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  1. I can't second this enough. Once she decided to start writing songs for Rihanna, things took a turn for the bombastic and poppy. Earlier, she had a unique voice in the DIY dance/electronic scene to my ear. There have been a couple of handful of songs I've connected with since then, but not like her earliest LPs/EPs. Again, just one person's opinion, but check those records out and consider the years they were made; they are quite remarkable.
  2. Thirded, But why isn't this a CSD release? Or is it?
  3. $26 shipped from Sound Of Vinyl. I can definitely live with that.
  4. The sleeve art should just be a tight shot of a television with a remote sticking out of its broken screen as it depicts an image of Walt and the Polar Bear.
  5. There are a handful of places that cut lathes of excellent sound quality. That sounds like a cool package you made.
  6. It can't top Akira, but it'll do for a close second.
  7. Same, I didn't even see a "coming soon" page for The Crow on Juno.
  8. Thanks, DJG! I didn't see that on their site at all before. Is there an RSD section I missed or something?
  9. Anybody have a line on the Hot Rod soundtrack? I missed it at Plaid and BM apparently and I'm not interested in dropping $45 on it. Cheers.
  10. Man, I sure hope that one dude was able to call so they could order a copy.
  11. Seriously. I'm stunned by how tough this has been to find.
  12. No vocal tracks on this. Still, it's a real grail for a lot of people.

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