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  1. Tonight at midnight est... ME! Featuring Brendon Urie
  2. He left Hot Topic and went to work for someone else (I can't remember who). When he left HT, their entire record selling/exclusives went into the crapper. Not sure if he saw it coming and got out when he could or if it went downhill because he left.
  3. I love Finders! I went to Univ of Findlay and would always drive up for Finders and some Myles! My first RSDs were at Finders when no one else would be there and you could just walk in and grab whatever 😂
  4. My local record store is putting what they have left up at 8am est. They had a bunch of the teal album and some of the dusty one yesterday, but not sure what will be left to go up... but totally worth a shot! Link to eBay page
  5. The subject of the email they sent yesterday said “Motion City Soundtrack "My Dinosaur Life" Vinyl Shipping Early” but said nothing about it in the actual email
  6. Got mine for Atlanta with my Citi card... ended up being $101 for two $36 tickets after fees
  7. Nothing for me... I ordered it with the book
  8. Do we know if this is getting a full release to retail too, or just on SRC?
  9. Welcome to the boards... I see the welcoming committee has already greeted you! You've gotten these types of responses for a few reasons: 1. The community doesn't take too well to people that are into records because of their looks/rarity or just to put them on the wall in a frame. 2. There is already an UO thread where all new releases or questions can be asked... HERE'S THE LINK (people don't like duplicate threads as the board is already pretty cluttered) 3. There's a general disdain for UO here as they are for the most part just capitalizing on the record boom with no real effort My advice in your question... just buy what you would want and what you'd listen to. Records can be pretty, but if you don't like it you'll look at it in a year or two and think to yourself "that was a dumb purchase" (been there) Cheers
  10. one might argue that Hilary Duff is the popstar we've always needed... (how is this song 4.5 years old already????)
  11. her new song is cringey as hell... totally killed the momentum this album had for me