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  1. Maybe I missed something earlier in the thread but- you don’t prefer the remaster? It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever heard. Or is it just a having both thing?
  2. My guess would be they will bring instruments and microphones, then play the songs
  3. We don’t fuck w bullmoose round these parts no more I also assume the error in question are those boring turds that were their last albums
  4. My biggest gripe is that the songs with vocals aren’t even from the band themselves. Really strips away the identity they’d started cultivating on audio noir
  5. Records for sale, the last of my collection I’ve held onto to for the better part of a decade. help me move from the east coast to Oregon by buying the shit I can’t fit in my car. $5 media mail shipping from Harrisburg, PA via paypal G+S. $50 minimum purchase please. The armed- split w tharsis they (red) 25 the armed- only love (gold) 40 (SOLD) The armed- ultrapop (clear) 18 Between the buried and me- colors (spla
  6. Who knows, but this was a big ol’ letdown in my book. It took effort to get through, and it’s a pretty short album.
  7. This bored the ever loving shit out of me and has no sense of identity and even less cohesion. Oof.
  8. Turnover was my first thought! I’m here for this. edit- wow fuck bullmoose. Way to shit in like a decade of good will in one afternoon. they been fucking up orders and not fulfilling preorders left and right lately anyway.
  9. Box got delivered a couple months ago but have been on the road doing vagrant shit. Had a chance to listen through all three and they’re easily the best sounding pressings available of these albums. they’re still mid 2000s metalcore and come with the associated production caveats so take “best sounding” with a grain of salt define sounds the best, nice 👍
  10. If only red fang were actually good, those gimmicks might be more tolerable
  11. See, you say that. And yet you’re here, trawling the new releases thread with a lazy post for a record that’s pretty readily available.
  12. I can’t imagine this box or individual releases will be hard to find with all the variants out there. But who really knows.
  13. Derek: saying what I say, but like, not a dick about it since... oh idk 2019 or so

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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