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  1. Surely they'll have a public retail release. I know quite a few who got both covers.
  2. Sorry for the Necro revival, but this is a real thing today. 2 covers each of /500, at the Furnace Fest scavenger hunt today. Would love to know someone there to grab this.
  3. Should have no problem 👍. Good luck with the sale
  4. My copy arrived today in a shitily taped second hand cardboard mailer. Sleeve in great shape though. It seems to be the 2010 white release.
  5. To those that received a black pressing when you pre-ordered the orange/white bundle....merchconnection is sending out a new bundle with a screenprinted cover to "repent their sins." I will happily buy one (trade some rarer btbam items as well) if you don't fancy it.
  6. Ordered one copy of SNW and an hour later they sent another back order email. BUT, got a shipping email on Diamond Eyes lol.
  7. Any heads up, Satan? Saturday Night Wrist just became available as well....
  8. Got an email last night saying it was on backorder. Had ordered it early Wednesday as well. 😟
  9. Hey to all , Updated my original post to reflect what I'm missing...don't think anyone would have these floating around, but I figured I would ask at least. #sellmethemtests
  10. There is www.merchbar.com/hard-rock-metal/between-the-buried-me/between-the-buried-and-me-the-great-misdirect-2-lp-vinyl
  11. Dang, man. I wish Autotheism wasn't signed so it wouldn't cost an arm and leg lol. I need a copy!