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  1. Scarce download: Glen Hansard's 'It Was Triumph We Once Proposed' from 2015, so not sure if download code is still active. One-Use Only https://www.touchandgorecords.com/mp3/ "Triumph" "8U25804W"
  2. Big sale at Unseen Worlds Bandcamp today only: 50% off everything with code 'doubleandnothing'. This is the home of Carl Stone, Laurie Spiegel, Robert Haigh and other cool experimental artists. Well worth a visit. I bought 5 albums (9 pieces of vinyl), with tax and shipping for less than $80.
  3. Over on their bandcamp, Past Inside The Present has put 11 of their beautiful coloured vinyl albums from 2020 on sale for $11 each. You may not like all of them but I'll bet you like many of them.
  4. I actually saw the ebay listing first. On Plaid Room I paid $27.99 (and I bought a second record, so no shipping charge). Plus, Plaid Room charges me no tax to ship to California - EBay charges 10% tax. So, for me, cheaper from Plaid Room direct.
  5. Plaid Room has 5 copies of the clear variant back in stock now for immediate shipping. $50 order = Free Shipping, too.
  6. Agreed with the naysayers on the book. Jeez, from the photos on the order page it looks like a hard-cover tour program book (with grainy black and white photos, no less). 240 pages, but with every photo taking 2 pages and each paragraph of text taking 2 more pages, there's almost nothing there.
  7. The vinyl pressing of Carl Stone's 'Stolen Car' is cheap at Amazon now. Pre-orders are just $16.98 with free prime shipping. The same LP costs $28 plus shipping from Carl's bandcamp. It's a very loud and abrasive record, judging from the samples online.
  8. Temporary Residence is having a sale today on their Bandcamp page for "dented" LP's. Several Explosions In The Sky titles are included. There's also a colored repress of William Basinski's Lamentations up there today in a limited edition of 500. https://temporaryresidence.bandcamp.com/merch
  9. Cabaret Voltaire is essentially a Richard H. Kirk solo project now. Their latest, Shadow Fear on purple wax is on sale through Amazon now for $12.66 with free prime shipping. Lowest price I've seen by a wide margin. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GFSZGCS
  10. Evanescence has a new album coming, 'The Bitter Truth' on March 26, 2021. Their website shows the black vinyl and other options. https://evanescencestore.com/store I see at least one variant: clear vinyl offered for pre-order at Vinyl Renaissance (and probably other places): https://vinylren.com/evanescence-the-bitter-truth-exclusive-clear-vinyl/
  11. I see that BullMoose has been sold out of the black vinyl / Mirriboard release for some time. Today, Vinyl Renaissance has put it up for pre-order. $29.99 with free USA shipping at $50. No sales tax either. https://vinylren.com/stereolab-switched-on-vol-4-mirriboard-lp-po/
  12. The Album Leaf is releasing the score to the film 'Synchronic'. The album is a limited 2LP colored vinyl project. The email that Album Leaf sent out seems to say that Milan Records is only handling the digital and CD release: Album Leaf is doing the vinyl release on its own label. I think I got that right. https://shop.merchcentral.com/collections/eastern-glow-recordings/products/the-album-leaf-synchronic-lp-preorder
  13. No, you know what? I'm not thinking clearly. I've waited a long time for this. Here it is. $56 shipped to the USA for limited 3LP vinyl. I pay that much for Caretaker records. God bless America.
  14. Man, I can't do it. Can't pay $26 shipping to USA. Anyone see another option?
  15. Record Exchange in Boise had all 8 variants in stock - 1 of each - priced at $39.99 - instore about an hour ago.

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