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  1. Just wanted to hop in and say you’re a fuckin loser and that my copy should be here soon cause I don’t like to go off topic. but you’re still a fuckin loser. A dumb one.
  2. Got the Jupiter variant in just now. Looks pretty bad, but super stoked to spin this on a proper system. Interesting packaging.
  3. I agree with what you’re saying but I can’t help but at least judge it in the context of their body of work. I don’t like it cause it isn’t PV, I just don’t like it, unfortunately. also you might note people were just kinda sounding off with their opinions till sunshine decided he had to climb up into his ivory tower and start hitting his keyboard with his pecker. I even said I normally pass by his shit but I’m cranky 🤷‍♂️
  4. Like bassists are replaceable and who sings in a shoegaze band is largely irrelevant. Stoked theyre keepin on
  5. Shhhh you’ll offend sunshine and he’ll think you’re a pleb. It doesn’t matter that this album is hot garbage at all.
  6. I guess if you're missing a chromosome it would take more than 60 seconds to read three short paragraphs, yeah.
  7. Ya know, normally I pass on by your uppity bullshit cause I just don't care but I'm having a weird day and I'm cranky. I'll listen to whatever I want in whatever the fuck context I want. You think I wanted to troll this? I preordered it, I love Turnover, they're a great band, they're pretty local to me so I've been going to their shows for the better part of their existence. I was really hoping the lackluster singles weren't indicative of the album as a whole. Which is why I referred to it as disappointing. Because I'm disappointed. Take your holier than thou bullshit elsewhere. You think making a comparison between two bands is trying too hard? Fuck off, dude. Go count down the order numbers on Whirr's website to make sure you got that super special scrap of paper. We all know the losers who didn't get it are just posers. Or pick some other excellent use of your copious free time, you message board dwelling inbred mouthbreathing waste of space. Imma get back to work.
  8. This album is so so disappointing. It's like they're doing a bad impression of Paramore's last album. The only tracks that stood out to me were Still In Motion and Ceramic Sky.
  9. If it was the ep and first two full lengths, sure. This seems like a massive waste of money for label, I can’t see there being much demand for it.