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  1. Hey folks. Does VMP still do their referral system? Looking to sign up again, digging their recent releases. If anyone has a link or knows of any coupon codes let me know!
  2. Any info on this silver-wrapped/mirrored variant I found at their merch table? Can't find it on Discord.
  3. This band slaps, always. Go see them live. Seeing them Sunday with Citizen! Hoping they have some vinyl there.
  4. I don't mind the synthier direction of this new stuff. However what is starting to drive me nuts is the way he pinches off a vowel in almost every word, anyone else notice that? Started doing it a ton I think in Monuments or Oceania... For example, confessions of a dopamine addict chorus - "Caanyou f-lll the same". The airflow completely stops right in the middle rather than having a nice glossy singsongy sound. I don't get it... If he's trying to give his vocals flavor it sounds to me more like he's singing while taking a sturdy poo.
  5. I was able to get 2 copies of the black & white S/T and am looking to trade one for either color of Hell Songs (not black) if anyone has an extra. Send a PM. Thanks!
  6. In a tizzy of trying to get an order to go through last week I ended up with two copies of S/T on b/w swirl and just a standard black Hell Songs. If anyone ends up with an extra colored HS I may be looking to trade once they arrive. Thanks!
  7. Here's the list. Sold over 100 albums on reddit last weekend and didn't even get to posting the list here yet, but there's still plenty of goodn's left. Most everything priced under Discogs going rates Shipping is $3.50 for one, $4 for two, $5 for three... we'll chat if you want more than that. Happy to make lil dealies on multiple albums. Comment and PM if you want somethin!
  8. Hey polyvinyl music disc collectors. I put together a spreadsheet of everything I have for sale and updated some prices, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZYILdH4l_guQRRN_vx0wVls6UobqCLTZuJGo9Qgbrs4/edit?usp=sharing As of now I'm requiring a $10 minimum purchase. I have 100 LP mailers on their way to me from Amazon and will be able to start shipping out late this week or early next week when they arrive. Shipping is $3.50 for one LP, $4 for two, $5 for three. Spend $100 and receive free shipping. Comment and send a PM if there's anything you want! Thanks
  9. Seeking to offload some stuff I don't need. Make an offer on anything. I'm typically willing to go a bit under current Discogs value since it saves on fees to sell here. Most of the classic rock stuff I won't sell since it's inherited and has sentimental value... I don't have a ton of LP mailers right now so I may need to order some if I get lots of interest, so shipping might not be immediate after the first few orders. Thanks! https://www.discogs.com/user/greymachinerecords/collection?sort=artist&header=1&sort_order=asc&layout=med
  10. Envy on the Coast: All three 2016 reissues in near mint condition, just opened and played a couple of times. Envy on the Coast EP: $50 Lucy Gray: $100 Lowcountry: $145 All three for $280 shipped Sleep - Dopesmoker original 2003 US pressing near mint (looks and plays as brand new, but isn't sealed) $120 Sun Kil Moon - Benji black 2014 pressing near mint vinyl, VG++ jacket (just shows minor signs of wear) $115
  11. Hey all. Some things for sale. Shipping is $3.50 for 1, $4 for 2, and free for 3 records. I am ok with friends/family or goods/services payment, but will ask you to cover the fee for goods/services. Open to offers, especially on multiple. Thanks for looking. Artist - Album - Variant/Discogs - Condition - Price Chance the Rapper - 10 Day - Blue/White Merge - NM (opened) - $60 Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap - Pink/Blue Swirl - NM (opened) - $80 Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book - Red/Orange Mix - NM (opened) - $100 * All 3 Chance albums for $230 Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets - Original Pressing - NM, pristine condition, promo notch - $385 Filter - Title of Record - 20th Anniversary Edition - NM, opened - $20 The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin - Yellow VMP pressing - NM, opened - $26 Good Charlotte - The Young & The Hopeless - Clear w/ lime green and black splatter - NM, opened - $150 Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte - blue/red split - NM, opened - $80 Lizzo - Cuz I Love You - Clear with purple swirl, Unofficial - NM, opened - $15 Metric - Fantasies - Gold - Sealed, assuming mint vinyl, but damaged packaging - photos here - $20 Switchfoot - Nothing is Sound - red vinyl - NM, opened - $20 Torche - Admission - Milky Clear and Deep Purple Half 'n Half with Black, Bone White and White Splatter - NM, opened - $30 True Widow - True Widow - 2008 Ltd. Edition - VG+/VG+ - $50