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  1. Looks like the official announcement is coming in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled.
  2. If anyone can get an extra copy of the metal gear solid sdcc variant, let me know (Obviously with an extra fee)
  3. new pressing: http://www.backbite-records.de/releases/architects-daybreaker.html?variant=7
  4. Back in stock, there's like 35 copies left https://blueswanrecords.bigcartel.com/product/secret-band-ep-vinyl Sold out.
  5. http://relapse.com/ceremony-in-the-spirit-world-now/ 1. Turn Away The Bad Thing 2. In The Spirit World Now 3. Further I Was 4. / 5. Presaging The End 6. Say Goodbye To Them 7. We Can Be Free 8. // 9. Years Of Love 10. Never Gonna Die Now 11. I Want More 12. From Another Age 13. /// 14. Calming Water YIP.
  6. this PO is live on any other store? bullmoose doesn't let me order from another country.
  7. Im looking for any colored variant of the purple album at a reasonable price for both parts. Let me if you have one!
  8. https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/broken-in-refraction-indie-exclusive
  9. Damn it, I thought this was already out there considering I've seen pictures of the baby blue variant on instagram and discogs. Looks like I will have to keep waiting