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  1. I maintain that no one actually likes this band except sorority girls who think turnstile is punk
  2. This is one of my favorite albums ever and I paid too much for my copy a couple years ago.
  3. This album is weird. I’m obviously supposed to eat some acid before I listen to this. Okay guys have it your way, I’m goin in.
  4. Yet again failing to exercise your ability to read, I see. That other post had nothing to do with me, I just chimed in cause you know, that’s what ya do on message boards. Then again you’re the one who can’t wrap their head around an album and track having the same title, so I can’t say I’m surprised.
  5. If only there was a way you could click on this newfangled story thing and see it’s just the single, short of 8 pages of people discussing it 🧐