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  1. Y’all crazy. That picture disc looks awesome... and that album is a pop masterpiece.
  2. Looks like this will have a wide release... Criminal Records in Atlanta posted about being able to preorder it on the online store.
  3. I cannot believe how FAST these Britney pressings are selling out. 5000 units of Femme Fatale were gone in like a day! Hopefully they just keep repressing them!
  4. IV and Facedown are still available on the Dirty Hit site https://store.dirtyhit.co.uk/artist.html?sort=releaseAscending&a=the_1975
  5. my local record store has it up for preorder on their website with an expected release date of April 24
  6. I finally got around to listening to this today... and this comment right here is SPOT. ON. ...also, I liked it!
  7. Getting a Robyn's Body Talk vibe with how this is being released... and I like it.