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  1. Dang, man. I wish Autotheism wasn't signed so it wouldn't cost an arm and leg lol. I need a copy!
  2. Some dude in West Virginia...figured I'd just send it back to BM. At least Sumerian sent me some codes so I can hear the thing before Summer Slaughter.
  3. Got my bullmoose order in yesterday.....turned out to be some guys copy of Deafheaven . So I'm getting a replacement sent out 'soon'. Did you (or anyone else) get the 'clear' from BM? I have seen a magenta listed on Discogs (this may be the trans purple from BM) and a coke bottle clear overseas. Just curious of any discrepancies before I order some variants.
  4. Gooood lord, the ending of The Open House on Netflix was pure ass. I recommend skipping that one.
  5. Really liking the single. Ordered the LPs...hopefully there are only two.
  6. Please sell me this pooping screen-printed thing! AHHHHHH https://www.discogs.com/Between-the-Buried-and-Me-Coma-Ecliptic/release/7221149
  7. http://www.theprp.com/2017/07/25/news/buried-mes-colors-get-10th-anniversary-vinyl-release/ Colors repress.....NOT on victory. Currently the pre-order is up on Amazon ...don't know much details.
  8. Hey man, I think tweeting Schuylar/the band would be a good guess on a repress ETA. People are sprouting up on the boards here fairly often asking for both of them. The more that contact the band, the quicker you may see the records.
  9. Oops, I only looked up HF on discogs. My bad! I know they had some at the recent shows.