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  1. Child's play 2 Friday Noon EST https://www.instagram.com/p/CScKlRaM7aV/?utm_medium=copy_link Waxwork will also have their version up Friday at an unknown time
  2. Yes but it worked well. We were all outside the SF store chatting trying to score 😂 bet Skid Row gets pressed eventually on Black otherwise a 2hr wait to be 4th in line and get my list of jazz! All good 😄
  3. I ordered the 3 LP set on Amazon Friday morning and I had it in hand Sunday. As soon as I can get it cleaned, it's going on the Crosley 😂
  4. Going to be interesting to compare this to the OG on black. Guess I'll double dip for the hell of it
  5. I go yearly and have never seen this on site! Crazy price though. I'll keep an eye out next time they have one! Thanks!
  6. Went to Target for some supplies and found a few copies on their shelves. Translucent black ice vinyl. Amazon was a 1-2 month wait and no local shops open so quite a surprise for an old guy to find at a Target 🤣
  7. 1234 came through with Dune now just to track down the Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie and I'm good til next round!
  8. They still show available for me via sacred bones but I already bought the waxwork versions as I somehow never bought a previous press. Waxwork confirmed this is a new mastering fyi
  9. Waxwork dropped Escape from New York and The Fog this morning. There is also a sacred bones variant for each /500