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  1. Holy fuck. This is a huge surprise and so far it’s heavy and yeah the production is massive. This is an amazing treat.
  2. If I can get a nice variant that matches the art I will. But I’m not gonna stress over it anymore. I’ll pick this up on black at some point
  3. Took me a decade to get here. It’s really so much better and makes it less stressful and the actual fun hobby I signed up for
  4. So... anyone a secretly member who would order a copy of that for me? I might just sign up if not stoked to get my copy of this from bull moose
  5. Well. This is something I want, and I gotta say, the most unhelpful thread I’ve stumbled upon round these parts 😂
  6. It's pretty, ambient, and soothing... ...and boring as shit, tbh.
  7. If someone doesn't like Norma Jean they aren't going to look at that thread. Everyone on the site is probably checking this regularly. Visibility.
  8. Let’s do something different with this comment. bands who have shown their asses and are definitively not allies of BLM. Deserves visibility too. I’ll start. Norma Jean: https://www.theprp.com/2020/06/03/news/norma-jeans-cory-brandan-called-out-by-every-time-i-die-stick-to-your-guns-members-after-posting-image-allegedly-mocking-the-black-lives-matter-movement/
  9. You do? Damn, there’s been enough anecdotal evidence of him being a piece of shit that now that he’s really shown his ass I don’t believe a word of that backpedaling. I have loved Norma Jean since I was in tenth grade, but I’m done. At least I can still listen to Bless the Martyr. Hope the rest of the band is cool with only getting booked opening for Five Finger Death Punch from here on out. Fuck Cory, fuck racism, and fuck anyone who thinks his behavior is acceptable. Time to listen to some Every Time I Die while I list all my Norma Jean records for sale and find a good BLM focused charity to donate every dime I make to.
  10. These nu metal guitar squeals are really just everywhere this year.
  11. Well. I always knew he was an uppity ass. did not realize he was this much of a prick though
  12. Number twelve looks like you https://silentpendulumrecords.bandcamp.com/merch/rise-up-minnesota-benefit-shirt Nothing https://nothing.bandcamp.com/album/george-a-live-part-time-punks-session-los-angeles-12072019
  13. Oh I love the album, it has some amazing tracks, I just know the mix will give me a headache so it’s been a minute since I’ve listened to any of it. I’ll throw on the record tomorrow and see if I feel any different.