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  1. because you arent a huge piece of shit like that person is. $130 for something they admit getting for free
  2. he has to! he has that stupid spongebob album posted on his website http://www.dailyvinyl.net/
  3. of course stl ben would downvote my post about ross being a jerk for charging a ton of money for records
  4. ross, if you're reading this (which we all know you do) GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF
  5. i gave up on this one and caved on the rfc reissue or i'd be all over this. trusted seller though!
  6. pre name change tapes (demo, distressor) are both on discogs right now. silly ass prices but they're there
  7. i just cant wait to hear it! that single is so good
  8. thanks, man. i know! it's crazy how much certain bands' albums go for nowadays
  9. i didnt take offense to it. just bored with record collecting and have been finding a ton of good tapes lately edit: also, pending
  10. slowly not caring about my records anymore and it's time to let this one go. ideally i'd want to trade for tapes i want. so if you'd want to trade, hit me up. 2 of the corners have some creases but nothing major, i can send pictures if you'd like. no international shipping either, sorry
  11. somebody has to have this and not want it bump
  12. im surprised whoever made the jackets didnt catch it either. more people just as stupid as him i guess
  13. i told him about the spelling error on instagram and he just deleted the comment. he just doesnt care because kids are going to spend their parent's money on this regardless if words are spelled right
  14. i was stupid and didnt order modern baseball's sports before it sold out. somebody sell me one

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