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  1. Not to hijack your thread but this has also happened to me before. Except it was a pile of records each individually boxed. It was a distro's southern ontario packages for people and mine just happened to be on top. Somewhere along the line they were bundled together and the post office just delivered them to me. Needless to say I kept them. ....kidding.
  2. im watching the SBBB ....... the extra b is for bargin i hope.
  3. I love them. I do listen to them if I dont have a regular copy and I try to get as many of my favorite records or bands that I can.
  4. apparently, randy rhoads is selling his copy on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com/Converge-You-Fail-Me-LP-White-Cross-Bannon-Print-/130384868069?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item1e5b8b32e5 thats so sketchy. i think labels should just put rare releases on ebay. fuck the flipper b.s. and beat them at their own game. im really just bitter i couldnt score this.
  5. john fahey sonic youth evol pavement greatest hits. bon iver/peter gabriel split everything i needed to get. i was alittle bummed about the black moth record being 35.
  6. I pre-ordered this when it came out and they had a pre-order for 180 gram and for a color version but something happened and the color copies werent color just plain black. So i have a black version 180 gram and black version regular with black and silver labels.
  7. I have been toying with the idea of selling my modest mouse stuff. I have Building something out of nothing, moon and antacrtica, everywhere and his nasty parlour tricks and sad sappy sucker.
  8. Im just curious/worried about ring wear. It would be alot of work to switch my collection over