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  1. Love that proceeds are going to Atlanta Mission... they do wonderful work here in Atlanta!
  2. This album has just left me wanting "more." The opening track is stellar and I thought it would really set the tone (or I guess "scene") for the album... but the rest just seems be more bland in comparison. Especially following all her interviews I really thought she was going to dig deep into her emotions, but while some tracks certainly do, most just scratch at the surface. Also, I keep going back to the thinking of (and maybe this is why I'm hard on this album) how perfectly MisterWives's album SUPERBLOOM goes through the emotions of divorce/ending a relationship and set
  3. Saw the movie last night. Lots of boobs and bush... I was slightly disappointed in the music. I thought it'd be a lot more rock (There was one blatant rock song is "Easier Than Lying" which reminds me of a little harder version of 3am) but it honestly fits in pretty nicely with the rest of her stuff. I don't think anything really stood out as being a departure for her. I had trouble taking it all in... watching the film, depicting all the metaphors, listening to the music, listening to the lyrics... anxious to hear the whole album. She confirmed not all of the music is in the alb
  4. I only ordered the albums so I can't say what was in there, but over on Reddit I saw other people saying the same thing about item(s) missing/incorrect for the box sets
  5. This makes me think the vinyl production was the cause for the big gap in release dates. These are shipping out with the release, so it totally makes sense why we had to wait til november for the album.
  6. All 3 covers for me were black, and a nice crunch in the top right corner, because throwing them in a snug box with no padding/buffer was obviously the smart choice.
  7. The Walmart exclusive looks to be the one for me!
  8. Looks like they're in stores today too... such a rarity of an album being available the day it's actually released!
  9. I'm really confused with the timeline of when she made this. She's due anytime now (judging by that baby bump in her recent IG pics) so when did she do all of this? Was it somewhat recent and they edited out the bump from the film (and same for the album cover) or has this been filming since early this year and she used a prosthetic baby bump in the film? If the album/film is about motherhood/pregnancy/etc. when was this all done??? All in all, I think Halsey can bend time. Convince me otherwise.
  10. Artwork is awesome…. I also love the edited cover… just a subtle little change while not taking away from the integrity of the original cover. but why no song release?
  11. I'll just add to those that never checked out their christmas album they put out in 2019.... it's SUPER good. I'm very picky when it comes to christmas/holiday music (holiday music was a big part of my growing up during the season so I don't take lightly to blah holiday albums) and this one absolutely blew me away.
  12. This will be in stock at indie retailers and I’d assume big box retailers too. It’s being released on its first birthday, so I’d assume they’re gonna push for it to be #1 on billboard for its birthday
  13. Expected ship date is December, per his Instagram love last night. Barf. But worth it. This was a white whale for me til last year(?) when they found an extra box of the OG pressing in a storage unit and I snagged a copy. Love this album so so much.
  14. OH MY GOD PLEASE HAVE YOU'VE GOT MAIL IN THE PIPELINE! I would absolutely love to have a pressing of YGM!

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