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  1. Looks like Mimi is limited to 3000. I would assume those will go fast.
  2. My cousin who lives less than a mile from the new Grimeys went and picked up a copy for me. I’m so excited!!!!!
  3. Still can’t believeFemme Fatale sold out s fat as it did. Continually checking for a reporters to show up with all her other represses ============== edit: holy shit I blame the late night feedings of our 10 day old for what I was trying to say lol. but yes... I want a repress and am constantly checking!
  4. Don’t mind me... wrong thread. This is just the RK one.
  5. I wonder why they didn’t replace DWYW on the repress with the Christina version. It was clearly the superior version anyway.
  6. does everyone’s copies of YAO sound like poop? All my other Maine albums sound wonderful, but this one unfortunately sounds like it was phoned in through a tin can telescope.
  7. just a reminder that there's only 1hour-ish left to "officially" order the limited albums... I still stand by that everything will still be available tomorrow (and probably through the weekend) as a "Extended Just For The Fans" type deal. I just made my purchase. Ended up doing both Cardigan singles in the 12" versions and the "Meet Me Behind the Mall" and "Like Running Water Variants" Very much hoping (and expecting) someone (Target) to have the official cover version available at some point. I'd really love to see her do an indie retail variant with this album.
  8. A reminder that whenever Taylor has done this type of time-constrained sales in the past (Lover and her yearly Swiftmas sales), she ends up putting it ALL back up at the end, all together for one last hoorah! They aren’t gonna leave any money on the table.
  9. Peace is the best song on the album, and is THE quintessential Taylor Swift song. don't @ me... or do.
  10. Was that just added? I swear I read that page up and down multiple times and didn't see it, and now I see it blatantly there. Maybe I'll just blame not having had any coffee yet.
  11. Now a big question... when will we get these???? They say nothing about preorder, but it obviously has to be. She only started writing the album at the end of April
  12. Im so torn on what to do. I have all the variants on all her albums (minus the red pressing of Red, which I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get). Is now just the time to call it a wash and move on?????