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  1. Blue Rose Music has a buy 1 get 2 free! If you like Jackie Greene now is your chance to get some releases free!
  2. Hahahahaha! I could not find anything yesterday but maybe it's all gone by now. I'm just hoping to get that hellraiser 2 release since Mondocon is a tough drive for me....
  3. Unfortunately it does not include this .. And as a special treat, we have dug up some long dead and deleted titles that will be added to the site this Wednesday so make sure to look under every gravestone to find a title long considered deceased!
  4. Instant purchase! Thanks for the heads up otherwise I would have missed the disastereace release
  5. Ya it was confusing especially when they said they sent an email to subscribers. Just don't want to have to buy it and find out it already is coming to us. Not concerned with splatter or not just don't want to double dip! Maybe the email tomorrow prior to on sale will address it. Thanks
  6. Did any other subscribers on here get an email from waxwork stating we get Jason Lives as a variant? Apparently that's what waxwork is saying on IG but I have not seen an update from them via email since April!
  7. Fuck it.... ordered via waxwork. Surprise drop.... Halloween....etc etc might as well!
  8. Also available at waxwork and has 28 minutes of new unreleased music from what I'm reading.
  9. Someone asked how we knew this would be hard to find? The fact it was pulled from Amazon after a short while being available for pre-order. That even made me get several orders just in case as I didn't want to miss out after all these years of waiting! protip....when the vinyl release pre-order is up...get on it! /Endrant
  10. Hahaha nice work! Last time I was down there shopping, I saw a bunch of autographed LPs on the wall and some were fairly priced but that Halloween 2018 LP signed at $250 just was upsetting!
  11. Every Target shows in stock near me so you may want to try that after midnight 🧐
  12. Hahaha. Don't forget this is an ETR release so definitely a HARD PASS for quite a few of us. That Hollywood limited they put up for $200 either sold or they took it down. Ridiculous they did that though