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  1. post offices and sorting centres basically stop functioning properly for 2/3 weeks in Europe. Especially at the end of December. Today is the last of the 'holidays' so everything will start moving again soon
  2. good statistics. Yeah never had any problems with packaging by Dodax. And even if you have problems, they immediately sent a replacement
  3. the catch is that you have to buy the ticket/vinyl through Merchnow Travel
  4. Parahoy 2 times if I am not mistaken. With NFG and Tegan And Sara and stuff
  5. Saw him live yesterday as the support for Dashboard Confessional and the guy really delivers.
  6. props to everyone at PN, Sandbag and Can't Swim themselves, who reached out to fix all. Damn nice
  7. probably delayed cause of the euro variant fuckup :))
  8. so anyone else receiving the wrong variant but with the right description sticker? shit is weird
  9. goddamnit, right when I'm not gonna buy records for a long time Meg and Dia do this.