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  1. I had notifications turned on in the app for an in-stock alert and was able to get one there shipped with Adele 30 and Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories all b2g1
  2. Got my record from target… thrown in a big ass box with some pieces of those big bubble things. FML. There’s a nice crease in the corner and the spine’s corners are rubbed to shit…. And it’s now sold out. I’m gonna keep from opening it to see if they get restocked and I can get it swapped out.
  3. Next to the originals, for sure! That was my plan too, but almost no stores in the Atlanta area have any in stock! In all of Atlanta and the suburbs I think there were maybe 4-5 stores that had them. Now almost no stores had the cd either… so I’m thinking it’s just a distribution issue and they’ll be stocked within the next week. Because of the lack of being in store for me, I just ordered it today and just had it shipped.
  4. ok just finished a listen through.... Sound is solid throughout, with a few exceptions. Changes and You All Over Me sound like absolute SHIT. When We Were Happy sounds kinda mehh.
  5. finally picked up a copy at my target... there were 8 copies and all but 2 were pretty beat up. I'm spinning it right now and it sounds pretty good... I'd say a little better than folklore and evermore
  6. let us know how it sounds.... I have high hopes.... I love that album
  7. TikTok comparing the looks of the Canadian and German pressing not my video... just came across it yesterday
  8. Yeah I didn't word that last post right.... I was hoping for another pressing of it since I was a total dummy ass and slept on it 🙃
  9. How about a 5 score repress with the original cover???
  10. Saw on tiktok that the jacket of the target version is thicker than the standard version. Anyone have both and can confirm?
  11. Love that proceeds are going to Atlanta Mission... they do wonderful work here in Atlanta!
  12. This album has just left me wanting "more." The opening track is stellar and I thought it would really set the tone (or I guess "scene") for the album... but the rest just seems be more bland in comparison. Especially following all her interviews I really thought she was going to dig deep into her emotions, but while some tracks certainly do, most just scratch at the surface. Also, I keep going back to the thinking of (and maybe this is why I'm hard on this album) how perfectly MisterWives's album SUPERBLOOM goes through the emotions of divorce/ending a relationship and set the bar super high for any albums with the same subject matter... and Star Crossed doesn't come anywhere close to it.

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