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  1. my local record store has it up for preorder on their website with an expected release date of April 24
  2. I finally got around to listening to this today... and this comment right here is SPOT. ON. ...also, I liked it!
  3. Getting a Robyn's Body Talk vibe with how this is being released... and I like it.
  4. So the film's "Viewing Party" last night at the Hello warehouse ended up being a cover up, and was actually a surprise acoustic set from Nate and Sam! They announced that they are going to be doing a little run of shows soon (I think next month) in NYC, Chicago, and Phoenix. Those should be announced today! Also a fun fact, it was 12 years ago TODAY that they announced their breakup... and 5 years ago today that fun. announced their breakup. Also, they had these shirts there last night:
  5. oooh good call! I never thought about that!
  6. When I sell I always include "pics available upon request" if there's anything off with it (seam split, creased corner, off-center label, etc). I wish there was a way I could just include it in the post.
  7. Publically, it really seemed to be Nate wanting to do a solo album, riding off the success of his songs with Pink and Eminem. Behind the scenes, I think there's a lot of issues between Nate and Jack. Nate dated Rachel (Jack's sister) for a long time, and when they broke up it was not that far off from when fun. broke up. Plus if you look Jack and Andrew always support each other with their different things, but Nate has completely dropped off from anything with them.
  8. Got my albums in today, and they sound GREAT! I asked in the notes section of the order for Sam to sign/doodle on the covers (he did it with my OG pressings of Dog Problem and I&L so I figured I'd give it another shot with these) and this is what I got! I absolutely love them! Also, Sam messaged me about my tweet (what I shared a few posts up) and since I had already ordered, they refunded my entire order.