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  1. For the record I've been listening since the beginning and I love 10,000 days! Guess I am in the minority
  2. I definitely am glad I woke up this morning! That track is great! It was worth the wait!
  3. If anyone can help out that would be awesome! Add me to the list of interested parties
  4. This year is awesome due to the fact they have folks lined up to sign Blade Runner and MGS!!!!
  5. Just saw this via email...guess we don't need to buy the set but it's only a "selection" Packaged in a die-cut, custom art deco-style LP jacket, the RADIO SELECTIONS FROM THE FALLOUT® 3 SOUNDTRACK LP features 10 restored and remastered classic jazz-age tracks and is available on classic black vinyl - while supplies last! Pre-sale begins Tuesday, July 2nd @ 1pm EST at SPACELAB9.COM
  6. That would be great but as usual they will probably fuck something up and then never address it or acknowledge the error! Definitely looking forward to the shitshow
  7. So any subscribers going to tear up their covers to look underneath? I will probably destroy mine just to see it in my hands.
  8. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/raconteurs-jack-white-beatles-butcher-cover-parody-1203251055/
  9. I wonder how many variants will come to light with the new season...I say 18
  10. I pre-ordered the Halloween original when it first came out. It finally came in the mail a year later...just fyi the lid on this thing does NOT fit firmly in place. The minute you tilt the pumpkin left or right the lid basically slides right off. Sticking the knife in stops it from flying off but still seems awkward. I have a lot of their other tikis and this one kind of disappointed me and will probably sit on a shelf with my Halloween props. I'm still waiting on the damn krampus to arrive.... maybe it makes it by Christmas hahaha
  11. Exciting news if it is and gets a decent pressing since what I've heard is meh...
  12. I've seen quite a few on Etsy.... I would start there.
  13. Well I wish I could have told you today but just got a chance to open mine and found the REM compilation album that has yet to be released. Ugh..... apparently there are a few of these out there like this. Hopefully craft records replaces it...