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  1. normally they do and if I'm not mistaken, the mov pressing plant is in house, or anyways closely connected to the 'label'
  2. hope one day they will release instrumental versions. I really like the music , but after trying a dozen times, those vocals ruin everything. And I'm not the first to say and it ain't gonna change, I know
  3. bsm variant for Europe/uk https://www.bsmrocks.com/products/649532-chris-farren-born-hot-lp-digital 200 / Clear/Black with Orange splatter (BSM webstore exclusive) 300 / Black
  4. reading really different reviews from a lot of people. Some really really really love it, and the other ones really hate it. No inbetween kinda like when Amo from bmth was released
  5. true true, the Atreyu was indeed 2 colours, barely visible, but 2 colours
  6. Us store is live https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/slow-crush
  7. New album is up for preorder 2 variants /100 belgian flag /200 clear blue german po will be up soon https://newmoonband.bigcartel.com/