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  1. I'm lookin for a red/black split and a HT splatter blurryface. Both new sealed or opened in great condition. Please message me if you can help. Thanks!!
  2. I was stating in general terms if you wanted to have one sealed as a collectors item like many people do.. you will have no clue whats inside because of what I have experienced with stickers being mislabeled on my purchases... No where did i say I am angry I cant have 3 sealed copies. i think you need to re read what I wrote. I didn't just create an account to "bitch"? since when is telling the truth bitching? and i did clearly read what travis said! thats why i stated i hope more are in stock by the exchange deadline... no where did i say i hope this is repressed by the end of the year... all 6 were opened. 3 for me and 3 of my daughters. this is how i know all 6 have a slight warp to moderate on the C/D side.. I have 1 "record player" and so does my daughter. Is that a issue not 6 dummy.. but clearly all is said you are taking very personally.. you are so super angry about shit you cant control or try to control with your wanna be detective FAIL skills.. were you happily married with 4 kids and a wonderful wife, and then a train killed your lovely family while you were acting like a twat on a message board while driving and now your sole purpose in life is to troll boards looking to hate on people that have families that love them??? clearly your family is better of dead than to deal with an ignorant judgmental misinformed blind waste of space as yourself... so.. yeah.. to recap I got 6 opened blurryface LP's details above.. 2 record players.. a loving family... and clearly just adopted a twat troll who should have died long ago..
  3. well since i have 4 kids and a wife who all dig |-/....and my 12 year old daughter who loves vinyl as much as I do, and HAS to get all titles dad gets.. thats why 6..... Also I love having all variants of all my favorite bands. I love blink 182 and have 22 variants of enema of the state.. whats the difference? i was pointing out the vinyl pressings flaws. but i'm happy to answer personal questions since y'all asked.. not ashamed of having 6 of the same LPs in the house if they are legitimately being used. Any other questions??? Or shots at my odd amounts of vinyl?
  4. I received 2 red/black split from the |-/ web store preorder, 2 amazon black, and 2 splatter direct from HT. A total of 6 LPs and every single one LP 2 w/ sides C/D are warped. 6 LPs , 3 different versions, all identical issues. Some worse than others. Some unplayable and others just have the tone arm jumping Up and down like mountain ridges in the LP but it plays. Super bum out for such a highly anticipated vinyl release, as well as the cost being $27.99 plus tax and shipping these are averaging $35 per LP and although the packaging is very nice it is all high quality sleeve and inserts, but the LPs are like 110g super thin and flimsy. At this cost 180g should be standard and would have prevented a lot of the warping. Also the sticker mess. My Amazon black copies came with stickers that said limited edition splatter... And the Hot Topic splatters arrived with the sticker not stating any special color inside. So to keep one sealed as a collectors item it's hard because you don't truly know what version is inside. Also my HT copies came in not well packed in a standard cardboard mailer that was over stuffed and corners open exposed because the mailer could not support the weight of the 2x LPs and so 2 corners of the package from hot topic were crushed. Typical HT shipping woes continue year after year order after order. Unfortunately they are sold out so I can't get replacements. I hope what Travis said about more coming online is true so that Hot Topic can fulfill a replacement order soon before the return policy runs out.
  5. I have a extra |-/ LC LP if you have not found one yet, as for pop punk I have some motion city soundtrack, blink, /\̶\/̶/̶\ , +44, PM if interested
  6. The "limited" unlimited HT splatter series has killed the blink collectors market

    1. batnoises


      who cares, more people have access to the records and it's not like the band would benefit from the flippers anyway. exclusivity for variants is one thing, but exclusivity for an entire format is pretty stupid imo.

  7. Hi, I read through this post and saw it was being looked into for Travis to possibly get more of the RED HT variant. Any update on that? Also I'm looking for a copy or 2 of the RED HT press. If anyone has any extras or can point me to someone who may have this LP other than the whack prices on eBay, please let me know. I'm a huge |-/ fan and already have the clear variant and would be grateful for any of y'alls help. Thanks

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