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  1. "Demons & Wizards” (2000) and “Touched by the Crimson King” (2005) are going to be released physically again June 7th both remastered for 2019. Bundle pack and single release available. https://centurymedia.store/dept/demons-and-wizards
  2. Does rainbow board mean holographic? This is pretty good. Prolly get this thru Bandcamp.
  3. Still can't get over that mask. Sounds great live tho! From what I'm understanding the indie exclusive red is for Euro only? Anyone know if there will be a US indie variant?
  4. With all the Soundgarden releases lately we oughta just make an all encompassing Soundgarden thread...👹
  5. For those of you who care, Wargod will be selling remaining RSD titles Friday, May 17th, starting at Noon EST. Including that damn yellow 7M3. Some other stuff too like the Cable Guy and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. But I really only want that 7M3!
  6. So looks like they're shooting down VMP forums https://forum.vinylmeplease.com/index.php?threads/important-announcement-regarding-the-forum.12244/
  7. I got my shipping confirmation the day I ordered from Amazon Italy
  8. Finally received my Crow OST from Amazon Italy!!! Didn't think I was actually gonna get it, Lol!🤩
  9. Did anyone else pick up that copy of Hello Nasty? There's sibilance all over both LPs. sho 'nuff. Damn... That album is so good too... Oh well...