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  1. According to Plaidroom records these are limited?: Ill Communication (Metallic Silver) - limited to 4000 Paul's Boutique (Purple) - limited to 3000 Root Down EP (Random color) - limited to 3000 To The 5 Boroughs (Blue) - limited to 4000
  2. Ooooh! Good one! 7empest sounds like a winner, tho Dammit Derek beat me to it! Ha ha
  3. Oh shit! Sorry guys. Cancelled my bullmoose! Been caught up in all the Tool news. Ha
  4. Why the fuck aren't we getting fucking vinyl... I think I'm gonna start following Sunshine I'm so fucking depressed...
  5. Agreed with Derek. Start with Ænima then Lateralus. Then you can decide where to go from there. Personally, I started with Undertow. So you could see the progression I went thru as Tool took over the Alt. Metal scene.