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  1. Same, I didn't even see a "coming soon" page for The Crow on Juno.
  2. Thanks, DJG! I didn't see that on their site at all before. Is there an RSD section I missed or something?
  3. Anybody have a line on the Hot Rod soundtrack? I missed it at Plaid and BM apparently and I'm not interested in dropping $45 on it. Cheers.
  4. Man, I sure hope that one dude was able to call so they could order a copy.
  5. Seriously. I'm stunned by how tough this has been to find.
  6. No vocal tracks on this. Still, it's a real grail for a lot of people.
  7. I have this. It's a cool record. Great thrift store find.
  8. I wonder how hard the corrected pressing will be to get for those of us that went the third party route.
  9. This had been out there for several weeks now but, somehow, avoided any major buzz. Not sure why. Great album that is ridiculously hard to find. Awesome to finally see a reissue finally come to fruition.
  10. Same. It's definitely a no-go from MOV at this point. I can only hope this was scuttled so SFA could put it out themselves as part of their continuing reissue series. This is my favorite album of theirs. I truly hope we get it sooner than later.