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  1. New album and the Hella Mega Tour should be announced today too!
  2. My store dropped their inventory to about 1/4 of what it used to be from just a year ago... including no more big wall. We still have a sale section, but it's a milk crate that is constantly being moved around the store. Sometimes it's in the home clearance section, then next week it's hidden in the women's clothes, then a month later it's tucked away next to the fitting rooms...
  3. That Great Gatsby soundtrack is absolutely stellar, and a beautiful pressing (the original was done by Third Man Records) ...but that blue is fugly.
  4. Jack's production of her vocals make it sound like she's singing from within my ear canal. So clear, precise, full. I can't pin point what it is exactly, but the "sound" of this album is phenomenal... just something to get lost in.
  5. Good mix of sounds from pervious albums but lyrically it might just be her most solid. Also, I'm glad they took out "Hey Kids, spelling is fun!" I'm also going to add that it's pretty impressive that this technically didn't leak, as the "leak" was sourced from it being released on release day internationally. I know Target stores have had copies for over a week... it's amazing nothing made it out for an album this big.
  6. It was definitely meant to be very sarcastic... I blame my wording on it being very early and me not having had any of my morning coffee when I replied
  7. Plus there's some interesting connections to the song (read the translated lyrics in the comments) that are probably just a weird coincidence, but still.... I wouldn't put anything past Tay
  8. Apparently one of the 7ins was messed up and was pressed with a french song on it instead of ME!
  9. got shipping notifications for the studio 12in pic disc and the live 12in pic disc
  10. Saw they weren't limited and decided to wait. Would love Coloring Book, but not at this price... obviously could be worse, but I'm so over paying big money for albums
  11. She does them later, so people won't choose a cd over the vinyl option, but will just buy both in the end. PS That 4 different deluxe versions is dumb. I bought the two magazine versions for Rep and then I bought the hardback book at the end of the era. That book was just both of the magazines combined in a book.... I'm sure she'll do that again with all these deluxe versions, but I'm not taking chances. I'm a sucker.
  12. Kacey's album has consistently gone on sale for under $10 for the past 5 years... I'm sure this will hit the clearance bin quickly Looks like the price has gone up on all the Kacey albums... capitalism baby! Lizzo's album is a bop... glad to see it getting a pressing