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  1. I was really hoping the reason distributors were being goofy with the release for independents was because they were going to exclusively get the 3am edition
  2. Ooof! Case isn’t shipping until February! Was it that far out when they first went up for sale?
  3. Target CD has 3 bonus tracks… one song and two remixes also the cd itself is a special color… guess we’re gonna start variant collecting cds now too lol
  4. I was able to get one of the Moon tour variants.... great pressing. Top to bottom, quality and the sound is great!
  5. You’re far too kind… I would’ve been like hahaha sucker!
  6. The DTHBYH and LISBLIR tracks are very different, with the DTHBYR tracks have much more that pop-punk sound the boys had early on. So while they're on the later release, I think it'd be cool to just have that original album as a stand alone. I'm sure it'd sell out pretty quickly. And I don't think we do have that... unless it was released on the 7" singles they released a few years back. I only have a few of those and I don't remember what all was pressed.
  7. forever waiting for some Apathetic EP and Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand pressings
  8. This is AOTY for me, so far. Solid from top to bottom. Hexie Mountains and Let Me Drown are absolutely stellar
  9. What a let down this is. I just got my copy in... jacket has a major crease in it and the vinyl itself is decently warped. The lithograph isn't bent at all, so it leads me to believe this was not from shipping. I put the album on the turntable and noticed right away that the sound seemed flat. I have an original pressing, and when switching back and forth, it's night and day. The original pressing has depth and great sound, while this new one is flat and dull (yet, clear).
  10. Sale is now live! I picked up the obi strip, gray/white variant. I don't have an obi strip cover for anything else and I liked those colors best. Now we wait til June!
  11. Yup! Here’s a link to the Facebook post that seems to be the only place with the on sale time info
  12. Ladies and gentlemen it is finally happening. Presale starts Friday at noon, on Near Mint This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship June 2022. Sherwood's 2009 LP "QU" available on vinyl for the first time. Packaging Details: -Artwork Restoration & Packaging by Corey Purvis -Reverse Board Jackets -Printed Inner Sleeves w/ Lyrics & Credits -Resealable Poly Bags -Spine Obi Strips Pressing Information 100 Orange w/ Black Smoke (Near Mint Club Exclusive) 200 Clear w/ White & Orange Splatter 200 White/Gray A-Side B-Side 75 Japanese Obi Strips 20 Test Presses w/ Alternate Artwork

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