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  1. https://m.us.zavvi.com/merch-vinyl/mondo-silent-hill-2-original-video-game-soundtrack-2xlp/12071274.html not color, but almost cost price for a black copy
  2. Some people already got the SH2 vinyl, with an awesome tease on the obi strip:
  3. If you have any pending preorder or unfulfilled order on this website, file your claim now.
  4. Tour/VIP edition in stock again: https://tdwpstore.com/116831/With-Roots-Above-and-Branches-Below-10-Year-Anniversary-Edition-LP-Music
  5. FYE exclusive is up: https://www.fye.com/the-damned-things---high-crimes-exclusive-baby-blue-vinyl-fye.000000727361482541.html
  6. Clear multicolor splatter is now available separately: https://puptheband.myshopify.com/collections/music/products/morbid-stuff-lp?variant=22170261454896
  7. Looks awesome! The only bummer for me was that my copy didn't came with the hearts polybag.
  8. Im hoping for a EAR reissue of this record, the SRC pressing I have sounds horrible.