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  1. So any subscribers going to tear up their covers to look underneath? I will probably destroy mine just to see it in my hands.
  2. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/raconteurs-jack-white-beatles-butcher-cover-parody-1203251055/
  3. I wonder how many variants will come to light with the new season...I say 18
  4. I pre-ordered the Halloween original when it first came out. It finally came in the mail a year later...just fyi the lid on this thing does NOT fit firmly in place. The minute you tilt the pumpkin left or right the lid basically slides right off. Sticking the knife in stops it from flying off but still seems awkward. I have a lot of their other tikis and this one kind of disappointed me and will probably sit on a shelf with my Halloween props. I'm still waiting on the damn krampus to arrive.... maybe it makes it by Christmas hahaha
  5. Exciting news if it is and gets a decent pressing since what I've heard is meh...
  6. I've seen quite a few on Etsy.... I would start there.
  7. Well I wish I could have told you today but just got a chance to open mine and found the REM compilation album that has yet to be released. Ugh..... apparently there are a few of these out there like this. Hopefully craft records replaces it...
  8. Well if any of these hard to find titles came from Warner, they still are arriving at stores. Apparently Warner changed distro setup and lots of stores did not get shipments in time. I know Lost in Translation and the Crow were on that list.....we were handed a sheet of at least 40 releases on that list that we paid for upfront and could pick up after RSD.....those LPs still have not arrived....I would definitely not spend a penny over retail on the Warner releases and just wait patiently. There was a thread somewhere on Hoffman about this and I'm just passing info on again. Hopefully it saves one of you from over paying
  9. I forgot to ask for the shirt but I willl be back there sometime this week. Those things never fit me so I pass but I bought a decent amount of stuff this week so if they can find me one..it's yours.
  10. Leftovers will be up at http://1234gorecords.com/recordstoreday at 5am EST on Sunday the 14th. We are no running this out of a squarespace store instead of our janky old webstore so you can use credit cards or paypal if you like. We tested this out on Black Friday and it worked like a dream. Processing time on the orders was greatly reduced as well so we're faster than ever!
  11. They had at least two dozen on the shelves and probably more in back. Came with two Tix and I gifted them to the nice couple behind me since I probably have to work. I'm sure you will able to get a copy without too much of a headache
  12. SF Bay area didn't get a lot of Warner releases on time so you may see lost in translation and crow and prince etc show up at your local stores later
  13. 1234go records had a ton!!! Check their site tomorrow
  14. This arrived and is definitely new in box. Outer box has the tongue logos and it's completely sealed inside! Score!