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  1. bluescreenlife

    WTB: Deafheaven - OCHL

    Looking for a copy of Ordinay Corrupt Human Love. This album is incredible- perfect mix of melodic post rock and hardcore/screamo using vocals as a rhythm instrument... I'm floored. Sell me a copy!
  2. bluescreenlife

    WTB Refused - The Shape of Punk To Come

    Ordered one, thanks. Although if anyone had a copy for less I'd cancel and take it.
  3. Refused still available? Would you ship to your friendly American neighbor Minnesota?
  4. bluescreenlife

    FS: Shit ton of records/prints/tapes

    Still have Refused for sale?
  5. Any pressing in good shape that can be played on my turntable and enjoyed by my ears. Thx
  6. bluescreenlife

    FS: Autographed Sorority Noise - Joy Departed

  7. This pressing: https://www.discogs.com/Sorority-Noise-Joy-Departed/release/7195472 Signed by band. Looking for $50 shipped. Thanks! Sold.
  8. bluescreenlife

    Mineral - The Power of Failing and Endserenading Deluxe 2xLPs.

    Thanks! Ordered TPOF as they sold out quickly at the St Paul show... I'd be surprised if this is for real though, with only 1000 pressed.. And BM is cheaper than they were at the merch table ($30). Yet BM hasn't failed me before, so fingers crossed.
  9. bluescreenlife

    WTB Mineral TPOF tour pressing..

    If anyone's going to a show on this tour and wants to grab an extra TPOF pressing, I'd throw you an extra $10 for the trouble... Saw them last night but only Endsereneding was left for that show. Awesome show though! https://www.discogs.com/Mineral-The-Power-Of-Failing/release/13098830
  10. bluescreenlife

    Mineral - The Power of Failing and Endserenading Deluxe 2xLPs.

    If anyone's going to a show and wanted to grab me a copy of TPOF, I'd throw you an extra $10 and shipping... Was able to grab Endsereneding. Awesome show.
  11. Prices include shipping to USA. Willing to do deals on multiple! All priced below discogs. Sleep - The Sciences - 4/20 Limited Black-Green pressing /1000 - $160 https://www.discogs.com/Sleep-The-Sciences/release/11892167 The Sundays - Blind - RSD Pressing, Brown /1500 - $100 https://www.discogs.com/The-Sundays-Blind/release/10170355 The Sundays - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic - RSD Pressing - $45 https://www.discogs.com/The-Sundays-Reading-Writing-And-Arithmetic/release/11896215 Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses - black Friday RSD pressing green/black swirl /5000 - $110 https://www.discogs.com/Type-O-Negative-Bloody-Kisses/release/12637695 Metric - Fantasies - $100 https://www.discogs.com/Metric-Fantasies/release/8045820 Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table & Dreaming - $45 https://www.discogs.com/Dave-Matthews-Band-Under-The-Table-And-Dreaming/release/6686166 Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club - Black Friday RSD /3500 - $30 https://www.discogs.com/Sheryl-Crow-Tuesday-Night-Music-Club/release/12830604
  12. Really digging Silhouettes. A step in a new direction for them musically yet still sounds like AF. Can't wait for album.
  13. Pre-orders: Pink, blue, and deluxe pressings on the band's site: https://shop.americanfootballmusic.com/ Early bird splatter vinyl, blue vinyl, and deluxe at Polyvinyl https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/american_football_lp3
  14. Woah. This morning I just happened to put on my American Football t shirt, and an AF sweater over it. Good luck charms I guess? Pumped for this already!