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  1. hey all, time to thin out the herd again. as usual, all prices include shipping - we can shave a couple $s off if you decide to buy more than one. will ship securely and promptly, USA only please. PM with any questions or offers. thanks pals: $12 - William Elliott Whitmore - Song of the Blackbird (red wax) SOLD $10 - Sigur Ros - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do PENDING $8 - Low - Drums and Guns PENDING $10 - Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom (black wax, 45rpm) PENDING $10 - Hagarty-Toth Band - Qualgebra (rsd 2015) SOLD\ $12 - Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (2014 press) PENDING $10 - Daniel Bachman
  2. bumping one last time with a couple lowered prices, trying to get these thangs to move. i can ship all day tomorrow (wednesday), so if you want them, they'll be out the door soon!
  3. one last bump, trying to get these last few out the door to loving new homes!
  4. evening bump - thanks for the interest so far, folks : )
  5. hey all. few items up for sale here - all prices INCLUDE SHIPPING, USA only. i've got a few single mailers and a few double/triple mailers, so buying in bulk is cool. feel free to PM with any questions concerns offers yadda yadda. THANKS! update: i'm free to ship tomorrow (wednesday, march 11), so if anyone is interested in these last two LPs i could get them out pretty quick. knocked 2 bucks off each one to try and get them out the door. PM me with any questions - thanks!! $18 - Burzum - Filosofem (2xLP 2010 pressing, played once) **SOLD** $16 - Converge - All We Love We Leave B
  6. man i finally pulled the trigger on a 5LP order on wednesday... shocked to check the tracking and it says DELIVERED. can't wait to get home and dig in, praying that nothing was damaged. biggest score had to be an import of Child Ballads by Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, which came in around $24 with the coupon applied... absolute steal. CAN'T WAIT
  7. good morning! just opened my brand new copy of Converge's All We Love We Leave Behind, and the wax is bright pink. is there anyone with a BLACK copy willing to trade for a PINK copy? doesn't need to be brand new, i'm just really not into colored wax too much. thanks!
  8. hey all, few more records for sale before i head to the store to trade them in. all prices include shipping and this sale is usa only. PM me with any questions/offers/whatever, thanks! $15 - Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica (180g 2xLP repress from 2000) SOLD $10 - Howlin' Wolf - The London Sessions (w/ clapton, winwood, wyman, watts) $10 - John Fahey - Blind Joe Death (2010 repress) $15 - Townes Van Zandt - Live at the Old Quarter (180g 2xLP repress from 2010) $20 - Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism (180g 2xLP repress from 2013) SOLD $10 - Cocteau Twins - Treasure SO
  9. hey all! i know all three of these albums are long gone and hard to find. few copies on discogs but they're all overseas or a bit more what i'd be willing to pay. just curious if anyone is looking to part ways and how much they'd ask for them. thanks!
  10. two best times of the year - wet-hop season followed by stout season! very glad i tried Victory Harvest Ale this year, especially with Founder's Harvest being pretty scarce and expensive. The Victory is much more readily available, a few dollars cheaper, and extremely delicious! always have to get one bottle of Southern Tier Choklat when it gets cold out. nothing like drinking 10%ABV milk chocolate. finished up last weekend with my favorite stout from my favorite brewery, Bell's Special Double Cream Stout - one of the smoothest richest creamiest non-dairy stouts i've ever had. de
  11. same. someone was selling "song of the blackbird" here a few months ago for dirt cheap - no idea why i passed on it. one of my all-time favorite albums for sure. saw him with City and Colour when they were touring after Bring Me Your Love - thaaaaaaat was a show and a half.
  12. no official announcement yet, but yesterday William Whitmore posted some pretty exciting news on facebook: hoping this is on black wax and does not cost as much as i think it will! also curious about him saying the albums were not only remastered but "rerecorded."
  13. really hoping the black hangs around until after the holidays.. can't really justify dumping $100+ on wax right before chrsitmas.
  14. This is a new and ultimate Mount Eerie album. “Vikings and zen and real life” are the reference points. All of the song titles are single words and some of the songs are very long. This is music meant to weigh heavy on you like a lot of cold water at night, and also the sword glimmering at the bottom of the lake at night. preview video: http://vimeo.com/111321548

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