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  1. Us: We want a Selena collab!!!!! Taylor: best I can do is Marren Morris. but in all seriousness I’m super excited for this track!
  2. They get referral points... both links work, just different referral codes
  3. Sticky sounds like it could have been on I Only Want to Live Once... and I ain’t mad about it
  4. Catch me grabbing the Katy Perry ep when it hits the clearance section.
  5. Standard variant, Pillar variant, and boxed set with alternative album artwork. Each album also comes with a zine, and according to Pat it’s a really nice quality zine
  6. I hope Viva La Cobra gets pressed... as juvenile and uhhh not good with the current times it is, it’s still a jam.
  7. FWIW I preordered the fun. Some Nights repress on Amazon and it shipped... but after it was delayed, and I had to verify I still wanted it because of the delay, getting a ship date of mid April, then: "OH HEY it'll be there tomorrow!" I think Amazon is getting some copies, but not as many as they are allotting in their system... so if you ordered early you might be in luck.
  8. Taylor Nation was teasing You Belong With Me on their instagram stories yesterday.... could be a coincidence, or they could be hinting that is the next song set to be released
  9. FDR said their site would be able to handle the traffic, no problem, when asked about it earlier this week on their livestream. 💩
  10. I got them added to my cart and checked out within about 30seconds of them going live, entered all my info and clicked Place Order... still have the spinning wheel thing 30 minutes later. No confirmation email. I think I'm SOL. UPDATE: just crashed
  11. I'm surprised there's only 1500 being pressed.... I'd think this could be a huge! But I'd assume Captiol is being crappy about it all (seems to be the MO for all the major labels and their early 00s albums). Regardless.... thanks for making it happen Field Day!
  12. I really wish we’d drop the PO Now, PO Soon, PO-, and dates in the titles. Dumb and not necessary. It should just be the artist and album title/collection being discussed.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Picked this up. Cannot wait to put The Chess Hotel on the turntable... such a solid record.
  14. I don't know anything from the album other than "Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)"... but damn that song is sad as hell... I listened to it not too long ago and it holds up. The video still cuts like a knife if you remember what that family was like. But.... thank GOD! Femme Fatale is back! Britney's best!

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