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  1. Oh sweet! Hopefully they're all out by the end of the week. That's strange though, maybe it's for the shipping? That was steep for a 7".
  2. Did anyone get a shipping confirmation for this yet? Last I heard they were supposed to go out last week.
  3. I tried once all the colored variants started popping up for cheaper and they said no, citing what they said about “due to the nature of pre-orders” they couldn’t refund me. But it took three weeks to receive that reply and by that time I had already sent another email asking again since I thought the first was ignored and a few days later they responded to that one and cancelled it. I did mention the PayPal dispute thing in the second so maybe that’s what did it.
  4. Has anyone successfully gotten a refund through her store despite the “no refund” policy yet? I went ahead and ordered the indie exclusive through Bull Moose since that already seems like it’ll be sold out everywhere by release day
  5. That looks amazing and is surprisingly reasonable by their standards. They sell 3xLPs without a box or anything for $45 so I’m happy to pay $90 for the pair.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, apparently mine is now it’s Pittsburgh so it finally moved.
  7. Same problem here. I did reach out to customer service and they told me to wait another week or two for movement. I’m just worried they didn’t keep enough back stock if it really does end up missing
  8. How is Mondo generally with replacements/ customer service? I ordered the Thor v Hulk variant of Ragnarok and they shipped the standard black. Will they usually keep some backstock for instances like this?
  9. Thanks! I just received mine today as well, just got worried it got delayed
  10. There’s also a listing for Our Song https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32870658/taylor-swift-our-song-lavender-7
  11. Apparently one of the European versions of her store had a track list up along with it, that’s the only reason I could find
  12. There’s a rumor going around that Soon You’ll Get Better isn’t on the vinyl pressing
  13. Not sure if this was common knowledge or not but the Black Panther soundtrack is online now https://mondotees.com/products/marvels-black-panther-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-3xlp