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  1. I got one, and I got a confirmation email, but than the site kept reloading and it still showed my order in my cart you think everything went ok then? sorry for this shit question and tnx for the somewhat cheap shipping to Belgium
  2. check your spam folder, mine was in there, and the sender is Field Day
  3. 'AURORA' TEST PRESSING GIVEAWAY!! Since we're all big vinyl lovers over here we would like to share some of this love with you. The only thing we ask in return is that you post a picture of our record and share a link to Spotify, Apple music, Youtube, bandcamp,... on either Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us in it @ slowcrushband , #slowcrush. (you can use any of these stock pictures if you're too lazy) We'll announce the winner on Sunday and we'll ship the record with some other goodies before we leave on tour at the end of the month. <3
  4. Sorry, can’t look it up at work now, but basically 19.00h brussels time?
  5. loving the album so far, indeed a very strong mid to end 00's vibe
  6. and like I said, more Aurora copies are underway , so keep your eyes peeled
  7. they are particularly looking for bands to tour with and/or place to play. If you can help out, you can always pm me and I'll hook the band up.
  8. copped that /200 thank you so much for having a uk site with all the same pressings
  9. And soon a few more copies will be send to Deathwish. (Which is now sold out). Still some at bandcamp or holy roar
  10. bsm also started shipping
  11. Weird. They were delivered with the inner sleeve outside (but in the poly) (if i’m not mistaken).
  12. Redfield Records are total babes. Not only do they often send a pack of waffles with your order, they also send me the wrong variant, and before the conversation even stopped they already send me the right one. Top service