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  1. Damn that was quick! Luckily got one so saves me a trip! Glad I held off on that UK order. Red looks better than the clear IMO
  2. FYI Lakeshore has a limited amount on their site as of 10am pst... https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/mandy-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-transparent-red-vinyl-johann-johannsson
  3. https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/mandy-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-transparent-red-vinyl-johann-johannsson
  4. Spotify has a clear version /1000 https://store.smashingpumpkins.com/shiny-and-oh-so-bright-vol-1-lp-no-past-no-future-no-sun-clear-vinyl-bundle.html
  5. Very excited to see and hear this soon! Come on Lakeshore....I don't want to spend $40 USD just to have a bent record show up from the UK
  6. I have several 5x5 and I would highly suggest going to the hardware store and cross bracing the unit. A simple wooden brace at a 45 degree angle forming an x on the back would make that unit very sturdy. L brace it at the top.. once you fill it, it will take a lot to tip unless a kid climbs on it. Just a tip....
  7. Damn..didn't even know he did this... thanks for the heads up! His Utopia work is in constant rotation when I'm on long drives!
  8. I wonder if they will release it or hold it for RSD Black Friday..... Hmmmm....
  9. Horrible news and I hope everyone gets home safe. I definitely would be heartbroken if I made that trek. Upside is we will all get a chance at that vinyl hopefully
  10. If you buy Halloween set and Boogeyman do em separate since Shipping was a few bucks more for both... Also got charged for tax to California which has changed since previous LP orders this year...
  11. bigdz68

    Waxwork Records Thread

    If you would have told me this two years or so ago I would have said the same thing....then once you get into the world of vinyl toys and sofubi etc...you realize $500 a piece is not bad if you work a few extra hours of OT. The shit is addictive if your into it and can get crazy if you don't know how to budget properly....of course the flippers are there willing to try and sell you a $500 piece for $1000 plus.... I normally don't talk about sofubi on here but considering they got retroband to make the mold I was quite excited....back to your regularly scheduled programming now.
  12. bigdz68

    Waxwork Records Thread

    That's actually cheap. Although it is a colored blank so no complaints. Looking forward to the color and marble editions down the line!
  13. bigdz68

    Waxwork Records Thread

    They are manufactured by retroband aka Aaron Moreno....he does quality work! From big vinyl toys to minis....all of it is quite amazing and detailed. If this sculpt is anything like his other minis, it will look quite impressive and probably be about $20. His small pieces also sell out within minutes and any of the big stuff within seconds. There are quite a few collectors out there that love his style. Good luck to all tomorrow and hopefully there are plenty to go round.
  14. Just a heads up....if you order directly from data airlines you get priority shipping for a few dollars more. Well worth it to the US and it covers damage unlike ordering via Bandcamp.
  15. Woops...I typed wrong code. Haha,sorry. still cheapest your going to find until 4th of July codes come, if any.