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  1. U is so preachy it hurts. Really hope he's not going the Neil Young direction.
  2. Obsessed with Carissa right now, would love to hear the whole album on vinyl. Thanks!
  3. Here's some stuff I don't need. Shipping within USA is included. The Ataris - So Long, Astoria - $25 - played 2-3 times, signed by Kris Roe " ♡ Kris" - has a bit of a warp but plays normally Atmosphere - Overcast EP - $15 - near mint B.B. King - Blues in My Heart - $15 - played twice Beach House - Bloom - $18 - near mint vinyl, I think there is a slight tear on the jacket, will have to double check The Beatles - Yellow Submarine - $35 - NM vinyl, G+ jacket Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - $18 - near mint, played once Courtesy Drop - Songs to Drive To; Cry, and Make Love To - $10 - VG+, warp near the edge causes some noise on the first few songs D.R.I. - Dealing With It! - $18 - played once Fucked Up - The Chemisty of Modern Life - $15 - near mint, played 1-2 times Half Japanese - Overjoyed - $12 - played once Hendrix - Band of Gypsys - $20 - VG++ or NM (can double check if there's interest) Jack Johnson - On and On - $18 - near mint Jackson C. Frank - S/T - $45 - near mint Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home - $35, NM vinyl/VG+ jacket Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - $40 - vinyl looks NM, plays VG+ / jacket is VG Old Gray - Do I Day Disturb The Universe - $15 - near mint, played once Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Oz (first pressing) - near mint - $40 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - $25 - VG vinyl, VG jacket Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - $30 - almost NM all around. Gotta call it VG+++ jacket and vinyl The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It - $25 - everything looks mint but the vinyl plays with noticeable crackles in between songs/during quiet parts Suicidal Tendencies - S/T - $20 - near mint, played twice Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate - $35 - near mint, played once or twice
  4. Going to listen through this again today and I'll PM if I want it as much as I think I do
  5. Nice, much appreciated. Ordered from Bullmoose instead tho.
  6. Looking for a copy of the RSD Billy Breathes from last year. Hopefully at a price competitive with Discogs prices. Thanks in advance 😁
  7. Someone on Reddit messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I'd sell my EOTC Self-Titled. I didn't want to, but maybe I can dig for that message and let them know you have one for sale.
  8. Was about to order the new reissues but felt $35 is a bit pricey. Anyone have used copies of either of these, any variant, for less than that? nevermind, decided to order from bullmoose.
  9. Whoops, I'm a dumdum. Mods delete plz
  10. Was about to order the new reissues but felt $35 is a bit pricey. Anyone have used copies of either of these, any variant, for less than that? wrong forum
  11. Vinyl sounds great though (early bird). Really well-mastered, sounds damn near as good as the FLAC does.
  12. For me it's Self Titled > Self Titled > Self Titled