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  1. Looking for the extra special gift for your favorite someone? Wanna splurge on yourself? Well then head on over to the JUMP START RECORDS online store at http://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com and pickup ANYTHING for 50% OFF! Doesn't matter what it is, digital, CD, vinyl, you name it! If it's on our store, it's 50% OFF until Monday, December 2nd! USE THIS CODE WHEN CHECKING OUT: blackfriday2019 Thanks as always for your support and have a great Holiday weekend with family and friends!
  2. Heeeeeey, Kevin from Aspiga here. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about my new solo EP that was released by Black Numbers. Maintenance Required is a five song EP for fans of New Amsterdams, Sundowner, Hanalei, and Fingers Cut Mega Machine. Track 5 features guest vocals by Brian Moss of The Ghost/Hanalei/Wunder Years. You can order it from Black Numbers and stream the whole thing on their bandcamp. Links below. Hope ya dig it. Bandcamp: https://blacknumbers.bandcamp.com/album/maintenance-required Order: http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/
  3. Down to just 4 or less sizes in certain t-shirt designs. Help me clear out some inventory. Our newest LP, Dragged Through the Years, is part of the vinyl sale. $10 + shipping. All orders will include a limited edition poster. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  4. Bump. Heading to the post office this week to get a few orders out the door. Order now and it'll be in the mail by Saturday.
  5. Hey friends, We don’t have any shows booked and I figured it would be a good time to mark down our merch. T-shirts are $5 LP’s are $10 Seven-inches are $3 CD’s are $5 We also have a brand new long sleeve shirt and crew neck sweater available. All orders will include a free poster. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  6. It's officially out. The vinyl looks beautiful and it doesn't look like it'll hang around for too long. 300 copies total, half went to the A-F Records vinyl subscription series. The album is streaming on all digital platforms. Check it outtttttt. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/album/dragged-through-the-years-2 Tour Dates: 9/7 @ Asbury Park Brewery - Asbury Park, NJ w/ Goddamnit 9/8 @ Bushwick Public House - Brooklyn, NY w/ Goddamnit 9/9 @ Boot and Saddle - Philadelphia, PA w/ No Fun At All 9/21 @ The Sidebar - Baltimore, MD w/ Goddamnit & Pears 9/22 @ The Velvet Lounge - Washington D.C. w/ Goddamnit October 26th - 28th at Fest 17 - Gainesville, FL
  7. Just dropped another new track from the album. Check it out on Modern Vinyl. http://modern-vinyl.com/2018/08/15/the-mv-podcast-219-the-academy-pod-fast-times-10-year-anniversary/
  8. Heeeey, We're releasing a collection LP on A-F Records. Three new songs plus a bunch of previously released tracks that have been remixed/remastered. The first single is streaming now. Pre-order packages are available as well. Pressing is out of 300 and half of it is going to their vinyl subscription series. http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/ http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/after-being-dragged-through-the-years-aspiga-unveil-their-beautiful-wounds-exclusive-premiere
  9. Looking to pick up a copy of Joe McMahon's "Another Life" LP on the cheap. Anyone selling?
  10. Shipped a few orders out earlier this week. Did a recount and I'm only seeing six copies of Every Last Piece left in our inventory. That means there's only six of these packages left. Order up!
  11. You can get all three Aspiga Lp's for $20 + shipping from our Bandcamp page. We also have a seven-inch deal where you can get three seven-inch releases + 2 CD's for $20 + shipping. We have a new release coming out later this year and hope to be booking a bunch of shows in support of that. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  12. BUMP. The 2017 combo deal is still available and all of the albums included are fantastic.
  13. Hey friends, We're having a Cyber Monday sale on the Jump Start Records bandcamp page. First, you can get all five of our vinyl releases from 2017 for $45.99. This includes the following titles: Goddamnit "I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be the Same", Laureate "Landmarks", The Siren Six "The Voice With A Built In Promise", The Siren Six "Young and Professional", and You Vandal "I Just Want to Go Back to Hell." Use the promo code FOODCOMA from now until December 1st for an additional 25% off anything on the Bandcamp page. https://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com/merch/2017-holiday-vinyl-box-set
  14. We want to help raise some money for all of the people in Houston that are dealing with this tragic event. Go onto our Bandcamp page and pick up an item. The money that we raise from this will be donated to a charity in Houston. I think it's the least that we can do. If this isn't for you please consider donating your time or money another way. Just don't forget about all of the people that have lost everything. Spread the word. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch