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  1. I wonder how hard the corrected pressing will be to get for those of us that went the third party route.
  2. docbronze

    PO-Neil Young Dead Man 3/8

    This had been out there for several weeks now but, somehow, avoided any major buzz. Not sure why. Great album that is ridiculously hard to find. Awesome to finally see a reissue finally come to fruition.
  3. Same. It's definitely a no-go from MOV at this point. I can only hope this was scuttled so SFA could put it out themselves as part of their continuing reissue series. This is my favorite album of theirs. I truly hope we get it sooner than later.
  4. docbronze

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Who's the wiseguy that gave this damn dolphin a time machine?
  5. docbronze

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    It won't at all It isn't happening. The JJ estate has answered this at least twice that I can remember (not wagging a finger just explaining how serious they sounded) when they stated that this score was barely in its nascent stages and will never be published as a result. They seem to want to only release JJ's completed unreleased stuff if any more of that exists. Of course one has to leave the door open to the notion that it could all turn out to be horse pucky because money.
  6. docbronze

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Sorry, LE. I knew what you were asking but I must not've worded my answer very clearly. In brief: What @cantdance said.
  7. docbronze

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Not sure if it's been said explicitly, but I believe there was a tweet from the label saying these were on hand/shipping next week so it's a logical assumption that they halved their tour stock.
  8. docbronze

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Did anyone have a go at the red pressing of Surfing - Deep Fantasy that 100% Electronica put up yesterday? They went in under a minute. It was bananas.
  9. docbronze

    Waxwork Records Thread

    I'm surprised there is 2 LPs worth of music in that score.
  10. docbronze

    Recent purchases

    That's an awesome grab. Nice work.
  11. docbronze

    Ween - live in Toronto repress

    I bought it straight from the Schnitz and can confirm it is a great pressing, as per.