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  1. Woooo! Holy shit that melted my earbuds! Ordered the Schism🤙
  2. I know it's been days since this posted but I'm about ready to pull the trigger. But has your order actually shipped? I was about to place an order when I saw that covid-19 message at the top of the page saying that they can't enter their building to pack shipments. Thx
  3. Just received both my red and blue variants. Very impressed with this album. Dammit! I wished I had waited til I received my vinyl copy to hear it first, but oh well. Nonetheless, this album slams! Not to keen on the Evanescence singer appearance on this album, but the album as a whole really kicked my ass!
  4. I don't see it any other way. Online sales is the way to go about this. Granted our economy hasn't tanked by then!
  5. Went with both the Red and Blue variants after listening to Ice T's rap metal week on Liquid Metal/SIRIUS XM. Serious mad beats on this album!
  6. I'd rather see "The More Things Change" from Machine Head since it's never seen a Vinyl pressing.
  7. Nativity In Black! N° 1!!! Spacehog Slint Skid Row Primus Fight Infectious Grooves Dune Maybe list: Hackers Judas Priest British Steel
  8. That's excellent! Will there be any signed TP's up for grabs anytime soon?
  9. I like these so far: Slave To The Grind Space Hog Resident Alien Sugarhill Gang N.I.B. Music From The X-Files Pete Rock Paul Hardcastle Oh shoot! Can't forget that 12" Slint too! Not a whole lot but this is the UK list. More info should be surfacing soon including the US list.
  10. The signed deluxe copies on eBay are being sold for $200+