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  1. This got leaked, and... holy hell what a good album.
  2. Pressing info: 300 opaque red 100 opaque off white 100 half black half white https://otherpeoplerecords.store/collections/polyenso/products/polyenso-year-of-the-dog-lp?variant=21059661299770
  3. hyperg1ant

    PO: DIIV - Covers 7"

    Thank you!
  4. I saw this a couple days ago, but I haven't seen a topic for this, so here it is! Milky Clear (Limited to 400): http://backbiterecords.tictail.com/product/pre-order-archtitects-daybreaker-lp-col-400 There's a gold one also (limited to 100), but it looks to be sold out: http://backbiterecords.tictail.com/product/pre-order-archtitects-daybreaker-lp-col-100
  5. hyperg1ant

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    I've just started mine yesterday: https://www.instagram.com/stigmat4/ If anyone wants to follow, I will follow back like a bro!
  6. Smoke colored (US) variant available again at the store: https://kingsroadmerch.com/touche-amore/view/?id=14437&cid=1723 edit: sold out again
  7. https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/850/protest-the-hero-fortress-limited-edition-vinyl-boxset Beautiful boxset, but it's pricey.
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  9. hyperg1ant

    PO Now: King Krule - The OOZ

    Live on the Moon (limited to 350): https://king-krule-uk.myshopify.com/products/live-on-the-moon-vinyl picture disc, tho
  10. Received my copy today, it's a really good album!
  11. hyperg1ant

    Queens of the Stone age - Era Vulgaris

    This was repressed on september, i've seen a couple sealed copies on indie stores. It's on discogs for $23.37 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1152332?ev=rb