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  1. Rough trade had one indie left so I grabbed it and Dedicated! Thanks though!!
  2. I missed Jon till I heard and saw the new dude. He’s more than capable of taking up the mantle. It’s a new age, boys.
  3. First album in a decade from these greasy jersey jackholes. New song "Ruin the Smile" streaming now and physical preorders up via what I assume is their new label, Overlord Records. https://store.overlordrecords.net/
  4. Well I wanted to be the one to post this shit... hopefully physical PO is coming. new song is fucking lethal.
  5. Also a regular! I love it. We’ve more than likely crossed paths They were all $40. I didn’t bother to look at the street date, so yeah I’m dumb of course they’re boots. i love SG but I never really saw bootlegs there and these showed up literally on Friday, so they got them to coincide with the official pressings. Kinda iffy if you ask me but I wouldn’t have half the records I do without them so 🤷‍♂️
  6. Quoting myself here, buuut they were all out of this at my local and bm doesn’t have it either. If anyone has a lead on the indie or has another variant they are looking to unload, let me know!
  7. That pinwheel looks gnarly. I didn’t expect much out of this so I didn’t PO so no fancy variants for me but after listening I promptly took my ass to the sound garden for a copy. I’m actually there now!
  8. Can’t tell if this is sarcasm but it isn’t, it’s the galaxy swirl. Had the others as well. at least this is what they told me, I did not bite the bullet. EDIT: this was yesterday and I’m about to walk back in to grab the new torche.. imma open this fucker (shipped unsealed) and see what’s up cause for $40 and with a supposed street date of fall, I’m thinking they can deal with me taking it out the sleeve.
  9. FWIW... sound garden Baltimore https://m.imgur.com/a/OpaaCO2
  10. I fucking loved this band back in the day and I just wanna express my complete disappointment at what they’ve become. i even liked erase me when it came out. But fuck, this is a shame. can we get some anniversary tours for lost and disambiguation so we can pretend they aren’t touring with nu metal bands and peddling 4 song acoustic shows people drive 3 hours for 🙄
  11. Violent waves is the closest they have to that and it’s still a great album