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  1. Hey to all , Updated my original post to reflect what I'm missing...don't think anyone would have these floating around, but I figured I would ask at least. #sellmethemtests
  2. There is www.merchbar.com/hard-rock-metal/between-the-buried-me/between-the-buried-and-me-the-great-misdirect-2-lp-vinyl
  3. Dang, man. I wish Autotheism wasn't signed so it wouldn't cost an arm and leg lol. I need a copy!
  4. Some dude in West Virginia...figured I'd just send it back to BM. At least Sumerian sent me some codes so I can hear the thing before Summer Slaughter.
  5. Got my bullmoose order in yesterday.....turned out to be some guys copy of Deafheaven . So I'm getting a replacement sent out 'soon'. Did you (or anyone else) get the 'clear' from BM? I have seen a magenta listed on Discogs (this may be the trans purple from BM) and a coke bottle clear overseas. Just curious of any discrepancies before I order some variants.
  6. Gooood lord, the ending of The Open House on Netflix was pure ass. I recommend skipping that one.
  7. Really liking the single. Ordered the LPs...hopefully there are only two.
  8. Please sell me this pooping screen-printed thing! AHHHHHH https://www.discogs.com/Between-the-Buried-and-Me-Coma-Ecliptic/release/7221149