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  1. Time to sell my 10 copies with free shipping! Bwahahahahahahahahaha
  2. Not complaining just stating a fact for those missing out . I'm guessing it's the USPS rate increase but didn't notice as I tend to buy records at the store.It was $7 and they lowered it to $5 a few years back. Now we get charged an extra .95 and tax in California. So the record that was $35 just cost me close to $45...and don't forget the subpar pressings Mondo has been issuing. At least they send replacements quick. They are starting to nickel and dime is what I'm saying. I spend $50 on double jazz LPs all the time but it's a AAA record that is normally flawless. This boutique record niche is starting to get to the point where some of us just skip the damn thing. (Now this sounds more like a complaint) :-) I drink the Kool aid all the time! The good news is Mondo and their employees have never let me down at conventions or when it comes to customer related issues. I'm sure they are doing fine on boxes considering the cost of prints these days. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.
  3. Why does it now cost $5.95 to ship a record?!? Media mail keeps going up! I
  4. bigdz68

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    1234 in SF did not have either DMB fyi.
  5. Boxset from sdcc orders finally arriving! The box is a beast and they Shipped it properly in a massive box suspended by cardboard inside. It's a beautiful package inside also. Have not unwrapped to clean yet but the boxart by skinner looks amazing and it lights up!
  6. I know I've done some insane shop drops for sofubi and vinyl but this wasn't that hard. Its funny how they apologize but you still don't see more up for sale. Supply/demand I suppose. I just wanted the toy to match my previous marble GB. #nerd
  7. Smae boat as you guys above. But it's carpenter and Halloween and Trent+Atticus. Top 3 reasons that justify the cash hahahaha. #addicted
  8. Got one and sold out in seconds! Evay prices are wack
  9. My H3 has a scrub mark side 2 last track which is very audible and my H4 has some scrapes on side 1 first track. Luckily H5 plays perfect! H2 showed up today so I'll wait to clean and play before reaching out to Mondo for replacements. At this point I could care less what color they send me, as long as it's defect free!
  10. Damn that was quick! Luckily got one so saves me a trip! Glad I held off on that UK order. Red looks better than the clear IMO
  11. FYI Lakeshore has a limited amount on their site as of 10am pst... https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/mandy-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-transparent-red-vinyl-johann-johannsson
  12. https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/mandy-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-transparent-red-vinyl-johann-johannsson
  13. Spotify has a clear version /1000 https://store.smashingpumpkins.com/shiny-and-oh-so-bright-vol-1-lp-no-past-no-future-no-sun-clear-vinyl-bundle.html
  14. Very excited to see and hear this soon! Come on Lakeshore....I don't want to spend $40 USD just to have a bent record show up from the UK
  15. I have several 5x5 and I would highly suggest going to the hardware store and cross bracing the unit. A simple wooden brace at a 45 degree angle forming an x on the back would make that unit very sturdy. L brace it at the top.. once you fill it, it will take a lot to tip unless a kid climbs on it. Just a tip....