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  1. Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for both Sigur Ros LP's now. (I know that BullMoose is also taking orders, but perhaps you want a backup? Also remember that the band will also be selling from their own website to USA customers next month.) Anyway, the Amazon UK price seems reasonable. After removing the VAT and shipping to the USA, I ordered both LP's for $60US total. The orders can be cancelled if someone else comes through sooner.
  2. There are two Sinatras there now. I almost bought them but changed my mind. I will remove them from my cart in a minute.
  3. I'm finding lots of scarce titles still available in Europe (Billy Joel, MCR and others), but they come to almost $60 each with shipping to the USA. That's too much, sorry. I'll put my last few UK titles on my Amazon want lists and watch the various European Amazon sites.
  4. Lost In Vinyl (UK) has put up their list of upcoming RSD online releases: they go on sale late Friday for USA buyers. Lots of titles are sold out here: it might give us an idea of what to expect from other European dealers: Part 1: https://www.lostinvinyl.org/record-store-day-2019-releases Part 2: https://www.lostinvinyl.org/record-store-day-2019-releases-lr (Part 3 doesn't seem to be available yet).
  5. It looks like Amazon USA is doing Prime orders for 14 RSD 2019 titles so far. I am seeing that other Amazons in Europe are also offering some RSD 2019 titles as well. Amazon USA Prime RSD 2019 titles
  6. BullMoose just tweeted this: "The #RSD19 titles on our site that say "rare item - we will try to get it" are worth ordering. Only titles we are very sure we can get (or know are coming back) will say that."
  7. Did someone already mention this? Amazon USA is taking pre-orders "1-2 months out" for The Crow: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P99YGXF
  8. Salzers has Alice Clark 42, prolapse 31,7m3 40, Sopranos 43, thrice 17. Less than I expected.
  9. Sure, I plan to post here what I see. It won't be for several hours though. They're really old-school - they don't do any mail order as far as I know, so stuff just sits there. On a beautiful day like today people go to the beach rather than the record store, I might have the place to myself. Unfortunately, they're $2 - $3 more expensive than other places I see online.
  10. In a few hours I'm going to my favorite "Next Day RSD" store: Salzer's in Ventura California. It's one of those huge stores that can't possibly be making any money - they must just like selling records. Every year they over-order and months and months later they still have some fairly hot titles from the previous RSD. Last December I went by and they had marked down all of the Taylor Swift colored vinyl RSD titles to $19.99 - they still had all three from earlier RSD's in stock.
  11. The fan reviews on that Bingo Hand Job LP are terrible. Everyone is saying it was the only bad record they bought yesterday. They say that the original bootleg-quality tapes were used without sound improvement or editing.
  12. Gang, dont' forget Discogs. All of the RSD titles have been added to the database now I think. Log in, find the titles you want, add them to your wantlist, and then just keep refreshing your 'Marketplace - Items I Want' link, ordered by Listed Newest. I am in the USA so I only look for US Dollar sellers. Lots of USA dealers are awake and adding their inventory right now. There's a lot of activity there this morning, with stuff going up and being bought quickly. I already bought Chapterhouse, Editors and a couple more tough Europe RSD titles from USA dealers at regular retail prices. But you have to be quick there, like everywhere else this morning. EBay continues to be very slow for RSD this year, IMO. You don't need to spend much time there.
  13. Lovell's Records in Whittier California had two Julien Baker 7" an hour ago. $11.99. I know they do mail order through Ebay but I don't think they have a website.
  14. I am looking for a couple of comps: Cold War Countdown and Hillbillies in Hell 8, if anyone can help. Thanks!