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  1. Harold Budd - The Pavilion of Dreams ❗❗ (2022 vinyl/CD reissue from Superior Viaduct)
  2. I don’t think I’ll be opening mine when it arrives. Might sell it after a while. They’re one of my top fav bands, but the fact that this was, arguably, sneakily worded as a special album of unreleased music… “Well they never said it was new songs!!” Fair enough, but $60 is $60 that I could have spent on many other things. We waited like 7 months to get a vinyl with “nothing” on it lol.
  3. Christ, that Lamp of Murmuur shit is too hard to get a hold of. It's always from a different distro and I miss them every time. 🙄
  4. https://ffm.to/beachhouseotm ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ “It is an 18 song double album and we are releasing it in 4 Chapters over the next 4 months. Chapter One comes out tonight at Midnight (EST)”
  5. Is anyone going to the Lamp of Murmuur show on October 30th in LA? I’ve heard there will be vinyl copies of the last full length for sale in person only. I’m on the east coast but if I could get someone to ship one to me at original cost, I’d be so grateful
  6. DLFLIT is supposed to be a live recording of new songs that have never been released, afaik. Side B has a double groove where one groove is an experimental recording of their 2010 demo.
  7. I always think that too lol, no shade, I just can't even imagine buying variants. One is enough for me, maybe 2 if it's significant enough to me. Between vinyl and botique movie collecting, I gotta keep spending at a minimum.
  8. 1st pressing is sold out. More will come “asap.” yeah it’s been one of those semi “internet famous” albums, typically pops up in recommended videos when you go down the line of this style of music on YouTube.
  9. This is big. Scored! "Limited to 1,000 but we'll make more" -from the Instagram page
  10. Someone that seems to have the info on the bands Facebook group (nothing band downward posts to come)
  11. It’s supposedly all new music specifically recorded for this release. Plus the demo experiment on the side b hidden groove
  12. The atmosphere of this song/video is weirdly unsettling, her music makes me feel the same kind of unease that Ari Aster's films do. Not just cause the video has slight Midsommar vibes, but the overall feeling of anxiety or dread that comes with it, I think this album will have more of that even if it's not as 'extreme' as Caligula.