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  1. Some stores didn't receive a huge percentage of their records for RSD this year. Belgian stores might have been affected.
  2. Hope you can find it. I was lucky enough to grab a copy on Saturday and have listened to it five or six times all the way through already. Sounds amazing.
  3. I live about 30 minutes away, and I won't be back there anytime soon, unfortunately. Maybe try calling them and see if they'll let you order one over the phone? Easy Street is sort of "the record store of Pearl Jam," so it's possible they'll do it. When you walk into the store, they have a Pearl Jam corner of the store (shit you not).
  4. Yep. I just ordered (with very little faith) the Death Grips LP, which they showed to be in stock. Their shopping cart didn't even charge me for shipping, so I'm guessing they don't have it all together there.
  5. Thanks! Guessing the Death Grips they listed might have not really been there, but I ordered it anyway, just in case.
  6. Thank you! The image is for the Mark Lanegan Band, and the details mention nothing about Record Store Day. Could be the original release. Hmmm...
  7. I have all my wants except Violent Femmes. Could someone let me know if they see it lower than the $44.89 (incl. shipping) on Discogs? That's Newbury pricing right there.
  8. For people in Seattle, I was in Everyday Music about two hours ago, and they still had quite a bit of stock remaining. Saw a copy of the Prolapse LP and some other things. I grabbed their last Weezer odds 'n sods, but saw some other things people have asked for.
  9. I was there about 90 minutes ago in person, and they had probably 30-40 copies. They had some stock of other things as well, but no Robyn, Devo, or most of the other popular items people have asked for on here.
  10. Just talked to Easy Street Records (easystreetonline.com) in West Seattle. They said they planned to have their leftovers up by now, but they can't get in touch with their web guy(?!). They hope to have theirs up in the next hour or so. He said they are out of Robyn, Devo, etc. Said most of what they have is the seeds and stems (my words there), but he said they do of course have some Pearl Jam copies left.

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