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  1. Excited to get this (I ordered red!) I've always kicked myself for not getting it with the original pressing!
  2. Obviously this release makes me really really happy!
  3. I'm confused if this is just a rerelease with a new cover and a few bonus tracks or if it's a full rerecording.
  4. Five Iron Frenzy... they were good, they were good, they were really, really, really good!
  5. Just finished spinning my copy and it sounds really good. Nice and clean with virtually no surface noise. Splatter looks great. The little obi-esque strip on top is a nice little add on too! Still shocked that this was announced, purchased, and delivered all within 5 days… what a time to be alive!
  6. Just placed an order on Discogs for a copy of The 1975 for $55, from a seller without any rating. I'm fully expecting to get hurt with this one, but... if you never shoot you'll never know
  7. The RSD pressing is a zoetrope picture disc... this is just a standard pressing 😕 Right??? My store had 350 copies and they are all gone! So many people there (of all ages!) waited hours in line just for that one album!
  8. Was able to get The Wonder Years and Orville Peck from BullMoose.... let's just hope they ship!
  9. Have the og pressing signed by Jack... but picked up the Zia variant. Excited that they have the bonus tracks on there too... Stitch Me Up has always been a fav, and the acoustic tracks are stellar
  10. According to SpinMeRound store the Long Pond pressing is 115,000! Insane!!! But glad they will meet the demand of it instead of leaving people frustrated ala RSD last year with The Lakes 7"
  11. Bringing this back from the dead as there’s a new colored box set coming as well as represses for all the albums individually…. Including ANTI! I actually found a copy of ANTI sitting on the shelves at my Target tonight (they have a red variant exclusive) and they let me buy it! I did an unboxing (nothing more humbling than trying to figure out how to make a TikTok) and it seems almost identical to the original… My god awful TikTok looking at the album
  12. I was really hoping the reason distributors were being goofy with the release for independents was because they were going to exclusively get the 3am edition
  13. Ooof! Case isn’t shipping until February! Was it that far out when they first went up for sale?

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