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  1. I learned something a few months ago I didn't know. When the USPS guy scans an item in as delivered, his device has a GPS setting that records the exact location that the scan took place. They can call it up on the computer at the local post office if it comes to that. It helped me out of an odd problem.
  2. Steve Moore of Zombi has a new album out, with a 500-count limited colored vinyl available now. The previews sound pretty cool to me. Link to pre-order: https://stevemoore2600.bandcamp.com/album/beloved-exile
  3. This is pretty cool music, thanks for sharing. It looks like Shiny Beast in Finland has some green copies? I did not proceed all the way through checkout but the USA shipping seems set at €18.20 for 1-to-10 copies of the album. (They also back out the VAT, which is cool). Maybe you can get a large buy order together from USA fans ans split shipping.? Checkout Item IDArtist - Title (format)PriceQTYTotal 471070 ONSÉGEN ENSEMBLE - DUEL (LP) 17,31 x 10 173,10 del ----------- Subtotal: €173,10 Shipping (zone: wld, items: 10, size: package): €18,20 ----------- Total: €191,30 VAT not applicable. See our FAQ.
  4. Any word from Sigur Ros on the USA release of their RSD 2019 LP's? They are still not up on the band's website for sale, although they posted previously:
  5. I have four codes for The National's new album: 1. Go to http://www.MusicRedemptions.com/TheNational 2. Enter your code and select your preferred format. Redemption code(s): 72M-PSV3SL 72M-IUFRNU 72M-7XE7AL 72M-DVRDUK
  6. Goth band Second Still's new album 'Violet Phase': http://cards.wavedevelopment.de ... and use code 4FF5650584F00D4
  7. If they don't want videos posted to YouTube, then say so at the beginning of the concert. Many artists do this and the crowd keeps their phones in their pockets. Or, better yet, use that system where phones are confiscated and held in the lobby till the show is over. That's the right way to do it, IMO. As a backup step, don't go straight to Google and charge the fans with 'copyright infringement'. Instead, send a form email to YouTubers and ask them to take the video down. I'm sure most people will do that. Everyone posting IDIB concert videos is a fan and they'll understand a simple request with a simple explanation.
  8. I am a long-time Johnny Jewel / Chromatics / IDIB fan . I'm really pissed and want to warn others. IDIB are using the DMCA Anti-Copyright Act to take down all live concert videos from the current IDIB / Chromatics / Desire tour from YouTube. Every night a dozen or more songs are posted to YouTube by fans from the concert, and every day the videos are removed at the request of IDIB claiming copyright infringement. (Normally, YouTube concert videos are considered 'fair use' and so IDIB are abusing the system when they take down legally uploaded concert videos. I do not know their reason. ) I am warning people because if you receive 3 takedowns then your YouTube channel is blocked and all your videos will be removed as well. IDIB have taken down my Chromatics videos from their recent California concert. IDIB are not responding to my written communications as they are required to, but I am still in jeopardy in losing my YouTube posting privileges (and even my .gmail account). My Google / YouTube account is in jeopardy. It's a really really crummy thing for IDIB to do, IMO.
  9. Jonsi has a new project - limited to 1,000 . It's from Vinyl Factory UK. Price is 25 UK pounds plus 14UK pounds shipping to the USA. Shipping price for 1 LP is the same as for 2 LP, so I also ordered the hard to find solo album from former Sigur Ros member Kjartan Sveinsson. Total for the 2LP's plus shipping to the USA was 64 UK pounds, or about $84.00 USA. Jonsi's Dark Morph LP limited to 1000 Kjartan Sveinsson solo 2x10" LP
  10. Pre-Orders are up at BullMoose for the 20th Anniversary Edition of 'The Man Who' (in a couple of versions), as well as the vinyl release of the 'Live At Glastonbury 1999". https://www.bullmoose.com/search?q=travis&upc=888072091924,888072091917,888072096776,888072087644
  11. Marina (from Marina And The Diamonds) new 2LP set 'Love & Fear': Link: https://marina.redeemcast.com/?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJqYXlzZW5lc2VAYW9sLmNvbSIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIktOVE1jUyJ9 Code: MR-1RE-9B5Z74 1 use only
  12. I actually got a shipping confirmation today on Lunar Halo: it's on its way already to the USA.
  13. Pre-Orders up now at bullmoose.com. I don't think you get to choose red or white or blue, it's random: https://www.bullmoose.com/search?q=blackkeys&upc=075597924602,075597924930,075597924954
  14. BullMoose has the indie colored pre-orders up now in clear with blue / green splatter for $24. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/30067448
  15. Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for both Sigur Ros LP's now. (I know that BullMoose is also taking orders, but perhaps you want a backup? Also remember that the band will also be selling from their own website to USA customers next month.) Anyway, the Amazon UK price seems reasonable. After removing the VAT and shipping to the USA, I ordered both LP's for $60US total. The orders can be cancelled if someone else comes through sooner.