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  1. indies-only variant is “honey” (left) and regular is translucent orange (right)
  2. yeah it's made with the leftovers in between 2 pressings. So it kinda depends on what they are doing. But if you look at their instagram stories you can see it
  3. 'black cloud' , that will turn out as just a black pressing
  4. Yeah the /100 black is hr subscriber variant. But if you are subscribed you get 10% discount on the other one 😉
  5. I am afraid not. Think your best option is contacting Isa or Jelle from the band, but i think they are only receiving 2 variants. No idea 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Deathwish is live https://deathwishinc.com/collections/holy-roar/products/slow-crush-reel
  7. Preorders are live (although DW not yet it seems) 800 x Eco vinyl 100 x Black vinyl 100 x Mr Blue sky (Deathwish Inc. exclusive) eco variant edit; more info about both charities they are supporting with half of the proceeds going to them With this 7”, we wanted to give something back and have chosen to donate part of the proceeds to a few local charities that support the less fortunate and their fight against poverty. The first charity is DoucheFLUX who seek to restore people's energy, dignity and self-esteem, so that they can start rebuilding their own future by escaping homelessness or avoiding a return to it. The second, BruZelle, helps collect and distribute sanitary towels as well as raising awareness, communicating and educating about menstrual poverty – having to make the choice between general basic necessities, to survive, over menstrual protection.
  8. new song interesting blend of The Spark with some Flash Flood of Colour. It clicked with me after a 2nd listen
  9. also went with the deluxe boxset. End of is waaaaaay better indeed, see them using it as their opening song now
  10. Over here in Europe the last Album release was also already on warner/bmg
  11. As always, we love to give exclusives for releases that aren't part of the subscription - so with this release there will be a black variant limited to 100, available EXCLUSIVELY for subscribers to purchase.
  12. Normally death wish will get them cause on the new Holy Roar site, when you change it to Usa, it automatically redirects to the DW site. And @N8TRU, sure.