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  1. Find me playin on PSN boardies! Jbassgarcia
  2. currently making 3 mini canvases as a bday gift for the gf. far right is still in progress. first time using acrylics and having fun! mostly micron on the center and right.
  3. Didnt miss much on that SSPU :/ . I sold it to a fellow boardie and it was scratched on one side unbeknownst to me. first time I ever really messed up selling something here. (going to inspect them a little more thoroughly from now on.) ChardeeMcdennis, I still owe you buddy!!! I have not forgotten!
  4. Tokimedo and I had a smooth transaction. A little hiccup on my part, but everything turned out alright.
  5. The posters are half assed and horrendous. Chilling far left stage against the wall wearing a Palermos baseball shirt
  6. I wish BN weren't such control freaks so I could swap my single Santa Ana ticket for one of your Troub tickets :///// Really do not want to drive to Santa Ana on Monday.

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