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  1. gazzo

    PO: Silverstein - REDUX

    seeing they tour over here twice a year or something, you'd say yes. But I think it's mostly because they are self releasing it ,they didn't think about a eu distro. Let's start one :p
  2. sorry, nothing but love for PN , but dayumn
  3. voodoo glow skulls meets no doubt meets a pile of hot shit?
  4. Don't point to many people to the uk store, it's still a quite safe haven for us europeans ;P
  5. I bitched on instagram about screwing europeans over (and people in the states not able to go to the shows) And he confirmed that there would be a wide release, just not in this colour way (so I presume black)
  6. banquet and Resident have the euro /250 http://smarturl.it/freethrow ordered that one ,even though it is the dullest one
  7. the yellow arrived today, just a transparant yellow beautiful shiny finish on the cover and insert btw, great stuff
  8. Problem is/was that holy roar posted pressing numbers, but they only posted the numbers they sold through their shop. They didn’t bring the ones the band sold themselves in account and those numbers are wrong
  9. one Time run of /50 cassettes now available https://slowcrush.bandcamp.com/merch?fbclid=IwAR3tunW33Ye2ynJ86l-8L4p-l_oQqwUEND8GYQDs4pVlePeeJAUlfpv9Cw0 2nd vinyl press should be up on DW shortly
  10. I have read on some places that the seam splits are meant to be there. Not sure if it's true, but there are rumours (kinda like the sticker that is already damaged looking)
  11. got the pressing numbers clear /700 green /700 black /?
  12. I like it. It’s the pop album fob never could make