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  1. Features the original jacket and inner sleeve art, and comes in a coke clear with blue swirl vinyl edition limited to 700 copies. First time on vinyl since 1995. $23.98 https://shop.realgonemusic.com/collections/upcoming/products/soul-asylum-let-your-dim-light-shine-lp
  2. I nearly shat myself when I saw this post bumped again! Ha ha! But excellent news! Can't wait!
  3. Behold... The Arctopus Hapeleptic Overtrove SOURCED FROM A DEDICATED VINYL MASTER Pressing Info: 100 copies on Neon Yellow ---- SOLD OUT 200 copies on Random Mixed Color https://beholdthearctopus.bandcamp.com/album/hapeleptic-overtrove
  4. Nice! Been waiting for this one! 👍
  5. At this point there's only one release that I'll be focusing on and that release would be N.I.B. And maybe if by chance I run into this, the second would be Space Hog's Resident Alien. But I won't hold my breath...🙊
  6. This is the only reasonable option as far as I'm concerned... Let the horses loose!
  7. Tis' true about the flimsy packaging! Several puncture holes and bends in the mailer. Luckily it did not puncture all the way thru and my record was spared! Hopefully, those of you who had a damaged record can resolve your issues...🤪
  8. Just got my MTBMB today! Pretty wicked looking vinyl! It's more like translucent red with black splatter if you asked me to explain the color. So I'll prolly give it a spin this weekend when i have a chance to clean it.👍
  9. Oh shit! No notification since the backed up message few weeks ago then I come home today and found two stacks of shipments today,lol! One was my Eminem MTTBMB and the other PUSA! Suffice it to say I'm pretty happy this evening! (Wife too!)
  10. Good news for those who missed out! According to a Kickstarter collaborator in the PUSA kickstarter comments there will be a black version in stores in the fall! You're welcome😉