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  1. I'm really enjoying the Lonesome Valley album by Mundy's Bay (fem-fronted shoegaze from Canada). I bought the vinyl, I don't plan to use the download. Download link (single use): http://merchnow.fetchapp.com/get/de0e0e48
  2. Katie Gately is an experimental sample / vocal artist on Houndstooth. For some reason, Amazon has deeply discounted her latest album to just $6.93 with free Prime shipping. Check out the sound samples and read the positive reviews. It's definitely worth a shot, IMO. https://www.amazon.com/KATIE-GATELY/dp/B07ZW8VWC2 Pitchfork positive review 7.7
  3. Overnight the number of available LP titles has dropped from 3310 to 3050. That's a slew of sell-outs! Most of the 'bad' 10% listings are still there though. ============================= Look for colored vinyl alternatives on some of the titles. Panda Bear, Anathema, Morrissey all have colored vinyl alternatives on sale alongside the best-selling black vinyl.
  4. Deep Discount did a huge add of titles to their Vinyl Blowout Bin section. They had about 780 vinyl titles on Monday - I am seeing 3,300 now. Lots of new and recent titles in many music categories.
  5. Monday August 3 - Deal is back up! Great low price on the new ambient / drone album from worriedaboutsatan: Time Lapse is just $9.50 including shipping from Amazon Prime. I paid $22 for my LP just a few weeks ago. https://www.amazon.com/Time-Lapse-COLOR-VINYL-Worriedaboutsatan/dp/B085RT3J8P
  6. Reminds me of when the first Devo album came out in, what, seven different colors? I finally found all seven. That was when record collecting was tough! You couldn't just click boxes on a website, no sir!
  7. Jonsi-related ... Alex Somers' soundtrack to 'Honey Boy' has fallen from $40 at issue to $11.79 with free Amazon Prime shipping. Camel Camel Camel image https://www.amazon.com/Honey-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B081KRBMTF/
  8. The Bird And The Bee are re-releasing their first album in a cool bluish color vinyl pressing.. https://slowdownsounds.com/collections/bird-and-the-bee/products/the-bird-and-the-bee-repress-pre-order?
  9. Here's a feel-good father's-day-story about Phoebe's mom, from today's Variety magazine. Phoebe is featured prominently in the article: Phoebe Bridgers’ Mother, Jamie Bridgers, Finds Her Own Voice Doing Alternative Comedy
  10. The new Christina Vantzou LP is 'Multi Natural', released in Belgium and limited to 300 copies (?!). It's available through the label's bandcamp. Cost shipped to the USA is about $36.00, which seems reasonable. The LP might be a short album, I'm not sure. Still an insta-buy for me. Link: https://edicoescn.bandcamp.com/album/multi-naturalhttps://edicoescn.bandcamp.com/album/multi-natural
  11. Deep Discount added hundreds of vinyl titles to their Blowout Bin: Add these to the list of things-they-actually-cannot-deliver: Queensryche - The Verdict Simple Minds - Neon Lights Lonely Robot - Under Stars Ennio Morricone - Cuore di Mamma I guess the "good" news is that it looks like vinyl buyers are back in the market. These all sold out the first day of listing, as far as I can tell.
  12. Green Day 'Father ...' down to $9.97 with free Prime Shipping. I assume it's black vinyl. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XHNMQ96
  13. Amazon is showing a deeply discounted price on Throbbing Gristle's 'Souvenir Of Camber Sands' 2LP vinyl. Just $9.47 including prime shipping. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Souvenir-Camber-Sands-Live/dp/B07ZLK56FR
  14. Past Into The Present has a great sale going on all their fantastic ambient / drone releases. LP Prices have been reduced to $18.00 from $25 - $30. THEN the discount code 'drone' drops price by 10% to $16.20. Shipping is $4.00 for any size order - I just ordered 8 LPs for $134 shipped. All limited edition vinyl. It would have cost me $220 or so a few weeks ago. https://pitp.bandcamp.com/merch