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  1. Saw they weren't limited and decided to wait. Would love Coloring Book, but not at this price... obviously could be worse, but I'm so over paying big money for albums
  2. She does them later, so people won't choose a cd over the vinyl option, but will just buy both in the end. PS That 4 different deluxe versions is dumb. I bought the two magazine versions for Rep and then I bought the hardback book at the end of the era. That book was just both of the magazines combined in a book.... I'm sure she'll do that again with all these deluxe versions, but I'm not taking chances. I'm a sucker.
  3. Kacey's album has consistently gone on sale for under $10 for the past 5 years... I'm sure this will hit the clearance bin quickly Looks like the price has gone up on all the Kacey albums... capitalism baby! Lizzo's album is a bop... glad to see it getting a pressing
  4. Got my pink copy yesterday, and it looks great. Will be spinning it a little later today.
  5. WOAH. It was not repressed, so that's definitely from the set... I wonder how that found its way into the used bin... and at $25!!!
  6. So I bought the two pic discs, got my confirmation email with the 25% off (I didn't know about it before)... I thought that was a sign and decided to buy the 7"s. I use the code to buy ME! #1-4. Cool. Except now that leaves me with only needing the ME! Live 7". So I obviously have to buy that. I go back to buy ME! Live 7" but I then find out you can only use the code once per account. It was late and I wasn't thinking about just making another account, so I put my order in, but also added in the picture discs too... so I paid full price AGAIN for those. I'm planning to just sell the extra set of pic discs to cover the cost of those. Dumb. I hate myself.
  7. They're supposed to be in store tomorrow, according to their ad
  8. I don't understand why their albums are always so expensive
  9. THIS^ I was up close and my tix were $175ish during that exclusive presale, and then once it opened up for the regular presale/general sale the tix were $320 each (and no those were not resale prices)