping included (or $7 if yr in the city and want to pick up). Why are these somewhat pricey? Because each one is hand cut in real time one by one, the process of producing this run of records is a longer one - if 63 people order copies, the person cutting this will be hearing the song on the lathe 63 times. Each record will also be packaged in a hand made sleeve made from transparency sheets and personalized with the record's number (13/63, for example) along with the name of the record's owner. These are essentially art objects, which is why they're a couple of bucks more than a normal $5 seven inch. ( Picture listed isn't the actual Lathe. It is merely just for reference to show you what the lathe will look like - it is a clear cut poly carbonate square and NOT a black or other colored vinyl record. And YES, this record CAN be played on a turntable using a normal needle and will NOT damage it. Also - anything ordered with this lathe will only ship out once your lathes ship. Check the link below for the second installment in the series - N+B 017 Only pressing: /? Chandeliers: Lemur - a jammer from the Shape Shoppers who have built a beyond solid rep for complex electronic sounds and rad, stacato melodies. We recently dropped their latest 7" in December and 'Lemur', is very much in the same vein. A total stunner. Listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/notesandbolts/chandeliers-lemur Order the lathe here: http://notesandbolts.bigcartel.com/product/limited-lathe-cut-7
  15. If you have it, PM me and let's work out a deal!

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