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  1. Jesus fuck this is worst, most try hard, quasi-intellectual bullshit I have read since... well, the Tool thread. anyone who’s interested in this album should save themselves the cringe and ignore that post, because it’s extremely off base and reads like a community college freshman who just discovered Burroughs. I saw them last weekend and they’re just as powerful and crushing as ever, dude must’ve gotten a bad batch of acid. At least it would explain the incoherent wall of text he posted as a “review.” how much “energy” do you want from a band who’s made a two and a half decade career out of slow, crawling, droning, monolithic riffs? guys I can be quirky and weird too and spell words wrong. Rabbat! See, I did it! No one go with this guy, no one embark on a journey, and definitely no one drink anything he gives you: I think this dude fucks stuffed animals.
  2. After one listen to hard to say. It’s heavy, but not as heavy as dear. Very very shoegazey and psychedelic. The only songs with a readily discernible form are Love and Shadow of Skull. I tentatively dig it more than dear for the sole fact that it seems way more varied.
  3. Reviving a dead thread solely to say: If this mini tour is coming near you, to get off your ass and GO. This was the single most chaotic and twirly thing I have ever seen. Every bone in my body hurts and it was worth every second of the drive from Baltimore to Philly. they have copies of untitled and only love on vinyl on the merch table, so this isn’t a completely useless bump... but yeah I just wanted to say GO SEE THIS BAND THEY ARE SAVING MUSIC. NO BACK PAIN ONLY LOVE ❤️
  4. Wait that wasn’t just some satire someone slapped together as a joke?
  5. As I understand it’s a licensing thing. They don’t own it. Unless they re-record it from the ground up then it’s a new piece of “property” altogether they can control and distribute. my issue is the two awesome albums that breathed new life into a band I had stopped caring about, and how quickly all that forward momentum was abandoned to replicate their sound from 2005. The last album and the ep before were both such a downturn in quality from Thorns. And now re recording their first release ever? Like cmon, y’all were doing something exciting and you’re leaving that for what? Pop punk with some screams again?
  6. I love this band too and I was so optimistic about their future when pull the thorns came out but they’ve just abandoned all that momentum... and buddy annoying as hell on social media.
  7. Oh well this changes everything, instacop! no freal I love Green Day but this needs to stop please stop this Billie
  8. Jeeee-heeeee-eeeesus that was bad. This better fuckin not be a sequel to AI... you leave that album alone, Billie Joe!
  9. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is the same group who put out dookie and American idiot.
  10. Well they’re up on Apple Music. Very 80s... though I guess the art should’ve tipped me off. Not sure how I feel about this, but I probably need more than the first 2 minutes of the first song to form an educated opinion or whatever