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  1. Great price! This is where I eventually attained my RSD The Crow soundtrack. Great packing! Thx!
  2. Just got this email: We've spent the last two weeks working with the label’s distribution team on getting our full Beastie Boys colored vinyl deliveries in time for the release date of October 4th. Unfortunately, we received confirmation today that we are going to have these versions of Paul's Boutique and To The 5 Boroughs next Wednesday. We will begin shipping as soon as they arrive, and we’ve been assured that we are going to be the first to receive these as soon as they’re done. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at [email protected]
  3. Just watched this. The soundtrack is amazing! I don't actually like this guy, but he knocked it out of the park on this soundtrack!
  4. Make Yourself $37.99 Amazon Also didn't specify color
  5. I'll never pay more than $10 for an SRC pressing. My only SRC vinyl is the clerks soundtrack I got for $6 when they were clearing them out. Wasn't too impressed. It wasn't that bad, but 6 bucks is 6 bucks. But I have faith that Matt will be repress this soon and give us another DIH quality reissue. Still holding out...
  6. Gonna try and catch every variant of SFTD. Grandfathered in with a month to month sub. Likely will cancel after SFTD...
  7. The Nirvana store says it has 3826 left. I imagine we're looking at a possible <5000 run? There are other stores that are selling it as well.
  8. Can't buy another copy of Calculating Infinity! Although I do love box sets...
  9. Yeah if you scroll down you'll see it in fine print http://www.vinylmeplease.com/magazine/vinyl-me-please-queens-of-the-stone-age/
  10. Swapped out Flaming lips for Demon Days since I missed out the first run. This year is gonna end well😁