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  1. super duper ltd rainbow coil variant w/ holographic silkscreened cover when?
  2. Fuckin a idk how someone as vibrant as Gaga made such a mundane turd
  3. Lol go to VMP if you wanna jerk it over splatters of bands you have never heard of, no one here cares. We like music. Guess that makes us elite. I'd rather be snobby and elite than someone who wastes money on a record solely because there are X amount of them out there or cause they swirled the lead singer's jizz into a clear record.
  4. Thanks, this is what I figured, but I couldnt find it explicitly stated anywhere.
  5. I'm kinda confused on which pressing is which.. you ordered their first variant. Did you end up with the purple/pink-ish one? I ordered the first as well and I am not wild about that orange one.
  6. Nah the olllld one with something to write home about, treasures, a menagerie etc. solace was sick though. I cannot get behind this track :/
  7. Can we just get a pressing of the EP cause this is... not what I liked about them.
  8. UmRecently? The blue variant of empath by Devin Townsend. Had the money and the time, but I let international shipping deter me for a few hours. By the time I was ready to commit it was gone. Less recently? Scored a copy of the lost in translation soundtrack for $50 and then sold it for the same a month later when I needed cash... regretted it since and haven’t been able to find a copy for anywhere close to that price. thank fuck for RSD2019 imma flip the thread on its head here though and point out some records I was happy to get hold of and have absolutely no regrets and no intention of ever parting with... Wu lyf- go tell fire first press (goes for $100+) black queen- infinite games color swirl (goes for ~$200) tom waits- rain dogs and bone machine first presses ($60-$120 each)
  9. Man fuck district lines, I thought mine was an oversight and somehow was shipped without an inner sleeve by accident. The thing plays so I guess I’ll keep it cause I’m not gonna pay shipping twice just so they can sell it to someone else
  10. good god you're fucking annoying. The Used has sucked for over a decade and they weren't even good to begin with. Quit sticking member berries in your ass