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  1. Order said: Hey! Just a quick note to say that Kung Fu Records shipped your order and it’s now on its way: COMPLETE DEMOS: So Long, Astoria: Limited Edition 12" Clear Vinyl, by The Ataris Record/Vinyl
  2. So long astoria : complete demos now pressed on clear vinyl /100 no idea what’s gonna be on the record cause the digital files are like 43 of them https://theataris.bandcamp.com/album/complete-demos-so-long-astoria
  3. They just had them signed over the weekend
  4. there are some signed ones available at banquet
  5. after being in contact with both Sean and the guy that actually makes the record this is for sure gonna get solved if Warner/Atlantic does not reply to my email. top notch communication from those 2 guys
  6. yeah emailed Warner and explained everything. no reply yet , but its still early in the meantime Sean from 3oh3 has reacted on Instagram so hopefully he can do something bout it
  7. if you go to the other pictures and vids in this post you'll see the warp fun . (don't know if that works when I copy the link though)
  8. no Belgium, so i expected it. Just thought that at one Time it would hit a limit where you can send more with the same price.
  9. blue came in but suuuuper warped, almost like the plastic wrapping was to tight around and just slowly bend it. Anyone else had that? Or does everybody have good taste and didn't order it?
  10. my European pressing came in from Damien Done's record and just wanted to say it is such a great record that everyone should listen too