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  1. I believe my copy of The Black Parade Is Dead has all three of those as bonus tracks on the D side. Studio versions as well, despite it being a live record.
  2. It looks like it ships pretty much immediately too. Does anyone see otherwise?
  3. Last I heard he’s got 3 different projects coming. This, the reimagined Yellowcard songs with some other band, and a release with his new band, Jedha.
  4. That’s really interesting, I’m glad to see he’s confirmed a lot of the music he’s been teasing for what feels like years now.
  5. Where did you hear about that? I didn’t see him post anything regarding it
  6. Very cool idea and it suits the record, but for $40 shipped I’ll just stream it.
  7. I’m stuck working and was looking for Dee Gees/Foos LP! Does anyone have any leads on it? I didn’t expect it to be this hard to get online so far. I think /r/vinylreleases has made shopping online a lot harder
  8. I feel like such a chump for buying all 3 sets for the original price now lol. It’s not even worth selling the extras for what they go for.
  9. Same here! There’s always Bull Moose on Monday but their site never works for me right when the drops go live
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I didn't see this in time. But to anyone looking for anything else, they said they could ship via phone order when I called.
  11. Still looking for HAIM, didn’t expect that to be as hard to get as it is
  12. Has anyone seen a shop put up that HAIM 7” online yet? I’m stuck working this morning and I think that’ll be the hardest thing to get ahold of on my list
  13. So has it been confirmed anywhere that the translucent green is an entirely different pressing? Is there any way to tell without opening it?
  14. Thank you so much for that! I’ll have to see if I can get it to work * Just saw the post about them being available on their store. That works too, thanks!

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